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Kill Pete? You Be The Judge

Contra Costa Watch - Tragedies, Arson and Corruption 
Kill Pete? You Be The Judge

Back in 2000 was the beginning of one of many CNET Tactical Campaigns run on me. The Danville Police pulled out their Civil Rights Violation Handbook and turned the page to "How to violate the constitution without being caught!"

They then unleashed then Norman Wielsch who was the then supreme Commander of Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce with pals Chris Bulter, Norman Wielsch, Louis Lombardi and Stephen Tanabe plus many others far too many incidents have occurred.

I actually have over one hundred police reports or incidents going back to 1980, on July 20th, 2011 I was blinded via another vehicle where in seconds I'm being pushed into oncoming traffic but turned a hard right into the traffic island.

But that was the seventy vehicle destroyed since Chris Butler arrived at my house in Sept 2004.

In Mid August 2004 my F-250 truck bursts into flames, all over my blog I've mentioned this accident saying it was arson. My oil plug was down 2 1/2 turns flowing out like Chocolate Milk.

A month later Gary Vinson Collins is beating me in my house. Collins was actually a building inspector for the Town of Danville, then the Kinder Morgan Gas Pipeline Explosion, then Alicia Driscoll kills her daughter near Petaluma CA, then the key witness to that fire dies, then I nearly die from what I've said was poison.

Ten years later (2014) on June 5th, July 2nd and July 26th there were three distinct attempts to run me down. In the middle a good friends tires were shot out with I'm suspecting was SABOT round. The only information available is the insurance company held his totaled car for nearly 45 days. That would be long enough for FBI forensics to analyze a tire where the tire was gone - not ripped up from a blowout but completely gone.


Contra Costa County Supervisor Dist 5 Federal Glover (as of 2013)

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/13/2013

President Trump we need real help
These protesters trampled memorials for Fallen Soldiers 

Brief Purpose

In 1982 Pierre Bynum worked at my cabinet shop.  The minute I hired a minority the Irish / Italian families sent the Pittsburg Police after me, then went after my employees by killing one of them.  By 1986 one of my customers was murdered in Dublin CA then m good friend Cynthia Kempf in 1986.

After forty years of mayhem near Supervisor Federal Glover this Public Official has likely seen at least three persons of color he knew or grew up with have been killed by white police officers.  A sad statistic of what sure looks like the Western Division of the KKK - Contra Costa.


Bennett's Litigation Score Card - If you've ever lost a case in Contra Costa County

The Contra Costa District Attorney
Murder for Hire 

Updated: Nov. 11, 2017 

Around 1979 I got my first dose of litigation.  
After a few court room losses I got better at running my business and by 1985 things were better.  

In a nutshell my litigation history four murders near me and/my case or my attorneys

Litigation Scorecard

  1. Bennett V. Southern Pacific - Forced Adverse Settlement 
    1. Bennett's cabinet shop attacked with break-ins, shootings and arson - Bennett loses business 
  2. Fang v. Bennett 1987 - down the middle losses over $35,000 
    1. Fang Murdered in 2000 
    2. Bennett as Witness suppressed by Lt. Lawrence  refused to take statement  
  3. Bennett V. Collins - Danville Police and Town of Danville hid Collins from service 
    1. Documents handed to Chief Bryden on Nov 1st 2011 incriminating police officers, attorneys, and investigators plus Collins 
    2. Weeks Later CNET Witness Collins is dead plus two other divorces - Collins knows Butler, and Tanabe from Danville PD  Murder By Accident 
  4. Tarrant v. Bennett - Counsel Dax Craven - lied that he knew my ex-wife (Mormon)
  5. Charter Collections v. Authentic Technologies - Don Moats - disbarred but Moats offices burned down in 2001 - FBI investigated case too bad for Walnut Creek Police 
  6. Bennett hit with restraining orders by San Ramon Unified School District 
  7. Bennett's attorney in Collins matter beaten, threatened and left the area 
  8. