Sleeping in the cold on 12/31/2012

Again I got stuck in the cold - my resources thin last night was pretty cold.  A few weeks ago I tried calling the Alamo 1st Ward Bishop, the Danville Stake President and even attempted to reach locals in Walnut Creek. 

Seems like perhaps my truck fire, car accidents, really strange events are a bit much for many.  I do have brothers who more or less ripped off my inheritance.  A few weeks ago I attempted to get help from the Contra Costa Bar but was told they didn't have attorneys for me. 

What was truly strange was that I recently found some of my adversaries more or less manage the Contra Costa Bar which explains why I can't get an attorney.  Perhaps this goes deeper than the deepsix.  I've long been concerned that my ligation has been derailed - I don't have the big bucks like others in the county. 

They (Mysterious Beings Residing In Contra Costa County) beat up my attorney, poisoned me and blew my truck up but Gary Collins who nearly killed me in 2004 suffers a timely fall down an elevator shaft was timely as it gets.  My story at times is like the movie called "The Watchers" but living my story is a Twilight Zone episode. 

So last night while my so called friends slept comfortably the temperature fell to less than 30 degrees.  My good friend who's been kind beyond belief was busy with his cancer stricken friend of 20 years.  Last night I would have slept in a coffin but given the treatment by the Danville Town Council and others they'd prefer my death would come in some invisible way. 

I've emailed the Contra Costa Council of Mayors, I've appeared to speak but they met me with a show of force by having the Orinda Police "question me" as they walked to their dinner.  It's been an amazing journey, my business destroyed in the 80s, my world re-targeted again in the 2000's, forced out of five offices, had my clients targeted and been thrown out of Dalimontes Bar when I realized they had connections to the complaints connected to my eviction.  Things got testy one night where Ron threw a couple of punches at me. 

My arson includes my old office location at 1923a Oak Park Blvd but yesterday I ran into a member from the church on the hill in Walnut Creek where someone who asked me how my Christmas went.  I was simply honest - I slept in the rain and it was nice to hear that he spent with two fine Youth Directors each who've been named in separate police reports. 

One Lieutenant told me I'd never get a police report through but he hung up before I could tell him that there is pretty good chance all my calls are being monitored as persons near me just happened to be near the Piedmont Lumber Fire plus another ominous pipeline fire.  Given that my truck was rigged for Arson in 2004, that San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District "deleted my records" and that for some bizarre PGE hired a broke homeless programmer to work on a billion dollar project that relates to one of the most critical infrastructure fires to have ever occurred.

In the seventies the San Francisco Bay Area was a manufacturing hub but today we live in one of the most economically critical economies in the world so going from a 1987 F-250 Arson Fire to a pipeline fire only requires knowing one thing - where are the gas leaks this week and are they big enough to blow up - versus blowing out which is a characteristic gleaned from a seasoned Gas Transmission Group.  If the CEO of PGE just happens to read this you'll be surprised to learn that events near me that would have cost less than $10,000 to solve but instead forced in homelessness where my laptop was breached the night I was arrested.  I was told that all my billings were pass through then your vendor changed the rules. 

The hit and run accident by the psycho former San Francisco Lieutenant Fire Starter also has pictures of the Piedmont Lumber fire.   Should that be of concern to your infrastructure you bet it should be but your larger resposiblity is the framework underneath one of the worlds largest economies. You really should implement armed patrols to protect the national asset called "critical infrastructure"

I am sorry but your vendor burned me and when you call the FBI to ask questions I'm going to redirect them to this web site.  I truly don't like big powerful lawyers to not return my calls as my position is your data is a national asset and should be protected. 

Outsource this and outsource that but leave me out in frigid weather without a hat now that really bothers me.

I'm in the freezing cold!
I'm still protecting your data! 
how about that for loyalty for ones country? 


Microbes of the Night - Delivering Us Unto Random Misery

Delivering Me Unto Misery

December 31st 2012 - 5:00
Temp 30 Degrees Freight

My Former Mormon Friends:  Those fine folks from Danville who know about my truck fire. 
Christian Friends: The Perched Church - Their member helped with targeting and totaling my car in Lafayette

Editing in Progress 01/01/2012 - Happy New Year? Not really but I'll do my best

Walnut Creek CA
Being out last night in the cold was the last thing I'd expect but years of events have taken a toll on me but Words Over Swords Anyday.  My normal crash spot is with long term friend where I couch surf spent was out of the area - little warning leaving me few choice.  The thread between warmth and cold is a few hundred bucks.  My brothers "The executors" forged trust documents but getting counsel challenging when the learn your documents were forged, and that your other attorney was beat up in Walnut Creek 

The night was bitter cold but posting to Facebook produced little help.  During early 2011 far too many "new" friends appear to be fake and worthless and lead to officers in Walnut Creek, Contra Costa Sherriff's deputies and several DA Investigators. 

Some may wonder what is going on, why so much angst about all these accidents, setbacks and apparent endless legal problems well if your life was turned upside down as often as mine has been then you'd be unstable or more unstable as most couldn't survive a night in the cold at less than 30 degrees.   

The final straw was when Walnut Creek Officers staged a scene in front of the Walnut Creek Library that endangered patrons, residents and employees as Walnut Creek Officers were poised to shoot.  nother defining moment was my attempts in seeking counsel where the attorney at the end of the conversation said "are you getting bumps in the night?", I said yes and far too many - he laughed and knew he's one of them.  But part of my call was reconnaissance - gotcha you targeteer (profiteer)

Reconnaissance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Reconnaissance is a mission to obtain information by visual observation or other detection methods, about the activities and resources of an enemy or potential

Since the eighties I've endured incident after incident but over time a pattern emerged.  I've been building a victim profile for years based on reading local news.  I always pondered how seemingly normal people suddenly vanish, crash, die sudden deaths or commit suicide especially when knowing them.  When you personally know a Father whose son kills the mom but knowing he's getting bumps in the night that perhaps rash out of character events are not so random. 

Online comments provide insight rarely heard outside of law enforcement.  The recent accident involved Charles Silverman occurred in Lafayette CA October 7th 2012.  The driver dies in high speed crash into a telephone pole but comments nested under patch from other drivers was traveling at well over 100 mph.   One distinct observation point was at Withers/Talyor Blvd a few miles preceding that accident was "The driver had look of terror in his eyes" but I called this person as I recognised her name I've known for many years.  Our conversation was poignant that she feels something is going on but she also called investigators to relay her statements to investigators.  Like many investigators they need a customer relationship tool like sales force. 

Mr. Silverman is not the only accident victim in Lafayette but in my case they're not interested in seeking out suspects in my July10, 2011 "hit and run" accident but Lafayette Cheif of Police Eric Christesen paltry response was my accident was unfortunate but perhaps that my letters resonate with Steve Falk City Manager as Mr. Falk my accident was an attempted murder but there are other events, I'm an arson victim, an assault victim, and I'm now positive that perhaps the incident on August 5th 2011 was attempt to allow an officer to use deadly force.

Contra Costa County has a series of attacks, fire bombings and arson "dressed as fires" spanning decades but this observer takes a different approach knowing these fires are close enough to the perfect conduit which is the East Bay Parks Trail Network that weaves around the county.  Something that's good for residents provides numerous undected pathways.  This could be the entry and escape conduit for many fires. 

