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Druggist used pain patches to end his life / Walnut Creek pharmacist punished for tainted doses

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 12/18/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

Another deceased Witness? 

Druggist used pain patches to end his life / Walnut Creek pharmacist punished for tainted doses

Published 4:00 am, Friday, March 29, 2002
Despondent that he was facing punishment for a fatal meningitis outbreak last year that was linked to his pharmacy, a young pharmacist committed suicide by overdosing himself with powerful painkiller patches, coroner's reports say.
Jamey Phillip Sheets, 32, who owned just under half of Doc's Pharmacy until it was sold last year, was discovered dead on Tuesday night by his wife, Michelle, when she returned to their Pleasant Hill home from a trip to Southern California that Sheets had refused to go on.
"Everyone is shocked by this," Sheets' attorney, John Francis Martin, said yesterday. "I really can't comprehend how desperate he must have been."
Michelle Sheets told authorities that her husband had been depressed over having his license suspended for 90 days beginning on Sunday, and over financial problems related to losing his co-ownership of Doc's, said Pleasant Hill Police Lt. Gary Ezell.
According to state records, Sheets believed he was being unfairly blamed for the contaminated medication that killed three people.
Sheets had not made any suicide threats, and his wife was not worried that he'd harm himself while she traveled with their two young children to visit her mother in Oceanside, Ezell said.
"She felt that she'd allow him some space in the hopes that he'd be improved" when she returned, he said.
Instead, she found him dead in bed, with six high-dosage fentanyl patches on his neck and chest and an open can of beer nearby.
No suicide note was found. A woman at the Sheets' home yesterday said Michelle Sheets would not speak to reporters.
Fentanyl is a morphine derivative mainly used by patients with terminal cancer. The 100-milligram patch is the strongest made, and is designed to release the drug over 72 hours, said Ryan de Guzman, a pharmacist in Stockton who teaches at the University of the Pacific pharmacy school.
"I would imagine that it would be a peaceful way to knock yourself out, with no pain at all," de Guzman. "This is probably why he chose the route he did."
Although Sheets owned 49 percent of Doc's Pharmacy in Walnut Creek, most of the legal and administrative blame for the meningitis outbreak has been placed on his longtime co-owner, Robert Horwitz, a major proponent of compounding, or specially mixing medications.
Last May and June, three people died and 13 others were hospitalized after receiving spinal shots of a steroid called betamethasone mixed by Doc's Pharmacy technicians. The medicine, used to treat back pain, was not properly sterilized and was contaminated by a common bacterium.
Horwitz will lose his license for one year beginning Sunday. Sheets would have gotten his license back, with some restrictions, and then been on probation for five years. He also was ordered to pay $37,159 in investigation and prosecution costs.
Sheets had worked in the pharmacy of a Walnut Creek Safeway since August. Safeway had agreed to let him continue working in a non-pharmacy role during his suspension, Ezell said.
Sheets "wasn't happy with the result, but I didn't think he was despondent over it," his attorney said. "He had everything to live for and nothing to die for. He had a beautiful wife and two beautiful kids. He was a great young man. This was not something that would keep him back for long."
Sheets was an up-and-coming pharmacist when Horwitz, 62, recruited him with the promise that the younger man would eventually take over the business.
But Sheets, who had specialized in clinical work, had no experience in compounding medications or in retail pharmacy.
"I foolishly was led to believe that Doc's Pharmacy, being such a well- respected pharmacy and Dr. Horwitz being so well-revered by his colleagues, was following all practices to the letter of the law," he wrote the Board of Pharmacy after the meningitis tragedy.
Sheets had no direct involvement in compounding the tainted medicine, the reports say. He insisted to state officials that he could not be blamed because he had not been at the pharmacy when the drugs were compounded.
State officials found that Horwitz was ultimately responsible because he was the pharmacist in charge and established most of the pharmacy's practices.
"Mostly out of deference to and respect for Horwitz, he never thought to challenge established compounding procedures or to push hard for improved quality controls," officials found.

