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Superior Court: The Real Dangers of Litigation in Contra Costa County

The Real Danger of Litigation in Contra Costa County

Back in 2001 my attorney was Don Moats who suddenly stopped appearing at hearings and kinda went comatose during the case.  I remember reading that his offices were burned down in Walnut Creek but I called the FBI over that event as I lost over 100,000 on that case and the FBI agreed but I'm suspecting they've placed FBI Agents in several police departments. 

Lost Records Covering 20 years of Bennett Litigation - 2004 

In 2004 during one of my last trips from 161 Valle Vista Danville my records were scooped up in Alamo on Stone Valley Road with the help of Mormon Elders.  It was the weirdest thing when trailer flipped when the trailer ball was suddenly the wrong size ball (switched) and replaced under cover of darkness.  

My next door neighbor worked for Bowles and Verna and he was flying back and forth to JFK filing all kinds of briefs - I always how this attorney with ZERO Aeronautical experience was the same courtroom as TWA Attorneys who were experts at defending those types of cases.  

Disabled Students Bus 

California Bus Crash Sends Nine Disabled Adults To Hospital

Soon I'll have a lot to say about this Mormon whose wife was in my cabinet shop in 2004 then three months later i'm out of business, my truck is on fire so I'm coming really close to be being burned alive but you can't find a police report even though CHP arrived on the scene with San Ramon Fire THERE NO POLICE REPORTS.  

Cameo Acres Mayhem - 

This neighborhood is simply dangerous as this is just one very small neighborhood but the stats are ready to review. 

Cameo Acres

    • A truck Arson 
    • A raging Building Inspector who attempts to kill a resident
    • A resident who survived poison, car accidents and weird medical
    • A flipped Trailer 
    • A resident being accused of drug dealing when he wasn't 
    • A school bus accident 
    • Five fires with two side by side 
    • One Suicide 
    • A Fatal Drug Overdose
    • A father dying from embolism / Teacher from Brentwood CA
    • Another widow near BART Officer John Kelly
    • All of this connects to Chris Butler and Officer Stephen Tanabe 

The Hedge Fund and the Real Estate Fraud case 

At this writing it's been nearly ten years since my 2004 Arson Fire and Beating.  Then one day I discover that Richard S. Kopf is connected to a Hedge Fund and near his Mormon friends are a series of investor fraud cases.  

I have many of the cases posted on this blog lead to Alamo 1st Mormons - this is going to be one of the most god awful in the "Name Of God" stories you've ever read.  

I am highly negative on RIchard S. Kopf as his wife arrived at my cabinet shop in 2004 with Brian Schwalen who died hours after attending services at Alamo 1st.  I remember him panting and practically gasping for air then hours later he's dead.  He was fine coming in but by the end of the service he's heading for the exit.  

I have other cases like Brian who I met many years ago long before he was a card carrying Mormon.

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