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Walnut Creek ► McDonalds Stalkers - 2011

Walnut Creek McDonald's 
Location: Men's Toilet 
Date: Spring 2012 
Location: Carved letters in seat cover 

The message carved in this toilet seat is GONER! it appeared just after I was at the Movie Making Event where they got fantastic pictures so good that even this young kid recognized me "said Daddy, It's Him get your Gun!" 

Thanks to the Walnut Creek Police rejection of the stalking reports - these people may have followed me all the way to Oroville and back (February 2013).  They don't get it how serious its become but Amtrak Police places tails on my trains and buses.  All the better - a witness!

 Several of the stalkers have appeared at Walnut Creek McDonalds but reporting bears no fruit as most incidents it falls on deaf ears. There is a very narrow group of officers I'd trust at the this.

Their regional manager told me he's saved the video for later retrieval but many issues are clearly coming from Walnut Creek Police.  Please check the Walnut Creek Index >>> that will evolve from code generated from my Blogger Programming

The challenge for me now is rebuilding my finances as CNET operatives, their friends insides and outside will continue their games.  

The McDonald's drama has been ongoing until recently but the current staff and long timers are the kindest McD's workers you'll ever find.

The October 31st 2011 meeting in the City Managers Office is critical the risks to myself and other divorcees who fell into that Family Law Trap where you're their economic captive until you're divorce is never over.

The Partial List

11/01/2011 - Appearance at City Hall
11/11/2011 -Loretta Hale - suicide on Mt Diablo
11/12/2011 - Roma Bhatia  found very deceased on 680 just like a slew of others
12/05/2011 - Collins falls down on public works project and dies on the 19th from injuries - Can anyone find a lawsuit? 

07/20/2011 my car was pushed into oncoming traffic in Lafayette - the car survived but was totaled due to repair cost.  that's not the first one and since no will investigate probably not the last.  .

Don't forget we have the homeless men that were crippled near Kasier or Trader Joes.  They are doing slightly better since I told them reject any un-sealed food or drink and yes they are doing better.  Todd's body was crushed and Marcus sits in long term care - a valuable medi-cal asset now worth over 3 million.  For those seeking a better revenue model this is the place to go.  Keep the patient alive for 25 years and you get 15 Million in MRC - wham, blam, thankyou mam, throw in occasional medical problem to optimized fees.

Legal Case Derailed
Each of these accidents are legal cases derailed but again no case as from what I've been told blame is placed on the victims. 

Sure it happens every day when you use a restroom at McDonalds where you see the word GONER hacked on the toilet about the same time you encounter stalkers.

If you're a Walnut Creek resident then it's your town being sued for $15 million.  A year after I publicly appeared and complained at the Town Council Meeting on November 1st 2011 - little has changed other than learning that the building inspector died about six weeks later.

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Amtrak ► Stalker one of a series of pictures

This person constantly appears at places where I'm located.  Seeing him on the Amtrak Train leaving on the 2:38 train to Martinez in Car Number One at the top of the stairs was bothersome. 


Update: 07/18/2013 - he's back in Walnut Creek.  Some days I wonder is this guy is my shadow.  Seen him about five times this month after resurfacing after July 4th 2013.

He says he once worked for BART as train mechanic in the Concord Yard.  He's chatted with me several times at clubs where I'm playing but always arrives and leaves alone.  

Apparently my trips to Butte County are being used to watch me as my court appearances are public record.

The system has destroyed me, officers in Walnut Creek are probably behind the loss of my offices at Maria Lane, Oakland Blvd (2), Broadway and then Oak Park Blvd. 

Take a look at my arson map and you will see push pins.  One of them leads to a person that lost property to Peter Branagh. 

Since encountering this tail I've been down with a fever now reaching the fifth day. 

Much to Walnut Creek disappointment I've been taking pictures of my stalkers for years but even when I tell them I;m stalked they just reject the report.

This past Sunday one of the Barbers from DiMaggios was following me and he's freinds with Officer Rabonowitz.

The fatal error they made is that Amtrak Police are part of Homeland Security where the same TSA rules apply. 

At every station I generally stop to talk with local PD about what I've been through and I did that in Sacramento.  I was followed up which I knew would happen and that may have finally allowed an agency that has a lot more power than Walnut Creek PD. 

I told the Officer that my goal was to stay alive and he got the message and they are reading this blog and I'll be calling back as they can that passenger with these pictures.

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Suicide ► Nordstrom 1200 Broadway Plaza Walnut Creek, CA 94596


Hillside Covenant Church Beware of the Youth Directors

December 31st 2012

Walnut Creek Safeway 600 South Broadway

On this very chilly evening I'm staying warm by the sheer generosity of Safeway Employees who are letting me lay my head on the table.  It's been very hard getting back to work as dealing with the constant followers (not your flock following you on Sunday), stalkers, tails and whoevers constantly near driving my friends away while struggling to find meaningfull work is simply overwhelming.  In the last 24 months there have been numerous deaths near me.  One longtime acquaintance died suddenly on Christmas - this was a person I've know since 1978 when I first arrived here. 

