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Walnut Creek: Mace-Rich Properties should do a better security job

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This appeared on the same public record the night I spoke.

I have strong opinion on MaceRich's management of the property as the spate of robberies are troubling.  There are many reasons this long range plan should be paused as the recent smash and grab reflects a great impact on Police Resources when stores are allowed to place valuables in easy to break cases.

My former business in the eighties was operating a large commercial casework operation.  I know from walking around that many stores are complacent with the city's casual atmosphere is the weakness.

Growth at the expense of others

The mall security is not a failure but Mace-Rich is consumed with growing their footprint.  The smash and grab is a standard ploy, one fast car, one big sledgehammer.  In 1981 thieves drove a truck through the doors of Eids TV and Video who was one my early customers.

Their take was about 50 G's in TVs.  Nothing has changed but D & L would have survived this attack with a few details.  The close quarters of glass to street is a problem and sooner or later a car will plow through a window and another heist will occur.

I am reading the Walnut Creek master plan and will be commenting on that.  I will put on my analyst hat for that one and real estate equity firms will understand the risk when they see what happened to Vice - by the time this is over Walnut Creek will have lost all their gains to litigation.

Good luck with the changes as it's going, going, gone.


Kenneth Nodder, Senior Planner, reported that the Broadway Plaza Long Range Master Plan concept would be introduced for conversations to commence between the eventual decision-making bodies and the applicant, Macerich, with the intent of identifying and defining the project focus and direction. Macerich presented the public’s feedback from recent community meetings. No formal action was taken by the Council or the Commissions. 

Chuck Davis, Macerich Vice-President of Development, presented the Macerich’s long range vision for Broadway Plaza. Yann E. Taylor, Architect, Field Paoli Architects, presented architectural features.

Mr. Davis outlined the specifics of their desires and noted they don’t intend to bring a project forward until the master plan and its pieces are approved. He invited the Council and the commissioners present to participate in the same exercise as they have been doing with the community.

Mr. Davis, Mr. Taylor and Cecily Talbert Barclay, Perkins Coie, legal counsel for Macerich – responded to questions clarifying that: five decisions will come to the City Council – Floor Area Ratio increase, abandonment, Planned Development (PD) zone, the DDA and an EIR approval; master plan area does not include all of Broadway Plaza, however the PD zoning includes all the property; the Master Plan would cover parcel 2 as well; including Macy’s (Federated) is being worked on concurrently; and details regarding entitlements are forthcoming.

The Mayor invited public comment – no members of the public spoke.

The attendees engaged in an exercise reviewing thematic pictures from 5:20 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The public was invited to turn in cards. Council and commissions provided their input on the pictures.

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