Death of Public Officials - These are not accidents

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL

Original Post: 10/30/2013

The Witness Murders

They are all dead except the bottom three on the left.  I knew almost every victim and this was in 2013 but my first Dead Witness story started in 1982 with of my employee.

During November 2013 I intend to post a concise list of persons near elected officials or public office killed, endured untimely fates or have been murdered 

This list is good and I have no reason to retract anything as my arguments of a problem with the recent crash of the PG&E Surveillance Plane was enough for me, 1) I knew the Matt Moody via a local club, 2) It's connected to the Gas Transmission Group, 3) it missed my sons and ex-wife by three miles and the person in Row 2 First Image from left is most likely my sons half brother but was my attorneys Dax Craven's half brother son of a attorney that works for PG&E, Contra Costa County, Seeno, Safeway and Several other firms all of which have been litigation quagmires for me.  


  • Five are Public Officials, Servants or Elected 
  • Three are police officers (arrested and Convicted) - I know all of them some since 1988
  • One was a cop murdered who was photographed by my stalkers 
  • Three are relatives of Public Officials  
  • Three of the Public Officials have died of Spinal Meningitis- there are more cases 
  • One is my attorneys brother in-law his father represents Seeno who is going to be finally indicted. 
  • One was my neighbor
  • My long time karaoke DJ friend, his mother formerly with Solano County DA

  • Another was a Starbucks Barista, 
  • One was a bartender whose high school friend was Butlers Decoy in the 48 hours special.  She's still around gained some weight and went Blonde - she no longer shows her cleavage. 
  • The other was murdered and key suspect is a cop, has always been a cop.  

There are many more names but you can take this FBI where they'll they know already.. 

Every victim except one was killed in the last two years.  


Truck Destroyed by Fire on Clayton Rd. in Concord - Third Fire at El Tapitio in six years

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch 
Posted: 10/30/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

PICTURE: Truck Destroyed by Fire on Clayton Rd. in Concord

OCTOBER 19, 2013 10:46 AM · 7 COMMENTS
A truck was destroyed by fire on Friday night in the parking lot of El Tapatio on Clayton Road in Concord.
No injuries to humans were reported.
Thanks to Aurora for the picture!
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1yevette October 19, 2013 at 11:30 AM
Woah, another spontaneous combustible!
2Clayanon October 19, 2013 at 12:06 PM
I told you the salsa was hot…
3Indie October 19, 2013 at 12:17 PM
“No injury to humans” ??
I hope there were no animals hurt either..
4Rose October 19, 2013 at 12:30 PM
@lol clayanon
Yes and no one brought the chips!
5Julie October 19, 2013 at 12:47 PM
I’m glad no one was hurt. Scary!
6Wynetta October 19, 2013 at 1:02 PM
Wow….another one. What’s going on in claycord.
7Beavis October 19, 2013 at 11:09 PM
Fire! Fire!

The Homeless Programmer Profile hired by PG&E (me)


Posted: 10/29/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

The Untold Story that has never been told 

Walnut Creek CA: In March of 2011 the Vice President of Ravenell

Enterprizes hired me to work for PG&E's highly sensitive Gas Transmission Group Hydrotesting project.  There is something wrong with how I was hired, what occurred while working for PG&E, the critical pipeline data, the memorial day high speed swoop, the the 4th of July Parade Danville, the loss of my son, the Walnut Creek Police handling of events with my former roommate, the arrest on July 7th 2011, the unknown warrants, the lack of a license, the back support, the fact that I was recently homeless and how Ravenelle arrives with a job, a car and money then my car gets totaled by a police officer connected to an arson fire who is friends with cops now in Federal Prison? 

You be the judge and perhaps think this through when you watch the video I found with a man walking away from the San Bruno fire with what looks like two gas cans. 

I've been analyzing the video while cross correlating other videos taken after the neighborhood was on fire as it appears a news crew got close enough to the same intersection and what is missing is just as important as what's there. 