A witness to my 2004 Truck Fire works in Lafayette on Mt. Diablo Blvd.  The building inspector that nearly killed me weeks later but as fact that took over eight years to surface was he worked across the street.  He cannot respond as current horizontal location prevents him from speaking up.  A sidebar is he was father that left a wife and children behind.

We have real "pipe bombs" or "pipe bombs fakes" but these are found "just in time" by important people but they are "disarmed" which brings a constant bright light on a certain agency. I could be wrong but none have gone off but searches in other demographic areas fail to produce similar incidents. 

About two years ago a local musician was found foaming at the mouth on trail - no one stopped, Silverman races about 4 miles at speed good enough to blow the engine, one of the biggest privately held lumber company burns to the ground that's just down the street from a former restaurant blamed on transients. 

A homeless transient squatting in a vacant Pittsburg house dies of "natural causes", a hairdresser suddenly becomes someone else, a normal man jumps from the 680 overpass, a janitor with 30 years of tenure jumps to his death,, a homeless man walks in front Amtrak, a senior vice president bicycles directly into a CalTrain, and a homeless man is crushed in Walnut Creek plus bicyclists everywhere getting hit or the pedestrian in Antioch run over by two separate cars. 

On August 3rd a bouncer from a local bar was found on WB 24 but like all my coincidences he was killed about 20 minutes after our conversation at the end of night.

The list goes on and on.  A man is found dead in the creek behind Barnes and Noble, then several years later a nearby business is fire-bombed but the programmer that flipped on 680 just like the Contra Costa resident found in Idaho, they are found alone, they call it suicide which to my observations seems to be an overused convenient untruth. 
"If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all "

The Microbes of the night could explain why the musician was foaming at the mouth, why the transients being found dying alone, why are the homeless women was found on the freeway, why was the mom was found on 680 at Bollinger Canyon Road. 

Many have threads leading to local businesses, real estate, mortgage, banking or locally but many also have clubcards, live near trails, eat food, some have EBT cards but I'm suspecting they are some type of financial, estate, or matrimonial obstacle. 

For me I've become hyper careful about food while super cautious on where I get my food. 

The Microbes Model is tasteless, invisible but near impossible to intercept but grocers would be forced to withdraw products and again like the Tylenol Scare suggests we've got a huge problem and Contra Costa County is ground zero. 

On another level a threat exists that's on a threat level of it's own where your medical records are used against you.

Seeking Weakness through medical records:  Knowing the targets medical weaknesses would be the logical first move by the tactician -

The Drama of the Kill?  Depend on which side of the deal you're sitting on

Asthma or Anaphylaxis.  A bee sting can bring down a target in seconds but knowing the targets weakness would is found in their medical records.  If you knew the person well-enough that information would be common knowledge but the medical records in the wrong hands are simply dangerous.  

One could surmise that a coveted advantage would be food allergies where perhaps a peanut laced lunch coupled with a scenario where investigators conclude perhaps that the victim made a fatal mistake.  Using my Perfect Circle Model - anything is possible. 

Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening type of allergic reaction. Symptoms develop quickly, often within seconds or minutes. They may include the following: Abdominal pain; Abnormal (high-pitched) breathing sounds; Anxiety; Chest ... There is a death locally that fits this model.  

Corporate Weaknesses - The Achilles Heel - Outsourcing your data. 

In the late nineties there was all this effort on Year 2000 code, nuclear plants, social security, hospitals and your personal computer but in the end no planes dropped out the Sky.  Fixing the problem required years of effort but today we have more systems, applications and programmers working around the world. To watch every second of a programmer's activities near impossible so in the end the programming community is about trust - trusting them with your data.

The banking industry were the early adopters of computerization but one core problem was programming departments are run by managers and programmers are good at double-speaking their way out of every question. 

One malicious code tactic was using rounding errors where excess change landed accounts controlled by the programmer.  I've heard everything from millions on down but I'm sure plenty slid through and were never caught. 

During my research I found this WikiPedia link that is reasonable to assume matches my arguments.

Hillside Covenant Church Beware of the Youth Directors

December 31st 2012

Walnut Creek Safeway 600 South Broadway

On this very chilly evening I'm staying warm by the sheer generosity of Safeway Employees who are letting me lay my head on the table.  It's been very hard getting back to work as dealing with the constant followers (not your flock following you on Sunday), stalkers, tails and whoevers constantly near driving my friends away while struggling to find meaningfull work is simply overwhelming.  In the last 24 months there have been numerous deaths near me.  One longtime acquaintance died suddenly on Christmas - this was a person I've know since 1978 when I first arrived here. 

On July 20th 2011 my car was totaled but what I haven't spoken about is how I was targeted by certain members of this church.  Just a few days before this accident I emailed Jeff Reed - it took a year to for him to respond and even longer for Hillside to allow me to file a claim.  My opinion is that Hillside Members were actively stalking me along with others and that includes Walnut Creek Police Captain Schultz's accusations that I'd attacked a City Worker riding a lawn mower.  The groundsworker was played into the Sergeants, Captains and detectives little game that morning which I've written about called the 5150 Business Model or the perfect circle. 

The timing of the accident, the loss of my apartment and how Keith Lynds apparent connection to the Danville Town Council was disturbing since back in 2006 the plan was to sue the Town of Danville but they beat up my attorney - shazam! no more lawsuit. 

Last year I had contract with a PGE Subcontractor worth over $200,000 in revenues, long term client, solid requirements and months of high demand hours for a project tied to the biggest fire in the country. After the car accident and arrest Mr. Lynds apparently was still connected to my sons but I'd been cut off, my one son spent the night with another youth director and that was it. 

When the car accident occurred the Lafayette Police simply refused to investigate so I started calling my state senators.  They sent the state police which I have mixed feelings about as I also met with Cheif Bryden and City Manager Ken Nordoff after I was accosted by Kenny Brizendine who apparently lives accross the street from the retired San Francisco Police Officer who has pictures of the Piedmont Fire that appeared to me to be way to early in the fire process to a coincidence. 

As you can see I've filed a claim that took an amazing three months to get started.  I intend to file a claim as something happened but more important is Facebook cancelled Lynds account over activities e.g. extended communications between my sons and Mr. Lynds.

We're going on 10 months from when I realized Lynds was still connected to my sons but I was cut off - the boys managed to get a message out about these people as Tony Collins disconnected via Facebook as soon as replied back with the heavy "he nearly killed me".

I even stood on Magnolia with a sign designed to get their attention after the Sunday service.  I ran into a member yesterday who asked me how I was doing.  I said fine, they towed my truck away, spent Christmas in the rain, still waiting for Pastor Reed to call me, lost my place to live again, lost my contract but he said I just spent the weekend with Mr. Lynds so I said call him and get him to send me his insurance information.

Gary Collins also worked at Big O Lafayette which directly accross the street from Gregs Muffler who back in 2004 I took my truck in for repairs.  Gregs Mechanics stated he was right behind me on 680 then he said he witnessed my truck erupting in flames. 

I met with Cheif Christensen on July 20th 2012 one year to the date of the accident but unknown to me was that Charles Silvermans untimely crash. 

If you're a member of Hillside put yourself in my shoes, Gary Collins nearly beats me to death, eight years later he falls down an elevator shaft, weeks after two of my former real estate peers were killed and about sixty days after my Karoake DJ friend dies and months before another Hillside recipient of their benevolent lunches is murdered. 