Blast kills 2, puts 6 in hospital / Fuel line erupts in flame at work site; 2 missing

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 12/24/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

Perhaps the CEO of Accenture will give my 4.0 Student Son a College Grant 
Arson Murder - Magalia / Paradise CA
Related: Arson / Arson

WALNUT CREEK / Blast kills 2, puts 6 in hospital / Fuel line erupts in flame at work site; 2 missing

Published 4:00 am, Wednesday, November 10, 2004
  • Adri Riley (cq) (left) and Sarah Potter run with their pet dogs out of the Diablo Pointe apartment complex at 1450 Creekside Drive in Walnut Creek.They were told to evacuate because of fear of further explosions. (note : they did not live at this complex but rather one just across the street.
 A gas line explodes killing two members of a work crew as they were working on a construction project on South Broadway near Los Lomas High School.
 Photo by Michael Maloney / San Francisco Chronicle Photo: Michael Maloney
    Adri Riley (cq) (left) and Sarah Potter run with their pet dogs out of the Diablo Pointe apartment complex at 1450 Creekside Drive in Walnut Creek.They were told to evacuate because of fear of further explosions. (note : they did not live at this complex but rather one just across the street. A gas line explodes killing two members of a work crew as they were working on a construction project on South Broadway near Los Lomas High School. Photo by Michael Maloney / San Francisco Chronicle Photo: Michael Maloney

A fireball several stories high roared out of the ground near downtown Walnut Creek on Tuesday, killing two construction workers, injuring six and leaving two workers missing after a crew accidentally cut an underground jet fuel line.
The blast occurred about a quarter-mile away from the intersection of Newell Avenue and South Broadway, where two crews contracted by Mountain Cascade Inc. of Livermore were installing a large water main for the East Bay Municipal Utility District.
One group of workers was welding in a trench, and a second group was digging another trench with a backhoe that apparently broke a pipeline that carries aviation fuel from Concord to the San Jose International Airport, said EBMUD spokesman Charles Hardy and Walnut Creek police investigating the accident.
Ellen Sabaduquia, 54, of Walnut Creek was driving on Broadway at 1:30 p.m. when the inferno shot out of the ground a few feet from her Toyota minivan. 
She watched in horror as two screaming men emerged from the hole, engulfed in flames.
"I thought I was in Fallujah for a moment," Sabaduquia told The Chronicle, her voice trembling. "It almost looked like slow motion from a horror movie."
Sabaduquia said she wanted to get out and pick up the workers, but the flames were too ferocious and she was forced to throw her vehicle into reverse.
The six workers who were injured were all burned -- three critically, authorities said. Those with the worst injuries were airlifted to Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo in critical condition with burns over 40 to 60 percent of their bodies, said hospital spokeswoman Paula Ferron.
Two victims were airlifted to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek with burns so severe they were transported again to a burn center at UC Davis, according to a hospital spokeswoman. There was no information available on the sixth burn victim.
Initial reports by authorities had three workers dead, but later in the evening police said that they had confirmed two fatalities and retrieved the bodies of those victims. Authorities did not disclose the names of the dead or the missing.
The accident sparked a series of underground explosions, sent a huge column of black smoke into the sky, burned one home and damaged several others on Doris Avenue, and prompted the evacuations of Las Lomas High School and Muirwood Elementary.
"This is the worst day of my life," said Bill Williams of Mountain Cascade, general contractor for EBMUD's $180 million Walnut Creek-San Ramon Valley Improvement Project to increase water flow in the area.
Williams fielded phone calls Tuesday afternoon from worried wives and scanned work rosters to try to figure out who was unaccounted for.
The explosion rattled shops at nearby Broadway Plaza and caused students to jump in their seats. The force was so intense it blew out the windows of several apartments on Creekside Drive across the street and charred the cab of an 18-wheeler parked near the construction site.
Initially, firefighters were prevented from approaching the searing hot flames, so they were forced to keep the public away and wait for the gasoline to burn out.
Firefighters capped the pipeline at cutoff valves in Concord and Alamo, and the inferno receded about 90 minutes later, said Steve Maiero, battalion chief of the Contra Costa Fire Protection District.
They discovered two bodies in or near the hole, Maiero said.
The jet fuel line, owned by Kinder Morgan Energy Partners of Houston, was marked on maps that construction workers were using, according to Eugene Braithwaite, director of operations for the company's northern region.
Kinder Morgan is under investigation in a separate incident in which 85, 000 gallons of fuel spilled from one of its pipelines into the Suisun Marsh last April.
Braithwaite said as soon as it was safe, Kinder Morgan would assess how to clean up the Walnut Creek pipe break, possibly using vacuum pumps to remove any residual fuel.
A few Doris Avenue residents spent the night with friends or in hotels with help from theRed Cross. Among them were Enos and Leto Chabot, who lost the back half of their two-story home at 2053 Doris Ave. The fireball rose 90 feet from the construction pit, up a concrete wall and burned their entire backyard, melting the windows on their back wall.
The couple were having lunch at the Hick'ry Pit restaurant nearby when they heard the boom, and they returned home to find their neighbors evacuated to a street corner a few blocks away.
"The important thing is we're OK," said Leto Chabot. "We have insurance, but this will take months to get fixed."
At Las Lomas High, Sarah Jones, 16, said she was in her physics class when she heard what she thought was someone dropping something on the roof.
Students were instructed over the loudspeaker to stay inside, then told to evacuate to Civic Park. They could see the plume of black smoke from the parking lot.
"I don't think we were so much scared as confused," Jones said. "Because nobody told us what was going on."
The evacuation went smoothly, however, because nearly all the students had cell phones and could call their parents to come get them. Only about 50 of the school's 1,700 students made it to Civic Park, and the rest went to downtown coffee shops and juice bars to wait for their parents.
As darkness fell, authorities used a robot to shoot close-up photographs of the accident scene.