The Power Struggle with PG&E 
As for PG&E I've personally been battered many times since this fire occurred, my car has been totaled, accidents, punches, muggings and High Performance Engineers in my office about a week after this fire with a San Francisco Police Lieutenant who knows Mayor Newsome who knows that damn well that his former employee was a problem for me as I went up to Newsome in November 2010 with information about the SFPD.  

Somewhere someone is fibbing and the rest are running for the hills while my sons rot in a trailer, living on Welfare, while I battle Walnut Creek Police officers in a verbal campaign of words.   

The Endless Battles with Attorneys - you've won! 

In summer 2011 I spoke to PG&E Attorney Kate Dyer in length about my missing laptop, the accidents, hit and run plus my 2004 arson fire where I'm now positive a CHP officer intercepted the investigation by being first on the scene thereby preventing an attempted murder investigation.  Just a hunch but I called around outside of Contra Costa County asking other fire agencies about this event - they all said "you mean with flames shooting back over 100 feet no investigation?"  Yep that's what happened. 

The next problem facing Contra Costa County investigators is how would the Kinder Morgan Fire be perceived if my Mid-August Fire been determined to be Jet Fuel? 

My destination that day was Walnut Creek with possibly exiting onto to the Broadway extension which would have brought me past the same location.  I call CHP in Martinez, their answer is what do you want us to do?  Perhaps you could investigate, I've dealt with the FBI since 1988 on numerous cases, in 2001 the Arson Fire at 1776 Ygnacio Valley Road is linked to my former attorneys offices.  

If my 2004 fire was investigated then if the Kinder Morgan Fire occurred as it did then would this change how the NTSB would have investigated the PG&E Pipeline fire given the truly odd coincidences? 

I think we're going to see dual murder investigations arise from what I'm saying.   

PG&E owes me over $10,000, the Contra Costa Bar Association won't help, it's clear that my legal events have been tainted and I'm the only person in the United States that can, my attorney was beaten, that a Danville Building Inspector beat me, that my truck blew up on the Freeway, that there are no police reports about the incident, that ConFire couldn't find records for the 1776 fire, that my attorney's brother in-law was murdered, that I know three persons killed in three separate plane crashes, that five houses in my old neighborhood could have been arson fires, that two murders occurred next to my house in 1979 and the Chemical shed was hit by an arsonist but when I ask questions 30 years later? 

The pile of Bulls--- so thick it's pretty clear we've got a conspiracy but on 10/28/2013 I connected the attorneys connected me were once PG&E attorneys.  

I've had incidents at Safeway Walnut Creek, Oak Park Center, four offices in Walnut Creek, I've been beaten up, nearly run over and killed in Walnut Creek, I've posted videos of homeless men that say the same thing, I know murder victims spanning 30 years plus personally know politicians who've died from Spinal Meningitis, Contracted bacterial meningitis but I know they all know each other.  

It's time extract who doesn't have an illness, car accident or murder as this is a story of the last man standing.  

Open Letter to PG&E, PUC, BART and NTSB

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/28/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

To Whom It May Concern

A few months ago my former neighbor Stephen Tanabe was convicted in Federal Court for his role in connection with the schemes connected to Chris Butler and Commander Norman Wielsch.  That is Contra Costa County Scandal involving police officers setting up divorcees so the spouse would get the upper hand.  My personal experience with these officers predates known events by nearly thirty years.  

In September 2010 just a few days after the PG&E San Bruno Fire that never revealed he was a PG&E high Performance Engineer was in my office.

The PG&E Senior High Performance Engineer:  The SFPD Arsonist and the Engineers

This Engineer (The Calculator) found and Chris Butler with cronies targeted me via an admission revealed many times including testimony during the Federal Trial of former Danville Officer Stephen Tanabe but my long held opinion that persons associated with law enforcement are connected to the Pittsburg CA murders

My opinion based on my first hand experience is the The Calculator had been expertly extorted with a connection to the Walnut Creek Police Department and San Francisco Police Department with a connection to another case that I'm positive leads to another Walnut Creek PD cover-up.

