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Oroville Beating - One (old) Man - Seven Attackers

Oroville Beating - One (old) Man - Seven Attackers -
Happy Fucking New Year - you got another medical bill

Date: January 11th 2013 | 14:24 A.M.
Oroville CA: While walking down the street in Oroville from downtown along Montgomery Street there was apparent party underway.  A group of kids (ages unknown) were out in front of several houses.

Then this crazed guy appears telling me I'm not allowed to stand on the sidewalk.  I get it - freedom stops when it's public sidewalk just because he's extra special.

My personal opinion is that Oroville has potential with quaint buildings with a solid Old Town look and feel.  This could easily be developed into a larger successful downtown.

The verbal altercation that became a gang land style beating of a fifty five year man of slight build being attacked by seven Juveniles, and two adults while walking down the street.  This should have been an investigation as the attack was one-sided  these so called fathers should endure a CPS investigation as they allowed their children and children of other to witness a near attempted murder of a person walking down the street.  The violence was never required nor was it warranted as I was walking away with my back turned.

One of the assailants was an off duty police officer.  What ever allegations they raised would never hold water as there are about 20 witnesses.  One man and seven attackers most under the age of 20 and several adults.

Dudes you pummeled while I was on ground, beat me unconscious and came close to breaking my arm. It was me that you to call 911, it was me that said call the police and it me that went to the hospital.  I was attacked about 150 feet from the house, taken down with my back turned walking away - it's called disengaging but let me explain to you - the sidewalk is public property.

Next time perhaps you might want to be outside at 1 AM being the parent in charge that you should have been.  I never left the sidewalk nor did I go any closer that the fence.  When kids are outside at 1 AM it would be reasonable to assume they're close to being adults as they were running around appeared to be drinking and were generally jovial until the bulldogs were released.

To be continued ....

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