On July 20th 2011 my car was totaled but what I haven't spoken about is how I was targeted by certain members of this church.  Just a few days before this accident I emailed Jeff Reed - it took a year to for him to respond and even longer for Hillside to allow me to file a claim.  My opinion is that Hillside Members were actively stalking me along with others and that includes Walnut Creek Police Captain Schultz's accusations that I'd attacked a City Worker riding a lawn mower.  The groundsworker was played into the Sergeants, Captains and detectives little game that morning which I've written about called the 5150 Business Model or the perfect circle. 

The timing of the accident, the loss of my apartment and how Keith Lynds apparent connection to the Danville Town Council was disturbing since back in 2006 the plan was to sue the Town of Danville but they beat up my attorney - shazam! no more lawsuit. 

Last year I had contract with a PGE Subcontractor worth over $200,000 in revenues, long term client, solid requirements and months of high demand hours for a project tied to the biggest fire in the country. After the car accident and arrest Mr. Lynds apparently was still connected to my sons but I'd been cut off, my one son spent the night with another youth director and that was it. 

When the car accident occurred the Lafayette Police simply refused to investigate so I started calling my state senators.  They sent the state police which I have mixed feelings about as I also met with Cheif Bryden and City Manager Ken Nordoff after I was accosted by Kenny Brizendine who apparently lives accross the street from the retired San Francisco Police Officer who has pictures of the Piedmont Fire that appeared to me to be way to early in the fire process to a coincidence. 

As you can see I've filed a claim that took an amazing three months to get started.  I intend to file a claim as something happened but more important is Facebook cancelled Lynds account over activities e.g. extended communications between my sons and Mr. Lynds.

We're going on 10 months from when I realized Lynds was still connected to my sons but I was cut off - the boys managed to get a message out about these people as Tony Collins disconnected via Facebook as soon as replied back with the heavy "he nearly killed me".

I even stood on Magnolia with a sign designed to get their attention after the Sunday service.  I ran into a member yesterday who asked me how I was doing.  I said fine, they towed my truck away, spent Christmas in the rain, still waiting for Pastor Reed to call me, lost my place to live again, lost my contract but he said I just spent the weekend with Mr. Lynds so I said call him and get him to send me his insurance information.

Gary Collins also worked at Big O Lafayette which directly accross the street from Gregs Muffler who back in 2004 I took my truck in for repairs.  Gregs Mechanics stated he was right behind me on 680 then he said he witnessed my truck erupting in flames. 

I met with Cheif Christensen on July 20th 2012 one year to the date of the accident but unknown to me was that Charles Silvermans untimely crash. 

If you're a member of Hillside put yourself in my shoes, Gary Collins nearly beats me to death, eight years later he falls down an elevator shaft, weeks after two of my former real estate peers were killed and about sixty days after my Karoake DJ friend dies and months before another Hillside recipient of their benevolent lunches is murdered. 

There is shadow of death in the room that covers all the light that you could ever bring in those big windows up at Hillside. 

By the way several of my suspects live or work within walking distance of where the "device" was found on Pleasant Hill Elementary School grounds.

Yep I get it clearly


Widow Spotters - A different kind of Train Spotting

Widow Spotters-Waiting to Harvest Your Assets

Widow Spotters - trolling for the next widow based on the value of their portfolios.  They're seeking your life force and have a network of takers ready to slip away with your valuable assets such as your house, land and cash value assets.  It's incredibly easy to do via probate  especially when the "mark" has limited resources to post bonds, cash or fund litigation.  

Currently I'm fighting for my estate but the original Trust Documents are one-sided, biased pieces of work that basically gave the executor full control with no dissent that appeared later.  The attorney that crafted it said if my brother doesn't release funds I'll need an attorney - I'm like what do you mean - trusts documents are supposed to provide an orderly distribution of wealth without the need of forced litigation.  I realized that this sounded just like Chris Butler's army then upon further investigation discover the divorce lawyers create Wills Trusts and Estates - that is why the legal associate of a former Walnut Creek Police Officer turned attorney created a huge problematic scene with my sons. 

Fox News Unfair and Totally Biased is the real name for the Contra Costa County Superior Court. 

If you have a loved one reaching that time or you are considering the implications of how your trust instruments will be interpreted then read on.