San Francisco Police Department Arson Network 
In was back June 2010 where S.F.P.D. Lt. David Oberhoffer arrived at my offices where he shows on his Nikon Camera pictures of the Piedmont Fire Walnut Creek CA from March 2010.  At the time it appeared to be just a coincidence but now my opinion that this former San Francisco Lieutenant is a arsonist and a clever one.  Oberhoffer got his walking papers in June 2010 he told me he was leaving willingly but he was forced out - sorry Dave you're a fucking psycho who needs to be behind bars.  

I've posted numerous articles in regards to these events and others.  I am growing extremely frustrated with PG&E who apparently posts wonderful stories on Vendor Ethics, Code of Conduct and all those nice things like see our progress while blatantly ignoring this former vendor who is under attack nearly monthly since encountering the The Calculator and the Cop.

2004 Arson Victim: I am an arson victim (Truck Arson) where CHP and San Ramon Fire arrived but flames shooting back over 100 feet with accelerant in the engine (Jet Fuel), and obvious arson no investigation?  Read my allegations on the Contra Costa Arsonist posted in early 2012.   

September 2013 Near Fatal Hit and Run 
Last month someone nearly killed me in a crosswalk in Walnut Creek near the Safeway , they managed to nearly kill my roommate in an assault, the month prior I am facing Sgt. Burns who is looking for any reason to arrest me just after I stepped of Starbucks.  On July 20th my car was totaled in a Hit and Run then weeks later after dumping my car for scrap I'm facing more police officers looking for any way to arrest me or goad me into a response that in my opinion was designed to shoot me dead. I've been through the drill more than once.

During summer 2012 my laptop was stolen at the same Safeway where I was nearly mowed down last month.  The laptop contained documents from the PG&E San Bruno Fire, the Hydrotesting project and internal maps containing GPS, KMZ and Shape files placed on my laptop by Ravenelle Enterprises.

On one of my returns trips from PG&E I was nearly taken out by a high speed maneuver near Tracy CA.  A few weeks later they whoever they are totaled my car.

Since my July 2011 Hit and Run I've been searching for information that often leads to the same point of origin (CNET, SWAT and the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad)

When I discovered Gary Vinson Collins whose links to Danville PD and Walnut Creek PD fell to his death in December 2011 but in June 2013 was when I learned that Nate Greenan was killed in Orinda CA in April 2012 from there I realized he was my attorneys brother in-law in one of those suspicious crashes.

It didn't take to realize my sons would eventually be targeted as it's happened before so from there I decided almost any incident was on the table which is why I know former Senator Rainey's nephew suicide is a cover story.

My contract with PG&E based my extensive research and efforts was setup to get at the PG&E data placed on my laptop.  That information has landed in the hands of Walnut Creek Police who operate the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad who "found" my "stolen" laptop but never gave me an accurate answer on how it ended up in their department.  The officer who owned the incident is gone but is one of the few officers to be trusted within that organization.

In the attached images throughout this blog you'll see I've tried in vain for several years to get resolution with the Walnut Creek Police.  If my cases are not being investigated than anything connected to PG&E cases should be considered suspect in nature.  That includes the really bizarre kidnapping of the PG&E Employee at the same offices where I attended the very dubious GTG Wiget Lane Meeting in June 2011.

The reason they don't investigate is my investigation leads back to the 1776 Ygnacio Valley Road in 2001 which is my attorney, then it leads to the attack on Attorney Sage Sepahi Walnut Creek who represented in the Bennett v Collins matter which leads to my 2011 accident of a police officer who knows Lt. Oberhoffer SFPD (Ret.) who is the main suspect in my accident plus managed to drive me out of business in 2010 but worse was the pictures he took of the Piedmont Lumber fire in March 2010 then with near precision timing appears when the PG&E High Performance engineer was sitting with me in a meeting.

During the Tanabe Trial (Sept 2013) it was revealed Butler had wiretapped hundreds but I know I'm definitely one of those wiretaps perhaps ten years in the making.  When they failed to burn me alive they kept trying.

When the Donald Gene Moats office burned down in 2001 the FBI investigated events which the Walnut Creek Police was never told which sadly means all they've been caught lying to investigators in what I'm calling a Domestic Terrorism Cases. e.g. Kinder Morgan and PG&E San Bruno Fire

PG&E has a kidnap victim and in a letter to the City my comments were specific that it was a cop in the Kidnappers image.

