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CNN.COM: Prominent lawyers keep turning up dead. #deadbankers

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 01/20/2014

Walnut Creek CA -- My experience with the Contra Costa Legal Community hasn't been good.  I know they've had a lock on how the cases are settled.  In my personal experience the litigation history is enough to send them running and the State Bar should be looking at my story. 

I've had million dollar settlements queered by the legal community. My person experience with former Judge Joel Golub and his brother is a clear example legal misconduct.  I'd say it's enough for to be disbarred - I got Don Moats case in front of the State Bar and he withdrew his license voluntarily before disbarment.  

My first letter will be about the failure of Walnut Creek legal department to inform me of events that were a danger to my safety.  


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