There is shadow of death in the room that covers all the light that you could ever bring in those big windows up at Hillside. 

By the way several of my suspects live or work within walking distance of where the "device" was found on Pleasant Hill Elementary School grounds.

Yep I get it clearly


Anthony Banta Jr. - Hallucinogens or Food Poisoning

Hallucinogens or Food Poisoning?
You be the judge

December 30th 2012

Walnut Creek CA - Back in 2005 while living in Danville with Danvillians on Mission Place I was also dealing with another round of intestinal issues.  What was clear was something was making me sick all the time so at the Triage Window they'd say "you again" but now with all these incidents perhaps when Dr. Walker might read my medical charts he might finally begin to wonder if my complaints were spot on or better I can tell him which cases might be referred the coroners offices. 

A Day of Hallucinations - Spiked Medications or Food
One day after taking a stronger dose of parasitic medication I began hallucinating but speaking with other CNET victims AKA Contra Costa County divorcee scandal I may not be alone as via Facebook, Divorce Court or Forums e.g. Contra Costa Times or Patch or were connecting.

My personal conclusion was the medication was laced but someone attempted to offer me something at the Safeway at 500 S. Broadway Walnut Creek mid-summer 2012 but that could have been a fatal mistake.

My theory was solidified after reading numerous comments about the real Anthony Banta Jr. to by all accounts appeared to to be nicest person ever killed by a Police Officer.  I don't know what happened but I walk through out downtown Walnut Creek all the time.  The local homeless have taken my advice and I'll be frank - they are not taking food unless its factory sealed and they are looking better.  More later on that.

Perhaps the Walnut Creek Police may have killed a nicest victim ever who consumed something that wasn't supposed to consume it's worse other victims like myself reported strange medical problems but for me ten years I was worth about One Million dead but to bury even further it will cost the county even more. 

By the way of the many incidents I've been keeping track of many are suspiciously near our treasured trail system.  When the Google Earth Files you will see the weird overlays of trails to incidents.

Trail Suspect Profile: good shape, biker, hike, walk or run fast enough to get down the trail, a van or large SUV to stash the bike, fake plates while having extensive expertise in Forensics, biological agents, and toxins but if you worked for former Commander Wielsch you got access to all kinds of drugs or if you worked at the Coroners Office you could easily attain parasite samples from cadavers.  Sounds brutal and sound scarier than anything you've read occurring in the county.

My personal experience resulted in serious illness but my event overlapped a visit by a group of real estate agents who were scheduled to be in the house.  I'll never know whether it was coincidence or actaul but the county ER send me home and sleep it off. 

On the heals of my November 2005 near fatal poisoning it could have been yet another intestinal bout.  There are others reporting similar maladies with fingers pointing in the same direction.  Although some may say this is improbable but my concerns that Councilman Mike Shimansky now deceased who died within weeks of my June 2009 police was another target and my timing perhaps clarevoyant.

What changed my perception of everything going on near me was the July 2011 accident that was a very deliberate attempt to kill or harm me.  That accident like others failed (again) but manage to destroy my car and but my accident on July 20th 2011 was close to Charles Silverman's accident geographically and timeline as he was killed on July 10th 2011 Pleasant Hill Road at Springbrook. 

Just your normal Walnut Creek bartender who happened to work at the Havana Grill ended crashing his car at your everyday speed of over 100 mph.  A comment stated she saw him at Withers Ave / Taylor - in her words "he had the look of terror in his eyes" and two minutes later she came upon the Silverman wreck. 

My visit to the county jail in April I soon discovered my brakes were sabotaged but like all Walnut Creek Police reports - they're never gonna file that report because they won't file a report because they don't file reports when it comes to attempted murder they only target bar owners .  As you read my blog you might get the impression someone has been trying to kill me - don't ask me just ask yourself - what is this guy saying?

There are numerous out of context events such as Alison Bayliss (Danville Divorce), Brian Erb (Back Forty BBQ) Michael McNulty (Humbolt), Michael Spence (Janitor) who jumped to his death about 1,000 feet from where Micheal Banta worked.  My customer was Christopher Spence (gun cleaning accident), and Loretta Hale (Suicide Mt. Diablo) Green Valley School parent (Tanabe, Joel Gollub, plus there is Roma Bhatia.  All three were real estate agents in the area and suffered what's best described as untimely deaths - but all these deaths shared a common thread - there were no witnesses. 

There is no question something is going on as if you spent the time you'll quickly conclude that there are far too many victims out there.  A homeless man named Dave who lives (or tries to) to live in downtown Martinez for no clear reason jumps in front of the Amtrack Train or Glenn Davis tragic collision with a car on Clayton Road in Concord near Treat Blvd appears to be another zombie death walk.  His sad video ran on depicting him as one of the demonic Claycord Eleven and how many churches do we have in Contra Costa? 

My point is why do perfectly normal persons suddenly flip?  Well in my younger days (1970s) experimenting was common so I was able to keep control over events but more than once I felt like I was being drugged. 

In my bacterial article called "Bacterial Infection or Murder by Bactieria" points to someone with great expertise, access to bacterial agents or toxins.  My June 2009 police report was filed weeks after dinner with Supervisor Glover who like me suffered a non-specific (near fatal) bacterial infection but that was also weeks before Danville Councilman Shimansky died.  I've learned that I'm either clairvoyant or good at recognizing patterns that don't fit the norm.  Mike was the nicest person ever but these infections could easily carve a path to winning elections or affecting a persons livelyhood such as it did mine. 

In terms of these "medical events" I'll simply never know but if you're reading this you're informed and that's enough.

If this is deliberate then the delivery method would be food, drinks, or medication or perhaps atomized, skin contact, or injection.  Lacing the medication is challenging but targeting near impossible unless you're in the house or near enough to that person. 

I've noticed near the fire bombings, arson and all these pipe bombs is the close correlation to the trails so someone seeking to be truly random would take advantage of easy to enter locations. 

Was this what befelled Anthony Banta stated we'll never know unless they do an extensive tox-screen but even then I believe hallecinogens are hard to detect.  I suspect this is mechanism of choice that just happens to parallel outsourcing of Kaiser's IT department. 

It's all about opportunity and motive but I know more than one victim that was also a Kaiser Patient - I know it's just a coincidence. 

Hallucinogen's for Dinner - The Tacticians Toolbox

Hallucinogen's for Dinner?
The Tacticians Toolbox

I've followed news for decades starting with my father explaining how reporters will write stories for the New York Times.  Over the years I narrowed down on crime, techonology, polictics and local news but skippping sports.  

Contra Costa Countys very apparent anomoly where political persons, residents or targets(me) seem to suffer a spate of untimely deaths, infections or life setbacks.  From drownings, shootings, accidents and infections to tactical business targeting we seem to have our very own Star Chambers.  .  My control set is my friends or persons I've met over the decades.  What stands out is my control set doesn't suffer the same misfortunes as the "power peer group" e.g. the ones in power.

The Tacticians Toolbox - Targetrons, Targeteers, and Tactictonians

My obsevations are derived from the news coupled with my skills as a programmmer.  Life has trends like hair styles, colors and fabric.  Every so often we'll see an old fashion trend resurface but death is much different. 