Based on my crazy story it's a given that investigations by the Walnut Creek Police prior to the new Chief should be suspect but no has tried to make the connection between my events and my roommate.

I am homeless, sleeping on concrete and no one will hire me.  I wouldn't hire me, I'm being sued, I owe back support, my cars get totaled, people near me get murdered or crash in Airplanes into mountains or simply fall from the sky - I have nothing left but my laptop and some clothes yet they still try to mow me down and still not a single investigator has asked me a single question about my theory that these events are connected.

The September 19th 2013 accidents that killed two BART Engineers was not just an accident as events near my allegations overlay with these allegations in this letter.  What are the chances that I'd post to this blog my concerns about a stalker that once worked at the Concord Maintenance Yard who would know BART procedures just by being around the lingo.

The NTSB advisory is a good start but I'm suggesting asking the Navajo CodeTalkers for advice as your radio communications function on a open spectrum.  In my research I'd discovered that the PG&E fire, Asiana (SFO), BART plus other disasters share a common technology - they operate on open radio frequencies but recently made changes at SFO - details coming.

Media Information


The Homeless Programmer - The PG&E Programmer who is a walking target in Walnut Creek CA

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/20/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

Walnut Creek CA: This american programmer is officially homeless in Walnut Creek even though PG&E's SubContractor stiffed him for well over $10,000 leaving my sons are on welfare even though was supposed to be a two year project.  The project ended when my laptop was breached first by persons associated with Hillside Covenant Church then by persons associated with the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad who are connected to the persons listed on one of my main blog page here Contra Costa Arson Suspects as identified by yours truly.  

In September 2013 my former neighbor gets convicted in Federal Court, in 2004 my truck fire was rigged for arson thus catching on fire with me in it, then one attorney is beaten up in Walnut Creek in one of those Walnut Creek Police go nowhere investigation or perhaps Don Moats who was burned out (2001) in a totally separate arson case connected to CNET.  

Yes it's true I'm homeless, I've been beaten up many times, hospitalised with strange medical maladies between 2000 and 2007, been rigged for arson and dealt with the State Police when Senator Mark DeSaulnier called the threat assessment team on me.  

Here we are ten years later it happens again so please read my article called the Walnut Creek Crosswalk Killers as nothing has changed even though I'm walking around with sensitive PG&E data that organization continues to ignore me.  

I first brought these issues up in 2010 where I clearly told Senator DeSaulnier that there was a problem with local law enforcement and ten months they arrested persons associated with CNET.

It should be noted that by the time the meeting was over that Piedmont Lumber had burned the ground that same morning.  I've openly declared suspects connected my story to that fire and I've developed connections between that group and Butlers operations. 

So this homeless programmer is trying the reach PG&E so he can get paid but since my calls to PG&E have gone for the most unanswered by Kate Dyer, PG&E supplier 

Please read about PG&Es supplier diversity.

“We are fully committed to implementing the 

plan and whatever else it takes to ensure that 
we operate the safest and most reliable gas 
system in the country.” Tony Earley, Chairman 
PG&E Corporation 

Me too in fact I may have a solid link threading the San Bruno Fire to my undected 2004 arson fire that would have weighed in heavily with investigation of the Kinder Morgan Fire as the common theme is my truck probably had jet fuel in the engine and that went undetected for 10 years.  I actually have witnesses who stood back to watch me as I was nearly burned alive.  By the way you can call the Alamo 1st Ward and ask the Bishop for the correct addresses of that Mormon that saw me nearly burn alive that mid-day accident which might lead to other arson cases like the Kinder Morgan Fire and San Bruno Fire.  Think it through - the best accelerant is Jet Fuel or Fuel from an Airport.

From who I know and who I've met over thirty years this should hit home.  I know Matt Moody via Tiki Toms, I know Peter Branagh via Danville and Banking Software (FiServe), I know Eric Nunn who was going to help me back in 2008 and this lawsuit would have stopped CNET in 2004.

