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Contra Costa County Fire Protection District appoints new chief -now perhaps the 1776 Ygnacio Valley Road Fire might be solved

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District appoints new chief

By Jennifer Modenessi Contra Costa Times
POSTED:   09/21/2013 03:09:53 PM PDT | UPDATED:   75 MIN. AGO

MARTINEZ -- County supervisors have appointed Roseville Fire Department assistant chief of operations Jeff Carman as the new fire chief of the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District.
The supervisors, who also act as the fire district board, officially appointed Carman Sept. 17. He starts his new job Oct. 21.
Carman replaces fire Chief Daryl Louder, who announced his resignation in April. Louder's last day with the district is Oct. 31.
Supervisors selected Carman in August from an initial pool of 42 applicants.
Carman's monthly starting salary is $15,527.14. In October, county Human Resources Director Ted Cwiek will ask the board to approve reallocating the fire chief's salary to a higher step; Carman's base salary will be $195,641.88 annually. That salary is 5 percent higher than the retiring chief's, according to County Administrator David Twa. The county, he said, increased the chief's salary range to make the recruitment pool "as broad as possible."
The nine-day overlap between the two chiefs will cost $6,500, which will come from the fire district's operating budget.
Carman will also start his new position with a vacation credit of 80 hours and a relocation reimbursement of up to $10,000. Twa told supervisors the new chief will be entitled to accrued vacation of 23.3 hours a month, which is what Carman receives in his current position.
"Traditionally, when we've brought department heads in, we've brought them in at the same level of benefits that they are receiving from their position," Twa said.
As a county employee, Carman's retirement benefits will be managed by the Contra Costa County Employees' Retirement Association.
Because Carman was previously a member of the California Public Employees' Retirement System, he's not subject to new state pension reforms. Additionally, when he retires, Carman will receive retirement benefits from both agencies.
After approving his appointment, the board welcomed their new chief.
"We are looking forward to working together, and resolution to a number of issues we face here in the fire district," said Supervisor Federal Glover.
Carman was not in attendance at that meeting.

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There is reason for new talent in San Ramon Fire Districts and Consolidated fire.  

My story:
  • 09/21/2013 Homeless as September 21st 2013 
  • 09/21/2013 Attacked Panera Bread Walnut Creek by a retired Walnut Creek City Employee. 
  • 08/08/2013 NavyYardShooter reports being stalked
  • 07/10/2010 Bennett reports numerous times to local police about stalking 
  • 09/04/2012 Officer Kenyon Youngstrom shot by programmer - Bennett sees similar red Charger in overhead shot from Chopper News Crew - Bennett reported red car several times.  
  • 12/26/2011 Anthony Banta Jr.Flips out killed by police -another normal person killed after popping cork explodes?  No more likely he was stalked or given substance - real nice kid that I might have a picture of. 
Their Tactics 
  • 07/28/2013 Write him up for 5150 in front of Starbucks 
  • 05/28/2012 Try to arrest him for executing his lawful court orders.  
  • 08/24/2011 Attempt to arrest suspect in front of Contra Costa Library for allegations related to attacking city worker riding mower - a big ass mower - Captain Schultz removed from post?  


Towncar Burning?

Arson or Accident?

Car Fire Another Towncar Bites the dust?

Author: Pete Bennett 
Date: September 4, 2012 11:54 am

Walnut Creek CA:  In my quest for information I'm constantly searching for arson fires, accidents and incidents.  

There is something going on in Contra Costa County where there are so many fires including my own fire in 2004 


Contra Costa Bar - Those that control the bar control the courts and case outcomes

Contra Costa Bar Association: 

Those that control the bar control the courts and case outcomes 

This entity is a key segment of the Master Control Panel (Tron like) and apparatus that regularly ruins businesses and litigants.  I'd been suspecting more than once that I'd been sent to attorneys were Intel gathering rather than representation.  It was more like finding the strength of cases rather representing me for potential litigation.  

The Bar Members are extensions of the courts with the ability to deflect, derail or distract potential litigants away from pursing litigation.  In 2004 after being clobbered by former Danville Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins now deceased (Dec 19th 2011) once his connections to my assault and former Danville Officers (probably) he fell down an elevator shaft at Palo Alto High School. 

The Litigant Deflection machine started as soon as I made my first phone call as attorney after attorney said I don't have a case.  Building inspectors are not allowed to pummel residents and walk.  

My calls started with Danville attorneys then up to Walnut Creek then to the Contra Costa County Bar Association.  After a few visits I could see the pattern, sorry, you don't have a case, no one wants to sue Danville, you gotta to be kidding you want me to sue Danville - that's akin to Future Client Business Suicide but the basic answer - go pound sand - I found an attorney from outside of Contra Costa but like me and other landed in the hospital.  

The names of the attorneys will appear on a different page but I'm going to be very bold.   

I have uncovered numerous cases that reek of disbarment but favoritism among certain types of attorneys is evident and its more than one.  The cronyism and nepotism is already a huge problem in the County.  


Contra Costa Flaws

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