PROGRAMMER and Veteran: Suspect Dies In Leap Off Bay Bridge / Girlfriend found slain -- cops were tailing him

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL

Posted: 12/22/2013

We were both US Programmers.


jumbotron text

In my story I've been targeted over and over, in my story i was against the H1b visas and just before I was going to fly to Washington just a few small events occurred, like my truck blowing up, or nearly dying in the ER, or that I was nearly beaten to death in my house by a Danville Building inspector but when I connected to Mary Alicia Driscoll as the same person that almost bought my Play Structure - the problem I moved to Walnut Creek.

There is no way this woman killed her daughter and I am very suspect about the murder suicide of Judith Adam Williams whose was a Nurse Registry, just like the guy that owned the Nurse Registry on Country Club Drive that caught on fire. I met him just before the fire - he acted he was being stalked, and Chris Lacey flips kills Officer Youngstrom was on his way to a fake Visa Interview and five nurses who came here on H1b visas burned alive. Down the street my Karaoke Buddy died when drowning.

Does anyone realize that in a small 2 square mile area we've had numerous jumpers, two murder suicides on back to back streets (Norris and Blackwood) that Tim lived down the street but drowned on the exact same spot where i was nearly killed and that my friends son traveled underneath and drowned? A little surprise was his father like me was a IT project manager for Longs.

When I walk around Walnut Creek I can the IBM workers who have jobs, tax free income, that got $5,000 credit cards for each person all issued at the same time for Macy's and Nordstroms.

Did anyone ever consider that outsourcing might have caused the housing market to collapse?

Watch me on PBS

High-tech Companies Seek to Hire More Foreign Workers

The reason the Outsourcing Agencies are calling programmers in Butte County who don't know what's going on down in the Bay Area. They are also calling Nurses who I sat with in Butte EDD on Park Ave for several months. It was unbeliavble the endless suckers pitch - come on down we got a job for you then nothing.

The H-1b Murder Patterns  

Judith Williams who killed her son (allegedly) on Mt. Diablo ran a nurses registry and likely competed with firms that used H1b Visas. They have an innate advantage - they have hordes of help overseas that want US Jobs.

They got em - we lose our houses, jobs, families and place in society.

Suspect Dies In Leap Off Bay Bridge / Girlfriend found slain -- cops were tailing him
Jaxon Van Derbeken, Chronicle Staff Writer
Published 4:00 am, Wednesday, August 16, 2000

2000-08-16 04:00:00 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- One day after his missing girlfriend was found beaten to death in rural Marin County, the San Francisco man suspected of killing her plunged 170 feet to his death off the Bay Bridge yesterday.

Darion Sable, 23, headed straight for the span after his release from the San Francisco Jail and jumped headfirst over the side. His suicide was witnessed by undercover police officers assigned to shadow his movements.

"No one had a chance to intervene," said Officer Jim Deignan, a spokesman for the Police Department.

Marin County authorities found a woman's body on Monday afternoon near Muir Beach and identified it as 20-year-old Jerusha Briley's yesterday morning. San Francisco investigators said it appeared the stay-at-home mother had died of "blunt force trauma."

Within hours of the Marin County coroner identifying Briley, her boyfriend was released from jail and took his fatal dive.

Briley disappeared Saturday morning from the Richmond District home she shared with Sable and her son, Gabriel, who turns 2 in two weeks. Although Sable was a suspect in her slaying, investigators lacked the evidence to arrest him on charges relating to that crime. He had no criminal record but was arrested and jailed over the weekend on charges of possessing drugs.

"There was not enough to charge him with murder," said Paul Cummins, the assistant district attorney who handled the case.

Homicide investigators wouldn't say whether Sable had been told he was a suspect in his girlfriend's death.

Sable was held overnight on drug charges after investigators found him with methamphetamines on Sunday afternoon. He was released on his own recognizance at 1:42 p.m. yesterday.