Call me Tony we gotta chat - if you bring some hooch I'd be able to stay warm tonight.  There is plenty of room on the concrete slab that I'm growing really tired of sleeping on and the rain is coming.

One of my last hot meals was Top Ramen - what did you eat today?  I'm running on Melba toast that I found across from Neiman-Marcus.


The Homeless Programmer using Social Media to wake the Giants of Business

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/28/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

Walnut Creek CA:  In 2011 I was contracted to work for PG&E for project that sort of fell from the sky.  Looking back I know something was wrong about how I was hired, what I ended up with on my laptop was enough for a domestic terrorist to carry out a wide range of attacks on PG&E infrastructure.

In the coming days I'll be posting the scenarios on how it could be done but I'll be using real world events already concluded and perhaps with flawed investigations.  The information Silos are part of the problem.

My personal challenge is a place to live - even though PG&E main defense counsel has been well aware of events near me and are well aware of my allegations.  I've called about 20 times for two years this The Homeless Programmer continues to endure attacks, his roommate tossed him for his own safety when he was mugged in Walnut Creek, I was mugged in Oroville, my car was totaled in Lafayette but it's far worse as former Senators Rainey and Perata have lost family members.  My ex-wife knows the Raineys, I knew their nephew as Uncle Fester from Tike Toms a fun loving guy who committed suicide, and Don Perata's daughter in-law drowned just like Margaret Lesher drowned but former Contra Costa Times reporter Michael Taugher drowned in Maui by vanishing from the surface while snorkeling but ..... he was another State of California Employee as he was the PIO for the Fish and Wildlife (Game) who wrote hard hitting well deserved pieces on Seeno and other power names in Political cricles.

This resident has called the elected officials DeSaulnier, Bonilla, Buchanan plus has emailed the Council of Mayors the day before he appeared on August 2rd 2012.  Few know this but Supervisor Anderson is Mormon, she is a member of the Danville Stake where the San Ramon, Alamo and Danville Wards operate under one entity.  She knew Ernie Scherer, and definitely knows James Greenan and Nate Greenan and Ernie Scherer III would attend the same Danville Area Stake Functions like Pioneer Days, General Conference and Emergency Preparedness events held at the Danville Ward on Old Orchard Way Danville CA.

That was where Mike Shimansky told me they were too powerful and couldn't stop them.  We were talking about the attempted murder of me by this man who fell to his death five weeks after I gave documents to the Chief of Police Joel Bryden and City Manager Ken Nordoff then the target of my litigation once linked to CNET nearly eight years falls to his death.

The experts of staging accidents are incredibly good or they have friends where they need them.  Read about Mr. Collins tragic fall in Palo Alto on Dec

This lawsuit would have stopped CNET in 2004

Since my attorney


Fire Guts Disputed Hotel / Half Moon Bay onlookers cheer $2 million blaze

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/28/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

Walnut Creek CA: On this blog you'll find many posting about arson or fires.  IN 2004 my truck was in flames on NB 680 just North of El Cerro Blvd. Danville CA.  At the time I was in a contentious divorce dealing with endless "bumps in the night", my ABS System was rigged nearly flipping me near my cabinet shop on Lopes Road Fairfield, my attorney was beat up in Walnut Creek but when I connected the CNET/SWAT teams to a 25 million dollar Ponzi Scheme connected my attorneys office at 1776 Ygnacio Valley I realized something was wrong in Walnut Creek CA.  

In review of the disastrous Kinder Morgan Fire , the murder arson of Eiko Sugihara which is highly important as tips in that case were buried when the Contra Costa County Sheriff's department posted 925-313-2623

