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Walnut Creek Library: 5150 ? Walnut Creek Police Captain, Sergeant and Detective

Why did a Walnut Creek Police Captain, Sergeant and Detective accused a homeless broke man who's car was totaled by a retired San Francisco Police Officer?

Read my comments about

I don't know but they were lining things up for more than a smack down as I would never attack a city worker but their timing was right after a cop tried to run me off the road, after i spoke to DA investigator, after I was forced out of my apartment with direct connections to former WCPD officer Dick Grossman obviously connected to Doyle, Grossman and (omitted) who connected to Keith Lynds who partook in the July 20th 2011 hit and run who by coincidence just happen to know another member of the Doyle Family

What happened on August 5th 2011 will curl your toes and more important deemed a public safety hazard as "some" Walnut Creek Offices show little concern for when to pull a gun and when not as dangerous maneuver in front of a public library with people within range is beyond me.

IN the end I told Sgt. Shultz I'm a fan of Hogans Hero's and I know nothing but that I'm diabetic and was sleeping on the ground.  He then started the 5150 Communist Party Line - are you stable - financially not exactly but do you happen to know if your agency helped totaled my car?

Perhaps there is a working a murder plot?

I told him in no uncertain terms I'd gone to the FBI but that I'd met Alicia K whose husband was shot dead - that the story she told me was distinctly different from the official story.  Perhaps the facts are distorted but clearly in-congruent with the Widows position who happens to be related to Contra Costa Supervisor Glover whose commons connections to me are Tiny Bynum, Eric Nunn and passengers, John Kelly, Cynthia Kempf, the guy at Winchell's Donuts, and I bet the mother of Timothy Mitchell.  We both knew Bergen who should have been fired just based on my complaints that started in 1986.


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