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The Zombie Walk - Using Twilight Anesthesia

Missing Time Interviews

This is where my database skills has come in extremely useful as once I started searching the search kept expanding.  Somewhere in the thicket of incidents is the empirical datasets. 

The perfect example of stonewalling is how San Ramon Fire Protection District in regards to my records requests about my 2004 truck fire.  My allegations was my truck fire was arson after all. I'd stepped up my requests after the July 20th 2011 hit and run accident which led to endless requests to Lafayette Police for a police report.  On March 13th 2010 I went to meet with State Senator Mark Desaulier at the Lafayette Library but on my way over I could see the Piedmont Lumber Fire.  I told Mark that there was a problem with some type of corruption in the area.  About a year the CNET Story broke but there is no way in hell that others assigned to protect didn't know about their follies.

The Homeless Zombie Walkers 

Case Study: Homeless Dave -

During summer of 2011 I first met Dave, he's sort of the town drunk of downtown Martinez but his story is troubling as he can't explain how he suddenly jumped in front of the AMTRAK train.  In the end he paid a high price but Contra Costa County has a blame it on the drunk mentality.  The cruelty and disdain is almost incomprehensible but some in Downtown Martinez treat Dave as their personal punching bag so one day I'll bring a giant bat made of foam - labeled "Let's hit Dave" which is how one person couched his persona when I was performing Downtown.  As I was being introduced the MC noted the man staring into the window was known as Crazy Dave.  I got up and said what a terrible way to describe a human being.
"He could not explain why he jumped in front of the train as he truly didn't know"

He's alive but lost his leg below the knee.
"The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure"
If Jesus was alive he'd be ashamed of his current disciples activities.

The locals refer to him as crazy Dave but when one night while performing to Rox the gal that introduced me points out the window to say we called "Don't worry we've called the Martinez Police", then gives a punch list of supporting theorems why Crazy Dave was crazy out as he say our front in his wheel chair missing one limb no pity just disdain but how Dave's shattered world allow the window to look un-pretty as sitting in his wheel chair soils the sidewalk. 

I got on stage - but before I began to play I said I had a nice conversation with Dave who really needs help not disdain.  The modern day bully that was used to treating him badly had her wings clipped and so far I'm not interested in performing there again. 

This story will evolve but for the moment search for accidents on Amtrak, BART, CalTrain and the freeways where with minimal effort you'll easily be able to validate what I'm saying

The problem in Contra Costa is your catalogers of death keep the lid on the statistics and have a habit of not responding to their own tip line.  I developed a call accounting system for the county so I have insight about the county's direct inward dial (DID) than they'd expect. 

Call this number here -

Walnut Creek City Manager Meeting -

A Critical Event Connected to the CNET Story

I personally knew all three persons listed beleive but the critical milestone is what occurred on Nov 2nd 2011 with Chief of Police of Walnut Creek and City Manager Ken Nordoff where documents linking certain attorneys and persons to the larger CNET Scandal were copied off. This was the first time I ever allowed the Bennett vs. Collins police report to be copied other than my attorney.  They solved that by beating him up in 2006. 

11/11/2011--Danville CA -
Loretta Hale (Divorcee), Real Estate Agent found dead on Mt Diablo – local parent from Green Valley Elementary School, a mom in Boy Scout Pack 36, had sons and lived in the area for over twenty years.  A few weeks later a curious event occured when Concord Detective Mike Rodriguiz walked into the O'Rielly Parts Store on Willow Pass Road Concord CA 94520 while I was at the counter.  It seems he was interested in the Hale incident. 

San Ramon Express 

11/12/2011-San Ramon CA -

Roma Bhatia (Divorcee, Real Estate Agent, Homeowner, Mom)
Bhatia husband is represented by Walnut Creek divorce attorney Merrick Wiesinger that is friends with several other local attorneys that are connected to the family law and probably probate cases. 

In 2009 I was going to retain Wiesinger but the day of our first meeting his office called stating that their client was murdered over the weekend in Las Vegas NA.  Apparently what I gleaned later was the spouse (losing party) drove from San Ramon to Las Vegas and went up to the motel room and ... the rest is obvious. 

Roma Bhatia SFWEEKLY

12/09/11 Gary Collins dies from injuries after fall.
Gary Vinson Collins - Danville Building Inspector who attacked Danville Resident.

07/20/2011 Pete Bennett suffers hit and run accident.  Lafayette Police refuse to investigate.  It was attempted murder just like the many other incidents over the last 20 years. 

The are at least 200 divorce cases impacted by CNET with so many divorcee cases leading back decades where one party erupts in violence.  One of the tactics destroys the other party but in my case when you have cops pulling guns on you chances are you'll end up being shot dead.  Read my 5150 Doctrine and you'll get it. 

Contra Costa Flaws

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