The personal experience that leads me suspect persons in power are up to something and my historical experience as a database programmer where I'd manipulate millions of rows of data.  To help understand the abstract concept I've developed terminology similar to perhaps a movie script where reality and fiction blur to together where rational and irrational could mean the same thing. 

My story intercepts my theory sometime around 2004 or earlier when I started developing a string of maladies of internal nature.  By 2005 I was in the ER fighting for my life but it took years of conversations with other victims to conclude something occurred. 

Extrapolating my incidents and stories of others my conclusions suggest that Contra Costa County has an angel of death and mayhem among us operated by persons with extensive tactical experience e.g. ex-military, perhaps having access to an intelligence apparatus, satellite resources and communications linked a command control structure driven via my personal term of "the Golden Hand of Contra Costa County"

Allowing myself to consider that certain groups with certain agendas might be working under a common agenda playing a game of Risk where instead of players it' a Dallas Landscape of land, oil, humans, commandments and commanders coupled with some "thou shouters" on overdrive..  Within this group we have agnedas, perhaps coveting ones land or business, or perhaps requiring to take ones life or collateral target to disrupt ones business or life. 

The recipe requires Targetrons, Targeteers, Disrupters, scare mongers, Drugamites, and Compounders brought together unwittingly in a terrorist cell distributed through the land.  In my case one key apparatus is the Iphone and Ipad as with a simple app called "gang stalking meetup" and like a flash mob they arrive dutifully following the target.  I experienced this first hand which at first is unerving.  Much of it driven by in my opinion are the Godotrons who upon the counsel of the Justamites and enforcetrons are to get hordes of followers to execute

With the recent spate of truly uncharateristic deaths where drivers race down Pleasant Hill at speeds exceeding 100 mph with crazed looks of terror where the person was just driving to see friends but ends up sheering a telephone pole and bursting into flames. 

Here we have a bartender


Widow Spotters - A different kind of Train Spotting

Widow Spotters-Waiting to Harvest Your Assets

Widow Spotters - trolling for the next widow based on the value of their portfolios.  They're seeking your life force and have a network of takers ready to slip away with your valuable assets such as your house, land and cash value assets.  It's incredibly easy to do via probate  especially when the "mark" has limited resources to post bonds, cash or fund litigation.  

Currently I'm fighting for my estate but the original Trust Documents are one-sided, biased pieces of work that basically gave the executor full control with no dissent that appeared later.  The attorney that crafted it said if my brother doesn't release funds I'll need an attorney - I'm like what do you mean - trusts documents are supposed to provide an orderly distribution of wealth without the need of forced litigation.  I realized that this sounded just like Chris Butler's army then upon further investigation discover the divorce lawyers create Wills Trusts and Estates - that is why the legal associate of a former Walnut Creek Police Officer turned attorney created a huge problematic scene with my sons. 

Fox News Unfair and Totally Biased is the real name for the Contra Costa County Superior Court. 

If you have a loved one reaching that time or you are considering the implications of how your trust instruments will be interpreted then read on.

  • Your assets are the target
  • There is a enough money to hire teams of persons
  • God's friends seek capital
  • Widow Watchers - waiting in the wings - projecting the revenue horizon date as they've been handled by the divorce machine, then they are re-processed to be consumed up later by the Family Trust Machine.  When your mom gave everything to the church did she forget about you like she did with me. 
  • Widow Makers - Getting the widow prepared
  • Widow Takers - When it's time they will arrive 
  • Widow History Controllers - no funeral, limited Obituaries, lack of public documents reflecting real estate transfer but more important no one is watching. 
  • Widow Walkers - keeping them company while they fade from view 

Sounds almost surreal but the more I look the more I see.  The apparatus slowly nips away at advocates, some die, some have heart attacks, sudden deaths and some just crash into mountains so they can change the outcome of elections - it's how they do things in Contra Costa - their way.  

In the early 2000's my life situation was different where I was funding a $850,000 Life Policy with Prudential but nearly parallel to that was I supposed to inherit a minimum $400,000 via a living trust that is ambiguous and was not the intention of my mother.  I seriously doubt she was there as she suffered from numerous TIA's and being mom she was a bit eccentric, forgetful and would follow the bouncing ball - just sign here ______ that's all we need.   

I've attempted numerous times to get counsel, I tried filing a police but was rebuked by Officer Rabonowitz but I started with Walnut Creek as my mother died in my arms in Rossmoor.   Rabonowitz told me more or less to get lost, then years later I'm attacked in the Walnut Creek Farmers Market and again Rabonowitz tells me tough luck. 

A business destruction model - kick the mark hard as he tries to feed his family 
Along the way when software operation was destroyed for the third time I realized something was up but this same officer told me I needed mental health counseling - you would too when you're being threatened in Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and online but no agency will help you.  That night I went to Contra Costa Mental Health as a test, stressed out, yes, perhaps sounding irrational, well OK tag your it.  So I walked into mental health seeking assistance as things were nearly impossible to sort out.  I met with three people - they were very helpful as in less than 15 minutes they a diagnosis, a treatment and pulled out the "Citizen Internment Form" where I'd find myself battling for release.  I knew better as I've read the DSV treatment manual and knew enough that the rapid diagnosis was conjecture, subjective and fabricated.  

This campaign is run on many residents as they labeled M.E. with oppositional disorder after her husband committed her to the Psych Ward.  They file with the court a motion for "involuntary commitment" but in the M.E. when she still tried to see her children they set her up again for arrest but in the end she lost her house, kids, the cars, long term support plus nearly losing her sanity after I debunked her divorce case - she is now moving forward but its time for the court to restore her losses.  

Mommy is in Coma 

One tactic I've endured was the posting fake jobs and rental deals on Craigslist which others have discovered.  This mom was in Oakland looking for a "good deal" housing apartment but was mugged on cue but the address was false - this was before online maps.  She's taken to Kaiser Hospital where she's in a coma for about five days.  The sad part is the number victims that are also Kaiser Patients but remember she's arrested for jay walking, jailed and pegged with an assault charge on a deputy.  Did I say I was beaten?  Yes I did it helps with the automatic default.  

Apparatus Segment: Contra Costa Mental Health
The mental health unit is a segment of the apparatus as one of their former employees suffered the same Gang Stalking I endured but his comments were the same as mine.  I suspect he's deceased as he's vanished but we met outside of his job up on Mt. Diablo during a fantastic heavy snow back around 2004/05.  The last time we spoke he was out of his mind with fear.  I had few days like that and my friends thought I'd lost it.  

It's clear my posture is highly negative on Contra Costa Attorneys for many reasons as when you call the Contra Costa Bar seeking counsel only to be told no one is interested.  When nearly getting beat to death in 2004 I tried the local bar which turned out to be waste of time.  Most would never consider suing Danville saying it was Practice Suicide.   I call it coercion, get in step with Bar Leadership, red-lining, blackballing but perhaps a more fitting descriptions are due.  

The San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association delivered a willing attorney who agreed to sue Gary Vinson Collins but Mr. Collins just happened to fall down an elevator shaft in Palo Alto on Dec 9th 2011 but weeks after meeting with Walnut Creek City Manager Ken Nordoff on November 2nd 2011 where I handed off documents and he knows as and the city attorney better learn whose name was on those documents.  My goal that day was why I'm attacked in the market with over 100 witnesses and why I've been forced out of offices, lost over $100,000 in assets, lost my inheritance, housing and much more.  

