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Dumpster Diving For Survival in Walnut Creek while avoiding being run over and killed

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 01/05/2014

Reposted to Protect My Sons

Dumpster Diving to Survive 

Walnut Creek CA: Sometimes the brutal truth needs to stated.  In Sept 2014 as I was about to enter the crosswalk a driver raced up towards me well over 75 mph.  In most cities this would be attempted murder and investigated with great dispatch.  Given that I was nearly killed in Walnut Creek CA near Safeway at 500 South Broadway most officers especially the town council (Walnut Creek City Council) could a give a shit whether I live or die.  
Help! Hear me speak at the Walnut Creek City Planning Commission meeting where Councilman Simmons called the police in an attempt to Quelch my public voice and a dash of free speech or better they'd rather see me dead?  In July I wrote a follow-up letter to my June City Council Appearance - in that letter I stated coming forward will likely get me killed - That letter was deliberately sent to FBI, US Attorney, CEO Mace Rich, Nordstroms GM, and Nieman-Marcus.  
I used to attend church at Alamo 1st Alamo CA on Stone Valley (Mormon) where just about every member knew my F-250 exploded on NB 680 between El Cerro on-ramp and Stone Valley Road.  My former Mormon friends have gone AWOL ever since Nate Greenan turned up dead.  

The Mormons are generally giving people but with me they're not interested and yes I've emailed them.  The Bishops are well aware that I've spent nights in the freezing weather but after my Lafayette Event they've been nowhere to be found and most run when they see me - is it possible that one of the members rigged my truck for arson - actually based on series of personal investigations I figured out that Gregs Muffler (Mormon) had a lot to do with that fire.  

Most have never knew or have forgotten that Jason Watts was once a Nordstrom's employee killed by Walnut Creek Police.  My ex-wife worked at the Walnut Creek Nordstrom's and they've got a suicide from their Cafe?  I've documented endless cases near me and you can't find a single police investigation ever completed in what I'm saying are near serial murders and attempted murders.    

Our children have been targeted with high speed accidents, arson, and beatings but no one gives a shit in Walnut Creek to be frank as one can be.  I'm the guy being attacked over and over whose litigation history includes at least four murders with defendants or plaintiff's during his 30 years of court drama.  

Food Stamps v. Mace Rich Corporate Ethics

When I appeared at the Walnut Creek City Council meeting I clearly stated people near me are being murdered and that other homeless were going down.  I do my best to keep track of who is vanishing.  The Walnut Creek Police routinely violate civil rights of persons deemed not-desirable - it's an offshoot of "The Final Solution" where they cleanse the streets which is an offshoot of the Ultimate Final Solution we've read and fought over in WWII.  

Letters to Mace-Rich, Neiman-Marcus, Nordstroms and soon every corporate entity that operates the "The Feel Good Look Good Trinket Pushers" or basically they look the other way while people are being killed around their happy town.  

See you soon at City Council Meeting where they will try to arrest me for meetings that haven't started and soon I'm planning to talk about the Mormon from Alamo 1st that is fully aware along with the Bishops, Elders and members that my truck exploded with me in in 2004. 


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