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Lafayette Chief of Police Chief Huber - Documentation

 Blinded by the Cop

Lafayette CA: In my article "Blinded by the cop" I outline the July 20th 2011, hit and run accident that today lacks a police report.  The two year anniversary has arrived with no recovery, only losses and more deaths in my article "The Dead Seeno List" where I've chronicled accidents, murders and incidents spanning 30 years. 
Below is the first of several letters sent to Lafayette Police which should serve as adequate notice that someone tried to take my life but the response never arrived.  
It's your tax dollars not mine. 
Lafayette Letter Number One 

I informed a police agency that a recent hit and run accident occurred at the intersection Deer Valley Road and First Ave via the email titled "Hit and Run Accident Report Linked to Corruption Probe" 
Please note that Hubbard is gone but dude - the county IT department can prove you're lying and you're obstructing justice, committing perjury, deflecting an attempted murder case and unfortunately have inserted yourself into a much bigger story.
The PG&E Gas Pipeline Explosion in San Bruno 
This accident which was a close call forced me to dig up data leading me to Alamo Mormons which is connected to the death of one very good drummer that showed up and played for me. He's the son of a powerful attorney representing Contra Costa County, a prick named Al, and sues Chevron but his brother in-law represented me in my divorce court but failed to reveal ex-wife has been part of the Greenan Family for since the early 80s.  

James Greenan's law firm obviously curry's favor with County Counsel, the DA and the Greenan influence is evident with the Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce (CNET)
Rule 3-310 Avoiding the Representation of Adverse Interests

  This accident was intended to eliminate me which someone tried to do on my return trip from PG&E offices in Modesto.  PG&E doesn't seem to get the bigger picture but their pipeline data was breached on my laptop when I was arrested in what I call the perfectly choreographed fall guy. 

Dax, when you get a chance please read these pages:
This would include Judge Golub who saddled me with 12,000 in fines.


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