In the middle of this my car was totaled in Lafayette but the undercarriage was shot but days later I spotted a detective following me from Walnut Creek McDonald's shortly after the Lafayette Accident.  

Widows are not spiders they are targets
Chances are now I've got RICO cases but I am not alone but it's time for the Contra Costa County Legal Fleecing Machine to be shut down.  

The apparatus is comprised of Divorce Spotters but you're in a divorce the attorneys learn about your finances, and your life is splattered into a public forum where the stalkers can de-compile your net worth and glean information to formulate targets.  


The Cat Ate Your Records - Sorry

Yea I get it.

Don't have record of that fire
Don't have record of that accident
Sorry just becuase you were poisoned it doesn't mean similar poison cases have nothing to do with yours

Yip, Yap, Yip a tip is a tip anywhere but here

Owner of Vice Ultra Lounge

This is placeholder for Matt DeLima's story.  I'm suspecting he's being targeted out of business by Walnut Creek Police Officers as the harrassment is nearly identical to my story - less the ga-gillion pullovers. 

In my case they've pushed me out of four offices, someone has harrassed my clients, customers and friends but sadly a few have been murdered or run over.

Update:  January 3rd 2013
Mock Press Conferernce was a hit

Walnut Creek Police Shooting

WALNUT CREEK, CA:  I'll reserve judgement on this shooting but there are Fatal Officer Shootings in Walnut Creek that may not hold up but for me these extend back thirty years so this hit home.  

Last summer my car was totaled by a retired San Francisco Police Officer in Lafayette.  I've left a  trail of letters to Public Officials regarding events near me that have kept coming until I started posting.  The bizarre events on my end pretty much unbelievable, accidents, shootings and others endless events reflect on this event as the same Captain Schultz was working pretty hard to goad into a shooting in front of the Walnut Creek Library.  Don't worry Captain, word in the legal circles is no attorney in Contra Costa will represent me but when they learn my attorney was beaten in Walnut Creek - they hang up. 

Also while Lt. Gorski harasses Vice Ultra Lounge into near bankruptcy residents are getting the shim rod deal - save Neiman-Marcus by beating the petitioner against building a   into leaving Walnut Creek CA or allow a member of Hillside Covenant Church who attempted to run me over summer of 2012 in the Walnut Creek Safeway Parking Lot.

Perhaps bold at face value but put yourself in my shoes as I've had enough car accident beatings and attempted murders that sum of all the events has finally weighed in? 

An early story on the shooting.  I know a lot more but the Walnut Creek Residents I've spoken cannot understand this shooting.

Contra Costa County - Truthful or Biased Child Custody Evaluations

Contra Costa County - Truthful or Biased Child Custody Evaluations
Through the eyes of a courtroom spectator ever so slowly I'd see the families rip eachother apart.  What floated to the top was the winners and how often they'd win and how others would loose.  My observations formed over time but I'm not the usual observer either. 

Life is a business process but in my case my process is hanging by a threat.  I'm tired of having my cars destroyed, cars blown up and being pushed into oncoming traffic.  On this blog I've detailed numerous events as pushback is what's keeping me alive. 

The court room is no different but you have to learn it.  The understatement of the day is the court can be a mystery and you stand little chance if you've been targeted.  Many will conclude that their attorney snookered as often as possible but few realize that the vehement arguments are mostly an act.  Let's face the courtroom is a theater seeded with characters in a play. It's an illusionary business model easily taken advantage of as in my case I didn't know procedure.  I was ambushed at every turn but my former Attorney Dax Craven opposed raising the issues in regards to my medical, the assault or near fatal infections but Mr. Craven appears to have been working at cross principles as he's the only attorney who didn't suffer bumps in the night. 

After the hearing and cashing your check they'll be celebrating at dinner.  The continuance is the perfect fee optimization model but if this was fixed bid both attorneys would be solving cases via the phone.  I've been in their offices while setup the clients as I'm your computer tech with ears. 
You're honor, can we hear that matter next month?

Custody Evaluators

With custody evaluations it goes beyond hearings when hearing after hearing doesn't find a solution.  There are many who have spent upwards of $150,000 on evaluation after evalution.  The obvious has emerged that some cases were distorted by dropping cash in the right hands. 
In my case my finances, career and ability to earn money has been ruined now down to near impossible to explain away events.  We get to the last stretch where they rightfully so will poke around at the gaps.   In 2010 my internet marketing play went down the tubes after being expertly targeted but in my case leaving and hiding made sense but at least 4000 hours of programming plus almost 500 domains lost when the funds ran dry.  By late August 2010 my system was operating a few skeleton sites but the numbers were clear that one hundred per day would rapidly escalate to one thousand or more.   With one thousand domains you'll make money via idiot click who go searching for a domain name by typing the name in.  It's all gone but I'm lucky to be alive and don't discount that statement. 

I've heard enough stories to know that $125,000 Custody Evaluations occur all too often.  The mom that was jailed for "Jay Walking" in Walnut Creek then spent sixty plus days in custody was over the top.  That was enough time to mail and recieve back ex-parte notifications which then argued in court that this mom had abandoned her children.   She was actually in the Spinetta Family Law center holding cell but during that critical hearing her children were taken, the house (core assest) and restraining orders went into effect and she then forced her from the home.

The jail "lost" her paperwork, she gets out, arrested for violating restraining orders she never knew she had which is another example of the perfect circle.  On her second trip she picks up an assault charge, gets released so the husbands attorney arranges for a psych hold.  She signed their infamous document so she could get out.   The next bait and hook was the apartment deal she found on Craigslist.  She can't find the building but she's then beaten (familar tactic) and then she wakes up from a Coma in Kaiser five days later. 

It truly sounds her civil rights were violated as I experienced a similar scenario.  I tested the same facility as a test where I was diagnosed in less than 10 minutes.  I get it - no therapy, no credentialed signed diagnosis just sign yourself in to the County Operated Bates Motel. 

Some custody evaluators clearly lack impartial reporting but my question to the court is who actually assigns the evaluators? Is this impartial or pre-selected?  The real test is comparing which attorneys got which evaluators then look at each case. 

The mark is the target - weaken the mark so as too take down the target. 

If you read this far then today is December 24th 2011 is Christmas Eve not a single minister or bishop has called and tonight of being quiet as a mouse I'll be sleeping with the racoons. 

The Mormons and that youth director on the hill who is friends with the arsonist retired cop are nowhere to be found. 

To think I was once on PBS but when your adversaries are good planners with microwave towers, radios and endless friends your life can be ruined via techonology.


Petitioner Against Neiman Marcus - Beaten at Walnut Creek Safeway

Winning is Everything

Petitioner Against Neiman Marcus - Beaten at Walnut Creek Safeway

Last June dealing with another court hearing that forced me to be bounced around between Butte County and Contra Costa while having my cars totaled.  Perhaps my car accident was serindipty as I went to the Chico Safeway to get copies - this Petitioner was out in front. No I didn't want to vote as I've lost faith in voting especially in Contra Costa County after learning this petitioners story. 

Back when there was this contentious debate about having whether or not the Neiman Marcus Building would go in he was standing on the perfect location at the Walnut Creek Safeway. 

