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Open Letter to PG&E, PUC, BART and NTSB

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/28/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

To Whom It May Concern

A few months ago my former neighbor Stephen Tanabe was convicted in Federal Court for his role in connection with the schemes connected to Chris Butler and Commander Norman Wielsch.  That is Contra Costa County Scandal involving police officers setting up divorcees so the spouse would get the upper hand.  My personal experience with these officers predates known events by nearly thirty years.  

In September 2010 just a few days after the PG&E San Bruno Fire that never revealed he was a PG&E high Performance Engineer was in my office.

The PG&E Senior High Performance Engineer:  The SFPD Arsonist and the Engineers

This Engineer (The Calculator) found and Chris Butler with cronies targeted me via an admission revealed many times including testimony during the Federal Trial of former Danville Officer Stephen Tanabe but my long held opinion that persons associated with law enforcement are connected to the Pittsburg CA murders

My opinion based on my first hand experience is the The Calculator had been expertly extorted with a connection to the Walnut Creek Police Department and San Francisco Police Department with a connection to another case that I'm positive leads to another Walnut Creek PD cover-up.

San Francisco Police Department Arson Network 
In was back June 2010 where S.F.P.D. Lt. David Oberhoffer arrived at my offices where he shows on his Nikon Camera pictures of the Piedmont Fire Walnut Creek CA from March 2010.  At the time it appeared to be just a coincidence but now my opinion that this former San Francisco Lieutenant is a arsonist and a clever one.  Oberhoffer got his walking papers in June 2010 he told me he was leaving willingly but he was forced out - sorry Dave you're a fucking psycho who needs to be behind bars.  

I've posted numerous articles in regards to these events and others.  I am growing extremely frustrated with PG&E who apparently posts wonderful stories on Vendor Ethics, Code of Conduct and all those nice things like see our progress while blatantly ignoring this former vendor who is under attack nearly monthly since encountering the The Calculator and the Cop.

2004 Arson Victim: I am an arson victim (Truck Arson) where CHP and San Ramon Fire arrived but flames shooting back over 100 feet with accelerant in the engine (Jet Fuel), and obvious arson no investigation?  Read my allegations on the Contra Costa Arsonist posted in early 2012.   

September 2013 Near Fatal Hit and Run 
Last month someone nearly killed me in a crosswalk in Walnut Creek near the Safeway , they managed to nearly kill my roommate in an assault, the month prior I am facing Sgt. Burns who is looking for any reason to arrest me just after I stepped of Starbucks.  On July 20th my car was totaled in a Hit and Run then weeks later after dumping my car for scrap I'm facing more police officers looking for any way to arrest me or goad me into a response that in my opinion was designed to shoot me dead. I've been through the drill more than once.

During summer 2012 my laptop was stolen at the same Safeway where I was nearly mowed down last month.  The laptop contained documents from the PG&E San Bruno Fire, the Hydrotesting project and internal maps containing GPS, KMZ and Shape files placed on my laptop by Ravenelle Enterprises.

On one of my returns trips from PG&E I was nearly taken out by a high speed maneuver near Tracy CA.  A few weeks later they whoever they are totaled my car.

Since my July 2011 Hit and Run I've been searching for information that often leads to the same point of origin (CNET, SWAT and the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad)

When I discovered Gary Vinson Collins whose links to Danville PD and Walnut Creek PD fell to his death in December 2011 but in June 2013 was when I learned that Nate Greenan was killed in Orinda CA in April 2012 from there I realized he was my attorneys brother in-law in one of those suspicious crashes.

It didn't take to realize my sons would eventually be targeted as it's happened before so from there I decided almost any incident was on the table which is why I know former Senator Rainey's nephew suicide is a cover story.

My contract with PG&E based my extensive research and efforts was setup to get at the PG&E data placed on my laptop.  That information has landed in the hands of Walnut Creek Police who operate the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad who "found" my "stolen" laptop but never gave me an accurate answer on how it ended up in their department.  The officer who owned the incident is gone but is one of the few officers to be trusted within that organization.

In the attached images throughout this blog you'll see I've tried in vain for several years to get resolution with the Walnut Creek Police.  If my cases are not being investigated than anything connected to PG&E cases should be considered suspect in nature.  That includes the really bizarre kidnapping of the PG&E Employee at the same offices where I attended the very dubious GTG Wiget Lane Meeting in June 2011.

The reason they don't investigate is my investigation leads back to the 1776 Ygnacio Valley Road in 2001 which is my attorney, then it leads to the attack on Attorney Sage Sepahi Walnut Creek who represented in the Bennett v Collins matter which leads to my 2011 accident of a police officer who knows Lt. Oberhoffer SFPD (Ret.) who is the main suspect in my accident plus managed to drive me out of business in 2010 but worse was the pictures he took of the Piedmont Lumber fire in March 2010 then with near precision timing appears when the PG&E High Performance engineer was sitting with me in a meeting.

During the Tanabe Trial (Sept 2013) it was revealed Butler had wiretapped hundreds but I know I'm definitely one of those wiretaps perhaps ten years in the making.  When they failed to burn me alive they kept trying.

When the Donald Gene Moats office burned down in 2001 the FBI investigated events which the Walnut Creek Police was never told which sadly means all they've been caught lying to investigators in what I'm calling a Domestic Terrorism Cases. e.g. Kinder Morgan and PG&E San Bruno Fire

PG&E has a kidnap victim and in a letter to the City my comments were specific that it was a cop in the Kidnappers image.

Based on my crazy story it's a given that investigations by the Walnut Creek Police prior to the new Chief should be suspect but no has tried to make the connection between my events and my roommate.

I am homeless, sleeping on concrete and no one will hire me.  I wouldn't hire me, I'm being sued, I owe back support, my cars get totaled, people near me get murdered or crash in Airplanes into mountains or simply fall from the sky - I have nothing left but my laptop and some clothes yet they still try to mow me down and still not a single investigator has asked me a single question about my theory that these events are connected.

The September 19th 2013 accidents that killed two BART Engineers was not just an accident as events near my allegations overlay with these allegations in this letter.  What are the chances that I'd post to this blog my concerns about a stalker that once worked at the Concord Maintenance Yard who would know BART procedures just by being around the lingo.

The NTSB advisory is a good start but I'm suggesting asking the Navajo CodeTalkers for advice as your radio communications function on a open spectrum.  In my research I'd discovered that the PG&E fire, Asiana (SFO), BART plus other disasters share a common technology - they operate on open radio frequencies but recently made changes at SFO - details coming.

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