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The recent murder of a mother, a coworker and a guy with gun named Gregory collided with people I know.  Not this huge connection but Elaine Prokopowicz was once married to the daughter of MARIA DEMAKAS who was a regular at Round Up for their weekly Saturday night Karaoke.  Maria passed several years ago but she was ask me to sing her favorite songs when buying me a drink.  Fair enough as if you like Frankie Valle then you get your song. 
Elaine would come down to Round Up bar to spend time with her mom where it was all about having fun.  I lost track of Maria when I was attacked by another patron.  I called the Lafayette Police who failed to take action who drove off refusing to take a report which is identical to when Chief Christensen did when parties deliberately totaled my car. 
That was attempted murder but with the Contra Costa County Sheriff, City Manager Steve Falk and their pathetic City Council.  

The Pamela Vitale Murder will fall apart

  •  Acalanes Unified School District - Schools Listing 
    • Imprison or kill Students.   
  • My July 2011 Hit and Run was documented with letters and soon I’ll be appearing at the City Council meetings.   For residents of any CCSO Contract Agencies the CNET Scandal will cost you millions once the real truth emerges about multiple cover-ups.  
One of my reasons for posting this list is Maria wanted to rent a room I desperately needed from Elaine.  She needed the garden variety of help on the house, small repairs, gardening and such.   Instead I get beaten in Lafayette for no reason other than to be another leg of my long witness intimidation case. 
When the news broke about the murders I zeroed in on the 1800

Accidental Death ► Chris Spence - Real Estate Agent

Chris Spence
DOD: December 2007 
Cause: Gun Cleaning accident
Work Location: Keller Williams 500 La Gonda Way Danville, CA 94526

Location: Not known

Chris was a my client in 2005 and suddenly disappeared.  He visited my offices at 1425 Maria Lane Walnut Creek and once an licensed Real Estate Agent working at Keller Williams Danville CA .

During these visits he was seeking help on his real estate business and trying to support his family which he never shared but he was divorced.  There is so little on his death, no obit but I'd heard it was a gun cleaning accident.  It's always a bit discomforting to learn a client you liked dies but more troubling when you can't get answers.

There have been many real estate agents in the Tri-valley area killed but the amazing part is most were or were in Divorce processes of some type, child support, proceedings, hearings but there are others like a few homeless parents that appeared via court filings screwed out of their property.  Contra Costa County family law clerks hid my files and interfered with a civil proceeding.  They should be charged with obstructing justice as they also knew Tanabe who happened to live down the street.

In 2004 Gary Vinson Collins now deceased worked for the Town of Danville as a building inspector and was fired over attacking me in my house even though the Danville PD told me he had the right beat me up over a stolen paintbrush which is another Tanabe connection.

One of the real estate agents whom I met in 1988 became a whistle-blower around 2006.  He changed to Real Estate and committed suicide but his widow was visibly upset as she knows Tanabe.

The degrees of separation between Butler, Lombardi, Wielsch and the entire CNET operation couldn't be more suspect as they're operation was governed by the Council of Chiefs and everyone but one has retired since CNET unfolded.

We just give our money - that's what Contra Costa does very well.  

Widow Spotters - A different kind of Train Spotting

Widow Spotters-Waiting to Harvest Your Assets

Widow Spotters - trolling for the next widow based on the value of their portfolios.  They're seeking your life force and have a network of takers ready to slip away with your valuable assets such as your house, land and cash value assets.  It's incredibly easy to do via probate  especially when the "mark" has limited resources to post bonds, cash or fund litigation.  

Currently I'm fighting for my estate but the original Trust Documents are one-sided, biased pieces of work that basically gave the executor full control with no dissent that appeared later.  The attorney that crafted it said if my brother doesn't release funds I'll need an attorney - I'm like what do you mean - trusts documents are supposed to provide an orderly distribution of wealth without the need of forced litigation.  I realized that this sounded just like Chris Butler's army then upon further investigation discover the divorce lawyers create Wills Trusts and Estates - that is why the legal associate of a former Walnut Creek Police Officer turned attorney created a huge problematic scene with my sons. 

Fox News Unfair and Totally Biased is the real name for the Contra Costa County Superior Court. 

If you have a loved one reaching that time or you are considering the implications of how your trust instruments will be interpreted then read on.

  • Your assets are the target
  • There is a enough money to hire teams of persons
  • God's friends seek capital
  • Widow Watchers - waiting in the wings - projecting the revenue horizon date as they've been handled by the divorce machine, then they are re-processed to be consumed up later by the Family Trust Machine.  When your mom gave everything to the church did she forget about you like she did with me. 
  • Widow Makers - Getting the widow prepared
  • Widow Takers - When it's time they will arrive 
  • Widow History Controllers - no funeral, limited Obituaries, lack of public documents reflecting real estate transfer but more important no one is watching. 
  • Widow Walkers - keeping them company while they fade from view 

Sounds almost surreal but the more I look the more I see.  The apparatus slowly nips away at advocates, some die, some have heart attacks, sudden deaths and some just crash into mountains so they can change the outcome of elections - it's how they do things in Contra Costa - their way.  

In the early 2000's my life situation was different where I was funding a $850,000 Life Policy with Prudential but nearly parallel to that was I supposed to inherit a minimum $400,000 via a living trust that is ambiguous and was not the intention of my mother.  I seriously doubt she was there as she suffered from numerous TIA's and being mom she was a bit eccentric, forgetful and would follow the bouncing ball - just sign here ______ that's all we need.   

I've attempted numerous times to get counsel, I tried filing a police but was rebuked by Officer Rabonowitz but I started with Walnut Creek as my mother died in my arms in Rossmoor.   Rabonowitz told me more or less to get lost, then years later I'm attacked in the Walnut Creek Farmers Market and again Rabonowitz tells me tough luck. 

