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PLAINTIFF's Winners Circle For Alicia and her Daughter

Two Murder Suicides One Block Apart?

In Nov 2004 a pipeline explodes in Walnut Creek CA, then there is a Murder/Suicide of a nearby mom/daughter, then years later down the road, two Los Lomas High School Students drown, then 1990's Alumni drowns in the very same channel, then ten years later this researcher discovers that main witness is dead while copiously missing from the investigation process then after a CalFire Pipeline Engineer slams the phone down this researchers keeps digging. The Murder/Suicide victim are related to the heavy equipment operator.

This researcher has a long forgotten connection as there is litigation connecting Bennett to Dr. Kim Fang whose offices overlooked this same channel. In the middle is the Walnut Creek Police Department and the City of Walnut Creek CA.

Fang v. Bennett 1987) once had offices overlooking channel, 14 years later Kellie Reed a cook and bartender from Tiki Toms cook is killed on Ygnacio on same channel, but five men were burned alive above channel, a woman jumps to her death near the Channel, a man drowns in tributary to channel, and two jump from Kaiser

On Sept. 28th 2013 Bennett was nearly killed on this very same channel, still no police report, still wondering and asking for a police report which prevents him from getting VCP or Victims Compensation so he can begin to rebuild his life, take care of his sons.

Sooner or later this serial arsonist-murder operation will attempt to kill sons alive in the shit shack where they live.

Lt. David Oberhoffer SFPD - statements of psychopath that has my court files.

Has copies of all my legal documents
Knows where my sons live
Involved with CNET Officers
Has been near Piedmont Fires

Marcy's Law Except Pete Bennett whose outgunned, out manned and overwhelmed

No one will help me get access to the services, my license, my cars, my endless losses and endless misery while I've chronicled the deaths of my friends.

I know Wielsch, Butler, Tanabe, Lombardi, Bergen,

I know even more victims.


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