  • Your assets are the target
  • There is a enough money to hire teams of persons
  • God's friends seek capital
  • Widow Watchers - waiting in the wings - projecting the revenue horizon date as they've been handled by the divorce machine, then they are re-processed to be consumed up later by the Family Trust Machine.  When your mom gave everything to the church did she forget about you like she did with me. 
  • Widow Makers - Getting the widow prepared
  • Widow Takers - When it's time they will arrive 
  • Widow History Controllers - no funeral, limited Obituaries, lack of public documents reflecting real estate transfer but more important no one is watching. 
  • Widow Walkers - keeping them company while they fade from view 

Sounds almost surreal but the more I look the more I see.  The apparatus slowly nips away at advocates, some die, some have heart attacks, sudden deaths and some just crash into mountains so they can change the outcome of elections - it's how they do things in Contra Costa - their way.  

In the early 2000's my life situation was different where I was funding a $850,000 Life Policy with Prudential but nearly parallel to that was I supposed to inherit a minimum $400,000 via a living trust that is ambiguous and was not the intention of my mother.  I seriously doubt she was there as she suffered from numerous TIA's and being mom she was a bit eccentric, forgetful and would follow the bouncing ball - just sign here ______ that's all we need.   

I've attempted numerous times to get counsel, I tried filing a police but was rebuked by Officer Rabonowitz but I started with Walnut Creek as my mother died in my arms in Rossmoor.   Rabonowitz told me more or less to get lost, then years later I'm attacked in the Walnut Creek Farmers Market and again Rabonowitz tells me tough luck. 

A business destruction model - kick the mark hard as he tries to feed his family 
Along the way when software operation was destroyed for the third time I realized something was up but this same officer told me I needed mental health counseling - you would too when you're being threatened in Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and online but no agency will help you.  That night I went to Contra Costa Mental Health as a test, stressed out, yes, perhaps sounding irrational, well OK tag your it.  So I walked into mental health seeking assistance as things were nearly impossible to sort out.  I met with three people - they were very helpful as in less than 15 minutes they a diagnosis, a treatment and pulled out the "Citizen Internment Form" where I'd find myself battling for release.  I knew better as I've read the DSV treatment manual and knew enough that the rapid diagnosis was conjecture, subjective and fabricated.  

This campaign is run on many residents as they labeled M.E. with oppositional disorder after her husband committed her to the Psych Ward.  They file with the court a motion for "involuntary commitment" but in the M.E. when she still tried to see her children they set her up again for arrest but in the end she lost her house, kids, the cars, long term support plus nearly losing her sanity after I debunked her divorce case - she is now moving forward but its time for the court to restore her losses.  

Mommy is in Coma 

One tactic I've endured was the posting fake jobs and rental deals on Craigslist which others have discovered.  This mom was in Oakland looking for a "good deal" housing apartment but was mugged on cue but the address was false - this was before online maps.  She's taken to Kaiser Hospital where she's in a coma for about five days.  The sad part is the number victims that are also Kaiser Patients but remember she's arrested for jay walking, jailed and pegged with an assault charge on a deputy.  Did I say I was beaten?  Yes I did it helps with the automatic default.  

Apparatus Segment: Contra Costa Mental Health
The mental health unit is a segment of the apparatus as one of their former employees suffered the same Gang Stalking I endured but his comments were the same as mine.  I suspect he's deceased as he's vanished but we met outside of his job up on Mt. Diablo during a fantastic heavy snow back around 2004/05.  The last time we spoke he was out of his mind with fear.  I had few days like that and my friends thought I'd lost it.  

It's clear my posture is highly negative on Contra Costa Attorneys for many reasons as when you call the Contra Costa Bar seeking counsel only to be told no one is interested.  When nearly getting beat to death in 2004 I tried the local bar which turned out to be waste of time.  Most would never consider suing Danville saying it was Practice Suicide.   I call it coercion, get in step with Bar Leadership, red-lining, blackballing but perhaps a more fitting descriptions are due.  

The San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association delivered a willing attorney who agreed to sue Gary Vinson Collins but Mr. Collins just happened to fall down an elevator shaft in Palo Alto on Dec 9th 2011 but weeks after meeting with Walnut Creek City Manager Ken Nordoff on November 2nd 2011 where I handed off documents and he knows as and the city attorney better learn whose name was on those documents.  My goal that day was why I'm attacked in the market with over 100 witnesses and why I've been forced out of offices, lost over $100,000 in assets, lost my inheritance, housing and much more.  

In the middle of this my car was totaled in Lafayette but the undercarriage was shot but days later I spotted a detective following me from Walnut Creek McDonald's shortly after the Lafayette Accident.  

Widows are not spiders they are targets
Chances are now I've got RICO cases but I am not alone but it's time for the Contra Costa County Legal Fleecing Machine to be shut down.  

The apparatus is comprised of Divorce Spotters but you're in a divorce the attorneys learn about your finances, and your life is splattered into a public forum where the stalkers can de-compile your net worth and glean information to formulate targets.  