A business destruction model - kick the mark hard as he tries to feed his family 
Along the way when software operation was destroyed for the third time I realized something was up but this same officer told me I needed mental health counseling - you would too when you're being threatened in Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and online but no agency will help you.  That night I went to Contra Costa Mental Health as a test, stressed out, yes, perhaps sounding irrational, well OK tag your it.  So I walked into mental health seeking assistance as things were nearly impossible to sort out.  I met with three people - they were very helpful as in less than 15 minutes they a diagnosis, a treatment and pulled out the "Citizen Internment Form" where I'd find myself battling for release.  I knew better as I've read the DSV treatment manual and knew enough that the rapid diagnosis was conjecture, subjective and fabricated.  

This campaign is run on many residents as they labeled M.E. with oppositional disorder after her husband committed her to the Psych Ward.  They file with the court a motion for "involuntary commitment" but in the M.E. when she still tried to see her children they set her up again for arrest but in the end she lost her house, kids, the cars, long term support plus nearly losing her sanity after I debunked her divorce case - she is now moving forward but its time for the court to restore her losses.  

Mommy is in Coma 

One tactic I've endured was the posting fake jobs and rental deals on Craigslist which others have discovered.  This mom was in Oakland looking for a "good deal" housing apartment but was mugged on cue but the address was false - this was before online maps.  She's taken to Kaiser Hospital where she's in a coma for about five days.  The sad part is the number victims that are also Kaiser Patients but remember she's arrested for jay walking, jailed and pegged with an assault charge on a deputy.  Did I say I was beaten?  Yes I did it helps with the automatic default.  

Apparatus Segment: Contra Costa Mental Health
The mental health unit is a segment of the apparatus as one of their former employees suffered the same Gang Stalking I endured but his comments were the same as mine.  I suspect he's deceased as he's vanished but we met outside of his job up on Mt. Diablo during a fantastic heavy snow back around 2004/05.  The last time we spoke he was out of his mind with fear.  I had few days like that and my friends thought I'd lost it.  

It's clear my posture is highly negative on Contra Costa Attorneys for many reasons as when you call the Contra Costa Bar seeking counsel only to be told no one is interested.  When nearly getting beat to death in 2004 I tried the local bar which turned out to be waste of time.  Most would never consider suing Danville saying it was Practice Suicide.   I call it coercion, get in step with Bar Leadership, red-lining, blackballing but perhaps a more fitting descriptions are due.  

The San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association delivered a willing attorney who agreed to sue Gary Vinson Collins but Mr. Collins just happened to fall down an elevator shaft in Palo Alto on Dec 9th 2011 but weeks after meeting with Walnut Creek City Manager Ken Nordoff on November 2nd 2011 where I handed off documents and he knows as and the city attorney better learn whose name was on those documents.  My goal that day was why I'm attacked in the market with over 100 witnesses and why I've been forced out of offices, lost over $100,000 in assets, lost my inheritance, housing and much more.  

In the middle of this my car was totaled in Lafayette but the undercarriage was shot but days later I spotted a detective following me from Walnut Creek McDonald's shortly after the Lafayette Accident.  

Widows are not spiders they are targets
Chances are now I've got RICO cases but I am not alone but it's time for the Contra Costa County Legal Fleecing Machine to be shut down.  

The apparatus is comprised of Divorce Spotters but you're in a divorce the attorneys learn about your finances, and your life is splattered into a public forum where the stalkers can de-compile your net worth and glean information to formulate targets.  


Walnut Creek City Manager Meeting -

A Critical Event Connected to the CNET Story

I personally knew all three persons listed beleive but the critical milestone is what occurred on Nov 2nd 2011 with Chief of Police of Walnut Creek and City Manager Ken Nordoff where documents linking certain attorneys and persons to the larger CNET Scandal were copied off. This was the first time I ever allowed the Bennett vs. Collins police report to be copied other than my attorney.  They solved that by beating him up in 2006. 

11/11/2011--Danville CA -
Loretta Hale (Divorcee), Real Estate Agent found dead on Mt Diablo – local parent from Green Valley Elementary School, a mom in Boy Scout Pack 36, had sons and lived in the area for over twenty years.  A few weeks later a curious event occured when Concord Detective Mike Rodriguiz walked into the O'Rielly Parts Store on Willow Pass Road Concord CA 94520 while I was at the counter.  It seems he was interested in the Hale incident. 

San Ramon Express 

11/12/2011-San Ramon CA -

Roma Bhatia (Divorcee, Real Estate Agent, Homeowner, Mom)
Bhatia husband is represented by Walnut Creek divorce attorney Merrick Wiesinger that is friends with several other local attorneys that are connected to the family law and probably probate cases. 

In 2009 I was going to retain Wiesinger but the day of our first meeting his office called stating that their client was murdered over the weekend in Las Vegas NA.  Apparently what I gleaned later was the spouse (losing party) drove from San Ramon to Las Vegas and went up to the motel room and ... the rest is obvious. 

Roma Bhatia SFWEEKLY

12/09/11 Gary Collins dies from injuries after fall.
Gary Vinson Collins - Danville Building Inspector who attacked Danville Resident.

07/20/2011 Pete Bennett suffers hit and run accident.  Lafayette Police refuse to investigate.  It was attempted murder just like the many other incidents over the last 20 years. 

The are at least 200 divorce cases impacted by CNET with so many divorcee cases leading back decades where one party erupts in violence.  One of the tactics destroys the other party but in my case when you have cops pulling guns on you chances are you'll end up being shot dead.  Read my 5150 Doctrine and you'll get it. 

Contra Costa Flaws

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