While doing his job he was attacked from behind by an unknown and still unknown assailant who attempted to beat him up.  Then the incredible investigative powers of the Walnut Creek Police said his attacker was mentally ill and there was nothing you could do about it. 

I was simply astonished as that's an all too familiar story. 

In 2006 officers playing basketball beat up my attorney and said the same thing but this now deadbeat dad gets arrested for being unable to pay support, his friends are dying far too often, this deadbeat dad survived a near fatal poisoning and has been driven out of 5 offices in Walnut Creek.

The car accidents last summer was the turning point.  By the way I spoke with DA Investigator Jackson who said he was the FBI Liaison between the DA and FBI, spoke with Dave Christensen and Mayor Newell Arnerich and Cheif Bryden about events in my apartment in Walnut Creek where the legal associate of Dick Grossman was in my residence where she created a scene that required an ambulance.  The next an event similar to this one three persons near CNET were killed but there is a forth from Oak Park Blvd.

I was first arrested on July 7th 2011 on my way to Hillside Covenant Church for an unknown child suppport but the curious event was how their youth direct

Murder: John Newman March 30th 2012

Whatever happened that night we may never know but about 18 hours prior to his murder former Danville Deputies recognized while being held at the Martinez Detention Facility.  The key connection is this very strange coincidence where Kitty Maffie bailed me out of jail was John's SSI designee but he was also a regular at the Monday Homeless Lunches held at Walnut Creek Civic Park sponsored by Hillside Convenant Church. 

In July 2011 one of Hillside's members participated in my hit and run and then later another Youth Director tried to run me over in Safeway Parking Lot.  No big deal just poison me, beat me or better just blow my truck up but after all these events not one investigation.  This points to a rather large conspiracy with solid links to CNET and related agencies. 

Jail is where humanity is left at the doorstep where school bully's find the perfect job.  One jailer to his credit "you won't get hurt on my watch" but once I was in the module things changed. 

These former Danville Deputies recognized me saying I was the one who wrote those letters and my reply was you're fucked as I took my findings to the FBI.  They promptly placed Armondo Ybarra in my cell who was psychotic, they withheld his meds and waited for him to explode.  You can't believe the nightmare of watching this person pace all night wanting to kill this or that person.  His main problem is he can't read very well. 

I later told Lt. Simmons of Internal Affairs that the only thing your deputies haven't done is stick a gun up my ass and pull the trigger.  He was truly apologetic just like the other internal affairs documents generated on my behalf told me nothing happened - just try enduring a murder suspect in your cell when you are there for child support while knowing your business has been cratered numerous times by CNET operatives. 

One of the reasons the child support problem hit me was this roller coaster ride on projects.  I would land software customers then suddenly lose them often without explanation.  I'm rewriting pages for clarity as the issues are blurred since there are so many. 

A perfect example is in this article.  The same Police Officer connected several of my key stories. 

Come get me Tonto and fuck you too.

Christmas For Everyone Concord CA

Concord CA

To my friends at Christmas For Everyone

A few years ago someone blew up my truck on 680.  I've tried to solve this on my own but the events along the way were constant big setback, e.g. near fatal medical, beatings, fights and assualts, car accidents, truck fires and a host of events connected to my software services that after the Lafayette accident it was apparent I've been targeted. 

In 2004 someone lifted my collection but that event was near identical to Pittsburg events in 1989 which was right after someone murdered several acquaintances starting in 85 which means this has been going on for decades. 

In Danville this truck thing appears to be very important as there are many arson fires around the county that appear to have escalated to fire bombings.  My frustration with San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District is the we can't find the record you're talking about. 

So while they tried they stopped short and after digging a little more I remembered my attorney office burned down, then I put my thinking cap on and realized it wasn't Kansas anymore it would real.

My truck was towed last week and my gear is gone.  My friends at Hillside Covenant Church really came through as one of my accidents was tied to their Youth Director who is involved.

So much for God as my Mormon friends they will settle into their happy homes and won't visit for the holidays.  You see one of their own is connected to my arson fire and that arson fire has strong enough ties to my fire that leads to fires elsewhere. 

Anyways they have won as in Walnut Creek they file false police reports on business owners, arrest them for having events,  In Lafayette they frame suspects and send them away for life, in Danville they do what they want. 

There are civil rights and the judges fine the citizens till they from exposure.  The legislature just pounds the citizens in pauperdum. 

I'll take a ride if I can get one but I lost all my gear, houses, property, food, clothing and most of all my sons but in Walnut Creek they'll beat your attorney in order to win cases.  That should help his case "your honor sir we have proof that Walnut Creek cops beat up Mr. Bennett's attorney in 2006 and they burned down office of another Attorney"  We call the equal justice for all - all special people that is. 

I need a ride 925-478-0674

Commission on Judicial Performance

Fines, Fees and Penalties For Political Enemies (Lawnmower Operators Excluded)

Public and private discipline has been categorized using the following Types of Misconduct:
• Abuse of contempt/sanctions
• Administrative malfeasance/improper comments/treatment of colleagues and staff
• Alcohol or drug related criminal conduct
• Bias/appearance of bias toward a particular class
• Bias/appearance of bias not directed toward a particular class
• Comment on a pending case
• Decisional delay/false salary affidavits
• Demeanor/decorum
• Disqualification/disclosure/post-disqualification conduct
• Ex parte communications
• Failure to cooperate/lack of candor with regulatory authorities
• Failure to ensure rights
• Gifts/loans/favors/ticket-fixing
• Improper business, financial or fiduciary activities
• Improper political activities
• Inability to perform judicial duties/incapacity
• Miscellaneous off-bench conduct
• Misuse of court resources
• Non-performance of judicial functions/attendance/sleeping
• Non-substance abuse criminal conduct
• Off-bench abuse of office/misuse of court information
• On-bench abuse of authority in performance of judicial duties
• Pre-bench misconduct
• Sexual harassment/inappropriate workplace gender comments
• Substance abuse

KML Files

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You have beat me and nearly killed me - my assailant is dead  
You have harassed me with your trusted guns
You have beaten petitioners so you can have your Neiman Marcus
You have changed the outcome of court cases
You are incapable of being impartial in the courtroom
You have blown up my truck
You cannot find my fire records

Do we have an arsonist burning down restaurants, lumber yards, business and offices belonging to attorneys

There are have been too many fatal police shootings that reek of injustice. 

Blacks protesting in our white county - get the SWAT Army

You nearly kill me in jail - I read my cellmate bedtime stories - he's angry because he can't read.

Far too many near CNET are dying untimely deaths -

I've survived poison, beatings, car accidents, crashes, hit and runs, cops with guns and people shooting at me. 

I'm still here but when my data matches events near your schools - you simply don't get the risks. 

He uses the trails to get around - he is an expert at crime scenes, he carries a gun, he uses bombs and fire. 

We cannot accept retaliation from the state



"Attorney Withdrawal Letters"

How To Lose Cases

This page will be dedicated to how the business targeting tactis affected my ability to win cases in Contra Costa County Courts.  In 1992 I was truly pissed when a personal injury case was settled before trial.  The attorney used a verbal settlement authorization but never said he was going change the settlement from $550,000 to $50,000.   It was shved down my throat in the courtroom when all of sudden the lead partner was my new attorney slammed.