Fire Guts Disputed Hotel / Half Moon Bay onlookers cheer $2 million blaze

Published 4:00 am, Saturday, April 27, 1996
As onlookers cheered, a quick-burning fire that appears to have been deliberately set destroyed a controversial hotel and condominium project under construction in Half Moon Bay early yesterday, causing losses estimated at $2 million.
The blaze followed months of protests from area residents who complained that the three-story, 54-unit structure would block views of the ocean for about 100 nearby homeowners as well as for motorists driving along Highway 1.
The owner of the hotel, well-known Palo Alto developer, Chop Keenan, called the fire an act of terrorism and blasted local residents who were seen shouting their approval as the blaze reduced the building to ashes.
"I got to tell you the hard part of this is seeing moms taking kids to the site and yelling, 'Burn, baby, burn,' " said Keenan, who took over as sole owner just last week. "It is a community value that I have never in my life witnessed. I never saw people honking for terrorism, but I saw it today."
Keenan, who said he has no doubt it was arson, vowed to have his construction crews back on site Monday to start rebuilding.
"I'll have two crews a day on it, and we will build it on time and on budget," Keenan said. "I expect it to be completed by November 1."
Fire Chief Ron Delgado said the three-alarm fire started about 12:15 a.m. When firefighters arrived, most of the half-finished hotel was engulfed in flames. The hotel is "now totally destroyed and will have to be bulldozed and started over," Delgado said.
Because there was no gas or electric power to the site, Half Moon Bay fire officials immediately suspected arson and called in agents of the federal Alcohol, Tobacco andFirearms agency.
Arson was confirmed late yesterday afternoon with the aid of a dog trained to sniff out accelerants, a source told The Chronicle. The preliminary conclusion is that gasoline was used.
There was no injury to spectators or to the 60 firefighters who responded, Delgado said. The fire was under control within 45 minutes. The building occupied 1.58 acres west of Highway 1 on the north edge of Half Moon Bay.
Hundreds of residents gathered on bluffs and beaches to watch as the flames consumed the building overlooking Pillar Point Harbor, witnesses said.
"The whole sky was lit up, and you could feel the heat from 300 yards away," said Kit Dove, who lives in El Granada. "There was a lot of hooting and hurrahing. I think the general feeling of the crowd was they were glad to have their view back, if only for a little while."
Morgan Walford of El Granada agreed. "There were a lot of smiling faces around. . . . Vigilantism is a slippery and dangerous way to go, but on the other hand, I think businesses and developers and the planning commission need to be more responsive to people's wishes. As this hotel continued to go up, people got more unhappy."
The original application to build the hotel was submitted in 1988 and it moved quietly through the planning process until receiving a permit to build last Oct. 27. But its developer, Robert Marchant, ran into financial difficulties, according to Half Moon Bay City Councilman Dennis Coleman, a critic of the project.
Keenan, who was embroiled in controversy last year over his plan to renovate the historicVarsity Theater in Palo Alto, said he became a partner in the hotel's development with Marchant last November and took it over completely last week when it closed escrow. He said they added condominium ownership to the hotel plan in order to secure financing.
Under a time-share setup, condominium owners would be free to use residences for a maximum of 90 days a year, and the rest of the time the units would be rented, said Ed Wohlenberg, Half Moon Bay's interim city manager. "It is a despicable act if it is indeed arson," he said. "It is no way to do business."
Deborah Ruddock, Half Moon Bay's mayor said: "We abhor this kind of lawbreaking, and everyone is going to work to find the perpetrators. That aside, this was a very controversial project that seemed to escape much public attention until construction began, and I personally have not had so many comments and complaints about anything since I have been on the council."

BART Engineer Fatal Accident: NTSB Accident reconstruction Scene Analysis

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/28/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons 

NTSB Accident reconstruction Scene Analysis

Walnut Creek CA: On October 23rd, the NTSB conducted their accident reconstruction as part of the investigation on how the BART Engineers were hit by a train on October 19th which was on the heels of the Asiana Flight 2014 Crash last summer.  The NTSB has flown out for the PG&E Fire, the Asiana and now a BART Engineer incident?  They're already working on the Branagh Crash, now the PG&E Plane Butte County I'm connected to three plane crashes on their plate as I know victims in crash, I knew BART officer killed, and I know that my attorney's brother in-law was killed on WB 24 in what I'm suspecting is a murder case as it's open like many others. 

Connections to accidents, BART and Racially driven cases. 

I've also known Supervisor Glover since 1983 when the Bynum (Tiny) Shooting tragic event connected us together and we were both young men.  His cousin was employed by cabinet shop and Tiny was his brother.  It was a bad day at the shop but we all knew it was a racially driven shooting.  