Unable to hold Sable in connection with Briley's death, investigators planned to keep close tabs on him after he was freed.

Their surveillance started the moment he left the Hall of Justice, police said, with undercover officers following him in cars and on foot.

The officers were more than 100 yards away when Sable walked to the Bay Bridge and jumped over the side. He fell into a Caltrans maintenance yard and died at the scene.

The undercover officers, who assumed Sable was headed for the East Bay, summoned the California Highway Patrol for help as soon as Sable reached the span, police said.

"It's a very tragic incident," said San Francisco Police Lt. Kitt Crenshaw, whose officers were following Sable.

From the start, police -- along with Briley's friends and family -- found Sable's reaction to his live-in girlfriend's disappearance odd. He did not appear to be distraught and acted "inappropriately," they said.

He told investigators that Briley woke him at 5:30 a.m. Saturday and borrowed $40 to go to a market two blocks away to buy breakfast.

Sable told investigators he first called police about 2:30 p.m. Saturday but could not reach anyone; he finally reported her missing about an hour later.

He told police that she had never stayed away from the house for more than two hours. He also said Briley had no medical problems, no drug addictions and "no enemies that he knows of."

He said that Briley was seeing an "unknown counselor for possible depression" -- an assertion that her family disputed.

A public defender who represented Sable in court said yesterday's proceeding was typical for a first- time drug offender and that Sable did not appear to be upset.

"He had no prior record, he had community contacts, a job and went to school," said Elizabeth Hilton, the deputy public defender, who added that another public defender talked to Sable at noon yesterday.

"He was actually fine in the holding tank. He looked totally normal," Hilton said of Sable's demeanor. "I explained to him the charges and said that he could get drug diversion, that he was eligible," she said.

Sable, who worked in Internet services and described himself as an "engineer" for Wells Fargo, deserted from the Marine Corps in 1997 and later was discharged from the service. He had been stationed at Camp Pendleton.


During a two-hour interrogation that followed his arrest Sunday afternoon on the drug charges, Sable acknowledged that the couple had been quarreling and that they were on the verge of a breakup, police said.

"He thought everything was going to be OK" in the relationship, despite the fighting, according to one investigator familiar with the case.

Briley's friends and relatives gathered yesterday before the news came that Briley's body had been found.

They described her as a devoted, loving mother to her young son. Briley and Sable had known each other since she was 14 and he was 17.

"We're still trying to know what happened here," said Devon Rath, a childhood friend of Briley.


Removal Instructions: and Response to Restraining Orders - what to expect

Removal Instructions:  

If you want your information removed please put in writing what is incorrect. The goal of the blog is to prevent more deaths, arson cases, deaths by suspicious accidents and murder suicides.  I've reached the conclusion that some pipelines require regular patrols until a comprehensive safety plan is developed.  The pipelines are too close to the schools planned over 40 years ago long before Domestic Terrorism was a household word.  

Please send request or call

Pete Bennett Office: 510-460-5641 Walnut Creek CA 94596

Restraining Orders: 

In response I intend to raise many complex issues as follows:

  1. Prior representation and events  
    1. Civil Attorney: Donald Gene Moats - Offices burned down during case in 2001 - Arson.  
    2. Attorney Intimidation:  Attorneys Wife: Tamara Moats - murdered in Walnut Creek 1989 
    3. Dax Craven who is the son in-law of James Greenan former leadership role at Contra Costa Bar Association who has blocked access to over 1,600 attorneys.  The attorneys not connected to the Bar get targeted.  
    4. Murder or Accident:  The relationship between Nate Greenan who was killed on April 18th 2012 a week after the Pipe Bomb found on the trail and Seeno who obviously knows Greenan
    5. Attorney Intimidation: Sage Sehapi - beaten in Walnut Creek 2005 - case that would exposed CNET defeated
    6. Safeway Petitioner beaten to defeat public referendum 
    7. 1987 Litigation: Dr. Fang - murdered in 2000
    8. 2004 TRO Gary Collins Murder or Accident 
    9. 2006 Bennett v. Collins Murder or Accident 
    10. Bennett v. Collins attorney retained to sue Contra Costa County, Danville and LP2a (firm)
    11. Contra Costa Bar Association:  What effect have they played on Contra Costa Litigation and Cases
  2. Adjacent Cases 
    1. Michael McNulty - Nephew of Sherriff/Senator/Former FBI Agent - Suicide or cover-up
    2. Catherine Perata - does business with Seeno  - open case 
    3. Dino Ghilotto - does business with Seeno  - open case 
    4. Roma Bhatia - 12/12/11 Murder by Accident - Real Estate Agent
    5. Loretta Hale - 12/11/11 Murder by Accident labeled a suicide - Real Estate Agent
    6. Gary Vinson Collins - CNET Witness falls and then dies.  12/19/11
  3. Domestic Terrorism 
    1. PG&E Fire - the Benny Chetcuti Jr. connection 
      1. What happened to my PG&E laptop loaded with critical pipeline data end up in the hands of the Walnut Creek Bombs Squad
      2. How come WCPD Captain Schultz, Sgt. Mike Chan, and a detective end up cornering me in front of the Walnut Creek Library with hands placed on guns?  Fuck you Tim as you wanted to shoot me dead - I know that clearly.  
      3. Does anyone in this department know Wielsch, Butler, Tanabe, or Marina Evans the divorcee mugging victim that was beaten just as bad as the 49r fan was.  She lost her house, opposing counsel shared offices with my attorney Don Moats. 
    2. Kinder Morgan Pipeline Fire 2004 
      1. How did the first person witness Ellen Sabaduquia, 54, of Walnut Creek die?
        1. Fire: Nov 09/2004 - DOD: 12/25/2005
        2. Did she even testify or was she deposed?
        3. Witness: How did a person connected to a Federal Investigator who a fire witness who was never interviewed nearly get T-boned in a deliberate hit and run? 
        4. How did another witness end up in jail? 
    3. Doc's Pharmacy 2001 
      1. Are the facts accurate? 
      2. Witness: How and why did the witness in the Doc's Pharmacy Jamies Sheet's commit suicide the following year.  
    4. My 2004 Arson fire known to Attorney's Craven, Golub (former judge), Greenan, Contra Costa Times Editor Steve Proctor, Loretta Hale (deceased), Patricia Noel (deceased), Kristie Ferraro (deceased), 
    5. The Hillgrade Ave Pipe Bomb Event that could have killed hundreds but with Terrorist Event extrapolations could have been students at more than 10 schools.  The event timing was during school on a windy day.  The same agencies that can't find my 2004 Fire investigated that. 
      1. That places nearly ten years of investigation in tainted bucket.  
    6. Raise whether the Plaintiff's attorneys are deliberately creating accidents to generate revenue on public and private entities for fee generation. 
      1. Specifically: 
        1. San Bruno Gas Explosion 2010
        2. TWA Flight 800 1996
        3. Kinder Morgan 2004 fire 2004
        4. Caldecott Tunnel Fire 1985
        5. BART Tunnel Fire 
        6. Asiana Crash 2013
        7. Chevron Refinery Fire 
        8. School Bus Incident on Lilac Drive Dec 2004 - connected to the plaintiffs attorneys
        9. The 1979 Arson/ Arson/Murder and Murder next to my property - another cold but conveniently forgotten case.  But the property was sold just like the Geary Road Property that I used to live in from 78-79.  
    7. Then last but not least I'd love to ask about Michael McNulty, Chuck Silverman, David Schafer, Jamie Sheets, Catherine Perata, Dino Ghilloti, Michael Taugher, or perhaps if you any of you know SVP Special Investigator that knows CNET or perhaps three people over ten years with 

  4. DOD Believe it or not there are several persons connected to my story that have DOD clearances.  I once had Low Level DOD and DOE (GE Nuclear). 
    1. TOP SECRET CLEARANCE that are operatives working for CNET, or we can chat about the Spinal Meningitis Deaths of three public officials.  
Someone once called the restraining order the All Mighty Motion anything goes motion.   I've used this in my responses several times recently. That's how I got my charges dismissed and change the course of one criminal case to dismissed.  

For those of considering legal action an additional element anyone faces in Qui Tam - government fraud, welfare fraud, crimes against the state and federal government.  By defrauding me and my family the net result is you put them and me on welfare.  
Contra Costa Attorney Go Round - 
The rest of us call attorneys tell them our story, we file claims, we go to the courtrooms, but attorneys with connections they just get paid - really, really easily - no fuss, no muss.  It's clear they slice and dice the deals but tell others that we're sorry you don't have a case - 

Example Todd Cambra run over by Trader Joes Walnut Creek and nearly killed (February 2012), he was baited with an attorney, he was expertly handled by persons connected to my hit and run, for 10 months he was told 

  that's why this number leading to the Contra Costa Sherriff's department is not a murder tip line.

Dead letter box for murder investigations.  I should know I developed the application that is connected to this story but was fired over nothing even though I completed it in three weeks. 


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