Another firm was ready to take the case - their problem was I probably had Malpractice.  In 2002 in another case I recently discovered why my attorney failed to show up.  His offices were burned to the ground but two years later my truck was rigged with acelerant.

My peering back started when my car was pushed into oncoming traffic.  That was enough as Contra Costa Sherriff's refused to investigate what was an attempted murder. 

Once I disected these incidents I was astounded to learn of others similar to mine. 

Give us our log our daily log

I've listened to thousands of sermons
 decades of truly meaningless words
Last night the nice folks at Walnut Creek Safeway let me lay my head on the table.  The truck was towed to B and D Tow last month from the downtown garage.  Many wonder why perhaps I lack the strength to fight.  Last year the Cheif of Police of Lafayette told me my hit and run accident was "Unfortunate", the Cheif of Walnut Creek allowed events to occur at 140 Crosby Court to unfold, the Cheif of Danville has my allegations and even though my truck was an arson target - simply astonishing on top of losing a contract at PGE, that no one seems to care that the entire PGE Pipeline maps were probably taken during a laptop breeched not once but twice. 

My brothers forged my family trust documents so that I'd lose my inheritance but now I've got my trust documents but Walnut Creek Police have told me I'd never get a police report through - so that guy that attacked me in the Farmers Market has come after me again with his Iron Worker friends.  Nice job defending the city. 

You see I can't file a police report without the help of the police department but the attorney that prepared the trust documents says he does business with the City so he's afraid to get involved.  Don Moats was my attorney in 2000 but around 2002 his office was burned down.  The attorney retained to sue Danville over the Gary Collins Danville Building Inspector who was killed five weeks after I handed documents over on Nov. 2nd 2011 but wait there are other divorcees. 

I get it very clearly as reading The Matt Dilema Letter posted on it became clear that retaliation from the state can be totaltarian.  It matched up to why I lost five offices since 2004 when even after I was recorded without my consent for more than six months - sorry, so sorry. When I jailed for child support that was another setup for "Murder" nothing more than another attempt. 

Last night I was able to sleep at a friends - even with her kids, her mom - they showed enough compassion to squeeze me into to their couch.

The Danville Arsonist - this person is an important link to the other arson fires.  I am not to accept Chief Prices answer - The students of Mt. Diablo are at risk with could be the "The Diablo Arsonist with a Badge" one link leads to another but in this case I have a strong argument that the firebomber is the same person in my office in 2010.

Praise all my Godly friends - they can sermonize away all night long
I've noticed no one wants to postulate or baptize me - seems like I'm a tad controversial

Many cannot fathom or endure a cold night with only a jacket - the folks at Safeway Walnut Creek will let me rest at their tables.

Sent an email to the leader of local free Mormon world  - Rock solid
Called the person who knows the witness to my truck fire (aka Arson) nope
Sent email to several friends -

Went to St Paul's and Trinity Center Christmas Dinner - food was very good - the people were rock solid except for the guy that banned me from Trinity - called me a trouble maker. 

Yep it's true - homeless get run over, maimed for life and murdered.  The truly sad part they talk like they are leaders but in reality they are Michael Savage's well coined phrase "They're Sheeples"

There is no outrage in Contra Costa County.  In Chico it's much different - there is a co-existence


Modus Operendi - The Contra Costa Way

The stories I've collected will fill this page.  My expertise is limited but my arguments hopefully will help others to come forward we have too many cold-cases. 


Contra Costa Supervisors

Supervisor Glover

My connection to Federal Glover leads to the Mid-Eighties when one of his family members worked for me but we also worked together on the first stages of the Pittsburg's Seafood Festival. Nothing remarkable but that the brother of that employee was murdered in 1984 or 85, they call it a justified shooting and use of force.  The how and why for another blog page.

We also share in my opinion was near identical bacterial infections-both near fatal, mine was in 2005, his 2007 which came up during our short conversation during a dinner because we shared a table at Sophie (now closed).  I never shared another conversation with Eric Nunn on June 26th 2008 just days before Mr. Nunn's fatal flight. 

As this blog evolves pages will surface regarding, strange medical, natural causes death, accidents and known events where the public can make their own assessment.  I am reporting events that are real but also often too close to me.

I reported my allegations to Officer Paul Murphy who more or less laughed his way through the report and Councilman Shimansky died within weeks of the that report from Spinal Meningitis which was one of my allegations as I know other victims.

Supervisor Anderson

The best Ms. Anderson could say to me on August 3rd at the Council of Mayors Orinda CA was "I'm sorry you've but I guess you've had a lot problems" but even when they are attempted murders no one follows through.  One core issue is my former Mormon friends are avoiding the victims especially the witness to the Arson Fire in 2004. 

Just so you know the person killed on 24 WB on the early morning hours was a friend from where I sing - just another coincidence just like the night in jail where former Danville Deputies nearly killed me with another inmate but few attorneys will represent me for the very obvious reasons. 

Supervisor Piepho
Very good at not returning phone calls
Supervisor Goia
Not much to say - he seems just to be a normal politician and good human being who cares about his county.

Supervisor Glover
We share a past that's hard for most to understand.  When I went back and rebuilt my long timeline I realized that we share far too many deaths near us.  That's when I started looking, asking questions and researching.  

We both nearly died from Bacterial Infections - the difference is I said from Day One I was poisoned to the staff at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center CCMRC - no one believed me but I suspect they are wondering if I was right. 

Supervisor Michoff
Started out badly, has improved but since I've made so many calls about events it hard not to draw a conclusion that perhaps Candidate Elect Gary Bell medical drama could be linked to near fatal medical but more important my letters precede his illness.

Follow the trail of peanut shells leading back decades

I've left a trail of public letters subject to the California Public Records Act but even after my acquaintance was murdered, my former clients dying, former parents, a few heart attacks, car crashes and a few plane crashes of people I know no one seems to interested.


Marriott Priced Towed Vehicle Storage Facilities

Storing (stealing) My Car at Marriott Pricing

Tow me, Screw Me, Steal from me,
beat my attorney, murder my friends, and murder your own friends
Fine me, take from me, beat my attorney and do nothing
but continue but sooner or later the corruption will end.
See Pete's Truck - nice truck - tough luck
I have two sons - my other truck was torched in Danville
First Person Statements 

The Motorcycle Officer 
We Didn't See It but we were there right behind you

B&D Towing Concord B&D Towing Lamorinda
2250 Via De Mercados Concord, CA 94520 1029
Blackwood Lane Lafayette, CA 94549
(925) 933-1221 (925) 284-7575
The Greed Machine -
They take - you lose over and over and over again
We are just People
Call Pastor Reed ask him to call this tow company?
The cities are stealing your assets and they know it

How Contra Costa Jailers Murder Suspects

My five days in the Martinez Detention Facility was part of a murder conspiracy leading in all directions.  There is no way this event was a coincidence or random but when you place a business process software person in your system - he's going to notice every detail, procedure, deputies on call, nurses and of course other inmates. 

There have been enough inmates killed in custody that the Contra Costa Grand Jury should examine every incident with a fine tooth comb. 

I am truly lucky I was able to keep the inmate stable until I made bail - what happened to another Contra Costa Targets should be of concern to all citizens. 