NTSB, PG&E, BART, Plane Crashes, and Accidents where my friends are dead

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/28/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons 

Walnut Creek CA: I am growing endlessly tired of trying to raise my sunken ship that riddled with holes where Police Officers arrest me, accuse me, sue their weapons in a show of force all too often.  

In 2011 I was working for PG&E Software SubContractor and during this engagement I had two events to harm me.  On my return trip from Modesto Operations someone attempted to flip my car near Tracy Blvd on the 405 and then successfully totaled my car in Lafayette CA.  

When I contacted PG&E I discovered the usual wall but their corporate counsel suggested I contact the Labor Board and I said how did I get hired in the first place?  

This posting is a starting point for what I've discovered since that July 2011 accident - that accident was planned and the Lafayette Police were well informed about events.  You won't see a police report for that accident but I can tell you with a high level of confidence that it's linked to the following fatal accidents: Charles Silverman, Roma Bhatia, David Schafer, Loretta Hale, Carol Davis, two motorcyclists on Hwy 4 East Bound at Alhambra, and the following plane crashes of Eric Nunn (candidate) & Craig Wilson (BART), Peter Branagh (Know him), Matt Moody (know him), and my stint developing databases for PG&E Hydrotest operation leads to one core conclusion - my PG&E stint was a setup.

Enter a datasource and click the button "Go".

Alternate Explosion Theory Contra Costa Fire Timeline (or view this sheet)
view this sheet)

Since the 2011 Accident I've attempted to resolve events

  • Reaching PG&E,  
  • Called the ATF, 
  • Checked Commander Wielsch's history,
    • Learned he likely possesed C-4 explosives (published news)
    • 02-2011~Attempted with Chris Butler to sell C-4 (Recorded By UC CAL-DOJ)

In July 1995 - TWA Flight 800 crashed - there has endless missile debates with the phoney CIA "NOT A MISSILE" produced in 1998 then in 2012 former NTSB investigators put their reputation on the line while resurrecting the missile theory. 

The timeline fits nicely 89 theft, 96 Air accident, 2004 Kinder Morgan jet Fuel Explosion, PG&E Pipeline Explosion, and in the middle is me with a undetected Arson case where my truck was on fire with flames shooting back over 100 feet (According to CHP Motorcycle) but even with all my protests about Arson no one wanted to listen. 

For many years I asked fireman, officers and others how my truck fire was NOT arson.  The general feeling what do you mean they let you drive away - i said whatever was in the engine blew out but the oil plug was down over 2 1/2 turns.  

The unlikely answer came from a tow truck driver who aptly says - they replace the oil Kerosene or Jet Fuel then reseat the plug with a Wax Seal and wait.  That's why the mechanic from Greg's muffler was right behind me that morning.  I drove the damaged fire damaged truck to Gregs shop where his mechanic blurted out what he witnessed my truck on fire and therefore we have a witness. 

Nearly ten years later I'm building a concise timeline of fires covering pipelines, gas, fuels, house, commercial building, and autos which happens to include Limos.  Then I'm reading up on the Kinder Morgan Fire - I was there that day at the courthouse getting fined by Judge Golub (you suck Joel) 

It was clear to me a weeks ago (Oct. 2013) that my undetected arson fire with a likely fuel source of Jet Fuel would have weighed considerably in the investigation.  The Kinder Morgan Fire was referred to as "Pillar of Fire" and mine was best described as a fireball.  

Well way back in 1979 I lived on Santa Monica Drive Pleasant Hill CA which was next to the Cabbage Patch where the there two murders about 1000 feet from my house.  One was murder the other was arson murder and the farmer was under a lot of pressure to sell.  Well they got him to sell when his chemical shed blew up. 

During these events there were thefts and a 1918 Muni Railway Model T type flatbed truck complete with the old railway emblems on the door was stolen and went right by my house.  

It was being towed out by Charlie (amazing but it was my former neighbor from Geary Road) with a tow truck belonging to North Main Tow (AAA Services).  