Bacterial or Murder by Bacteria

Murder by Bacteria The Perfect Circle Crime - Good Luck or Goodbye

Edited: January 27th 2013

Martinez CA: On November 26th 2005 at around 11:00 PM I drove myself to Contra Costa Regional Medical Center Martinez CA. I was suffering from severe intestinal cramps, vomiting and severe diarrhea. My fever was coming on strong while intestinal pain was intense but I was holding up we'll enough thinking this can't last much longer.

The pain was intense but another medical bill was something worth leaving over but at the time my medical g, returning and almost not leaving 48 hours later but the doctor said I almost didn't make it as he said we weren't sure if you had sepsis or septicemia but said it takes an autopsy - consider yourself lucky.

I've found similar cases or victims who are fall into divorcees, widows, widowers and business targeting.

GHB Bacterial Delivery Services

Local Woman - now likely deceased

The story as it was told to me: Her allegation is she was knocked out with a strong sedative (suspects GHB) after meeting someone. Awoke with a puncture wound (needle) suspects she her spine. About three days later arrives at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center CCU with Spinal Meningitis where they also find parasites. She is unable to can't the medical help she needs but this mirrors my own experiences with the CCCRMC. For years I went my own medical endurance test but here I am a decade uncovering others.

This person encountered the same CNET officers that many of us have met. The above story sounds pretty diabolical but this was posted on December 12th 2012. The timeline is highly important as Tax Collector Bill Pollecek died from Spinal Meningitis in May 2013, and I posted this after learning that Gary Bell contracted a bacterial infection then died but Councilman Shimansky died from Spinal Meningitis in August 2009 about a month I filed a police report. Too bad for that Danville Officer the call was likely recorded by FBI but if they missed it I called the agent I've updated - too bad for this boys but way back in 2001 or 1988.

Man arrested in 2006 by Wielsch and Lombardi alleges they bought him a drink just after they arrested him but while in custody. His statements are that he was in the jail infirmary vomiting his guts out at Martinez detention facility for about three days.
Lombardi used a non-police vehicle to pull me over in Danville waiving his six shooter at me calling me a drug dealer. That pretty ended my career working at LLNL, GE, or Wells Fargo.
A transient woman dies of natural causes in Pittsburg in 2011
A homeless man floating in Newhall Park - just another homeless drunk drowned in three feet of water - just like behind Barnes and Noble Pleasant Hill

Man found dead near Concord street corner

POSTED: 03/28/2008 10:50:35 PM PDT | UPDATED: 6 YEARS AGO

KH worked in Contract Furnishings now is on disability lives in severe pain.

  • Her visible health changes are:
  • Degenerative spine disease
  • Scoliosis
  • Host of apparent conditions
  • She was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer
  • Other conditions that are lifelong, treatable and manageable but are post puncture

There are other similar cases many fatal outcomes or lucky survivals but my personal experience was a close call - CCCMRC is fully aware of my allegations.

Over 48-hours of Intense Pain

My 48-hours was most intense vomiting ever with a fever with excruciating pain that later the Doctor stated I was lucky to survive. I asked what was it he said we can only tell after the autopsy.

That was the intestinal lite! - I'm planning on a deeper analysis with a little expert help as medicine is somewhat far afield from programming plus I don't have the time to develop comprehensive skills in bio-terrorism, bio-warfare, forensics, and fire technology.

They may not like my stance but my phone records which have likely been monitored by the FBI since my conversations with several Special Agents - the reason I started calling was Eric Nunn crashed three days after we last spoke. The only copy of that email is with Contra Costa Times unless someone can tell me who bought my storage locker at the former Walnut Creek Storage.

Apparatus Employment Openings

Stalker: someone employed by a larger apparatus responding to a network of operatives with DOD back grounds, with connection to research universities where the Brothers hang out (not those brothers that sing well) the Brothers that sing those boring old songs in that non-profit where the Puppet's listen to profits.

Stalkatrons: disciples or followers being led down trails with a locksmith kit, alarm codes and look-the-other-ways

Widows Watchers: They build the Will and Trust in paper mache approved by the bar

Judgilatrons : Bonded by Canyons of Echos where wink, wink, nod and nod again, wink some more

Diablo Bar Association - Ruled by the Magistrates of Alamo, controlled by someone, perhaps many, Heir Apparent of Seized Forfeitures by asset class -

Single Celled Apparatus - Knows something, knows enough but needs to know only enough

Dual Celled

Council Of Chiefs - Top rated ebay sellers, highest quality jewellry, watches, missing Rolex's, a few police cars from the Mac Farlands near fields of bakers where they tow cars.


My postings express the sum frustration of years of medical that comes from nowhere and vanishes. We are not talking cancer or biopsies but I'm sick then better.

I know it happens when the stalkers are trolling but will cover bars, clubs and restaurants.



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