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The Tacticians Toolbox - Targetrons, Targeteers, and Tactictonians

The Tacticians Toolbox -  Fiction or Backyard Non-Fiction

Under Mt. Diablo near Walnut Creek CA


Somewhere back in time you become the target where the targeteers commanded by Tacticians are deployed in your direction.  The mobilization begins the minute a Tactician issues the orders, they may or may not use guns but his arsenal varies depending whether his/her requirement is a overt or covert or a deep cover operation.  They do not deviate from the targets they are relentless hunters with economically driven estate and family piercing arrows. 

The unsuspecting suburbanites with valuable real estate holdings who are in most cases are living out their lives in their Prop 13 Homes are now being targeted or coveted for cash rich homesteads. 

If you only knew who was stalking you then you'd believe me but for many by the time they've read these words they're at the Tartgeteers Horizon. The paperwork has been drawn, files forged and the protective advocates are forced to fade away resulting in another loss.  It's a chess board of multiple tiers with shifting outcomes.  The enforcertrons monitor, adjust and modify Tactical commands daily but their 24/7 universes allows them slip as many mickeys required to destroy the target. 

The Tacticians Toolbox contains strategies, tactical maps, GPS, strong boxes, storage lockers, storage facilities, access to autos, trucks, vans and a plethora of public utility vehicles for cover stocked with radars, penetrating radar and eavesdropping gear.  No one would question them next to a BBOX or CEV or underneath a KVA line. 


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