Find that truck build a timeline of where it's been since 1979 or 1980 and I suspect it will lead to some rich folk in Contra Costa County.  The truck will lead to Murder Cover Up at the Cabbage Patch as the Pleasant Hill Police Department like Pittsburg won't talk about certain cases and all of these agencies are incredibly good at ignoring so many attempts at taking my life. 

I no longer believe the PG&E fire was an accident and after building up numerous conceptual motives, methods and tactics I've concluded the recent BART accident is connected to the 2008 accident.  There are several common elements to the Asiana Crash, PG&E, ConFire, and BART - they operate on unsecure channels. 

I went to the NTSB accident reconstruction scene for the Fatal BART Engineer accident


Gang Link in Alamo Attack / 2 ex-cons planned robbery -- homeowner, intruder shot dead

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/13/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

Gang Link in Alamo Attack / 2 ex-cons planned robbery -- homeowner, intruder shot dead

Published 4:00 am, Thursday, January 6, 2000

2000-01-06 04:00:00 PDT ALAMO -- Two gunmen behind a fatal botched robbery in an exclusive Alamo home were members of a Stockton street gang who carefully planned the invasion, police said yesterday.
But if the intruders were counting on little resistance, they got more than they expected when, carrying semiautomatic pistols, they burst into the home on Incline Green Lane shortly before 6 p.m. Tuesday. The home's owner, Kim Fang, an accomplished marksman, shot one robber dead and critically wounded another, police said.
Fang, 49, was wounded during the gunfight and died hours later at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, where he had worked for eight years as a plastic surgeon until his retirement in 1994.
The dead robber was identified last night as Mesa Kasem, 22, and his wounded accomplice as Soknoeum Nem, 21, both of Stockton.
Contra Costa County Sheriff's Capt. George Lawrence said the gunmen were convicted felons and members of the Asian Street Walkers gang. They were being investigated for similar crimes against Asians elsewhere in the Bay Area.
Nem is a parolee classified as a violent offender with convictions for assault, burglary and auto theft.
Kasem, who served prison time for shooting a woman in Stockton, was subsequently detained behind bars as a "lifer" by the Immigration and Naturalization Service because he was considered a violent criminal.
Kasem, however, successfully fought his INS detention and was released.
Last night, police served search warrants at the Stockton homes where Nem and Kasem lived, but investigators declined to say what, if anything, was seized from the properties.
Investigators disclosed yesterday that they found a blue Mazda that Nem and Kasem had rented in Stockton, parked a block away from the Fang home. Inside, they found a handwritten note with Kim Fang's name and address. The suspects had used their own names to rent the car, police said.
Investigators also were able to provide a clearer picture of how the robbery attempt went awry.
Nem and Kasem were probably after jewelry or cash in the home, Lawrence said. There were no statements or demands from the two men when they rushed the house, police said.
One of the suspects was attacked with a frying pan by Fang's wife, Winnie Fang, who answered their knock on the front door. Winnie Fang, an anesthesiologist, was shot once in the chest but was expected to be released last night from Stanford Medical Center.
Her brother, Richard Law, was in the living room and came to his sister's aid when he heard her screams, struggling with the suspects before he was ordered to the floor. A nanny, Melee Jung, was pistol-whipped by one intruder.
"I think they were fighting for their lives," Lawrence said.
It was not until Kim Fang, working in an upstairs office, heard the commotion and came downstairs that the shooting started, police said. Exactly who fired first was still being sorted out yesterday, but investigators said Kim Fang mortally wounded Kasem with rounds to the head, chest and leg.
Nem, who was tied up with telephone cords by the family and held for police, is in Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley in fair condition. He is under arrest but is heavily sedated and has not yet been interviewed by police. He is expected to be charged with murder and robbery.
The Fangs' two children, ages 10 and 13, were not hurt during the attack and ran to a neighbor's home for help, Lawrence said.
Court records said the surviving suspect's nickname is "Half Dead," and family members confirmed the unusual nickname, saying it stuck after Nem -- who lived as a young child in war-torn Cambodia -- survived when a bomb he was playing with exploded. The family moved to Connecticut in 1983 to escape the Khmer Rouge.

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