There are decent deputies within Contra Costa County but there a few possibly many that helped Chris Butler move along - there are tow companies that are fleecing residents with bogus tows, citations that never reach the court room but the target pays up over thirty days at $85 per day or the equivalant stay in the Holiday Inn so it's hard to believe that storing a vehicle costs nearly as much as a room at the Marriot.

Please read my comparision pricing model on Tow Companies vs. Motel Prices


Homeless Targetrons - Keeping the Bone Crushers Busy

Walnut Creek CA
December 20th 2012  -

A series of events began to merge summer of 2011 as the hit and run accident was clearly an attempted murder.  My letters to the Lafayette City Council and City Attorney were very clear that someone tried to kill me on July 20th 2011.  Then in October 2011 I was attacked in the Walnut Creek Farmers Market with over 100 witnesses but Officer Rabonowitz didn't feel there was a crime. 

Back around November 2010 Rabonowitz refused to even consider that former San Francisco Police Officer Lt. David Obefhoffer activities deliberately collapsed my software operation in 2010. 

My suspect map just happens to match a few other connections in the area.  I've also seen pictures of the Piedmont Lumber Fire that clearly were too early in the fire to be a scoop. 

Targetron Taggers  -
Identifying, Collating, Codifying The Best Subject For Revenue Opportunities

When profiling targets you need a business model characteristics

Fully Automated Targeting System Using Behavorial Marketing Tactics. 


Business Targeting - Profit Through Intimidation

December 2012

My personal reasons behind my articles began many years ago but during the summer of 2011 my car was totaled - the raw reality is a retired police officer, a youth director and then the Contra Costa Sherriff's Department also known as the Lafayette Police all have a hand in these events. 

In 2010 this retired cop knew about my efforst on a  certain case in Contra Costa County of which I have strong opinions along with others.  One officer from Alameda County told me sometimes it's best to leave things alone but Danville Councilman Mike Shimansky told me they were too powerful. 

What makes Contra Costa County tick is controlling the legal system - here is why!

1992 Litigation filed against Southern Pacific suddenly caves in - case settled for pennies on the dollar
2002 - Attorney's office burned down
2006 - Attorney beaten in Walnut Creek
2008 - Petitioner attacked at Safeway 600 S. Broadway Walnut Creek
2012 - Your's truly nearly run over, police report filed and rejected


Danville Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins (summary)

The Building Inspector - Attempted Murder or Just Another Beating

September 2004

Where: 161 Valle Vista Danville CA
When: 5:45

During the late afternon Gary Collins arrived at my residence with the intent of collecting a paintbrush I'd allegedly stolen earlier that day.  The problem was these were tools were mine and they were worth over $5,000 but Collins with Kovacs attemtped to steal them. 

The altercation lasted about 10 minutes.  Collins weighed in at over 275 / 6'2 or better to my 160 / 5'8" plus he was ten years younger.  The police report was no where close to events but when you read about other divorcees in the area at least I'm alive.

The painting project that created this nightmare was accross town at 252 Remington Loop Danville and the crew there helped me get my tools around 3PM. 

The other parties in this case are Stephanie Kovacs, Todd Ratfield and my former neighbors.  What happened earlier in the week is part of the endless attacks from all points.  From before this accident there are a dozen incidents but this incident was nearly ended my life over a paintbrush. 

Three days later Chris Butler walks in the door with all the facts about an altercation connected to an incident that no one knew about.  Eight years later he's arrested which allowed me to connect my accidents as one long attempted murder run.  The Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Danville and Pleasant Hill police are not interested at all but I've been told that even though Bob Britz attempted to run me over they were not going to investigate. 

Apparently I've got friends in low places and he's got friends up at Hillside Covenant Church but I'm talking with attorneys and sooner enough someone will pick it up or I'll file it myself.  I can already prove they intimidate attorneys as the one was going to sue Danville and Gary Collins was beaten but now Collins is gone - so what more do I need to say.  Beat the attorney and kill the witness leaves me with no witnesses. 

Perhaps they should read my Banta article about Hallucinogens or Food -

During my 2005 "near fatal" infection I've suspected CNET operatives played a key role in mine and others.


The CNET Scandal - Article Links Out.

The CNET Scandal

You bet I know this former Antioch cop who was friends with former Pittsburg cops. 
Key figure in 'dirty DUI' stings pleads guiltySeptember 25, 2012
Read more:

Former cop sentenced to three years in prison
Friday, May 04, 2012
Ex-deputy indicted in 'dirty DUI' scheme
Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gary Collins - This man nearly killed me in 2004 - suspected setup from begining.
Dec 19th 2011
Read More

Roma Bhatia's Body Found on Side of Highway, Police Puzzled by Mysterious Death.
 Nov. 12 2011 
Read More


The Zombie Walk - Using Twilight Anesthesia

Missing Time Interviews

This is where my database skills has come in extremely useful as once I started searching the search kept expanding.  Somewhere in the thicket of incidents is the empirical datasets. 

The perfect example of stonewalling is how San Ramon Fire Protection District in regards to my records requests about my 2004 truck fire.  My allegations was my truck fire was arson after all. I'd stepped up my requests after the July 20th 2011 hit and run accident which led to endless requests to Lafayette Police for a police report.  On March 13th 2010 I went to meet with State Senator Mark Desaulier at the Lafayette Library but on my way over I could see the Piedmont Lumber Fire.  I told Mark that there was a problem with some type of corruption in the area.  About a year the CNET Story broke but there is no way in hell that others assigned to protect didn't know about their follies.

The Homeless Zombie Walkers 

Case Study: Homeless Dave -

During summer of 2011 I first met Dave, he's sort of the town drunk of downtown Martinez but his story is troubling as he can't explain how he suddenly jumped in front of the AMTRAK train.  In the end he paid a high price but Contra Costa County has a blame it on the drunk mentality.  The cruelty and disdain is almost incomprehensible but some in Downtown Martinez treat Dave as their personal punching bag so one day I'll bring a giant bat made of foam - labeled "Let's hit Dave" which is how one person couched his persona when I was performing Downtown.  As I was being introduced the MC noted the man staring into the window was known as Crazy Dave.  I got up and said what a terrible way to describe a human being.
"He could not explain why he jumped in front of the train as he truly didn't know"

He's alive but lost his leg below the knee.
"The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure"
If Jesus was alive he'd be ashamed of his current disciples activities.

The locals refer to him as crazy Dave but when one night while performing to Rox the gal that introduced me points out the window to say we called "Don't worry we've called the Martinez Police", then gives a punch list of supporting theorems why Crazy Dave was crazy out as he say our front in his wheel chair missing one limb no pity just disdain but how Dave's shattered world allow the window to look un-pretty as sitting in his wheel chair soils the sidewalk. 

I got on stage - but before I began to play I said I had a nice conversation with Dave who really needs help not disdain.  The modern day bully that was used to treating him badly had her wings clipped and so far I'm not interested in performing there again. 

This story will evolve but for the moment search for accidents on Amtrak, BART, CalTrain and the freeways where with minimal effort you'll easily be able to validate what I'm saying

The problem in Contra Costa is your catalogers of death keep the lid on the statistics and have a habit of not responding to their own tip line.  I developed a call accounting system for the county so I have insight about the county's direct inward dial (DID) than they'd expect. 

Call this number here -

Contra Costa Flaws

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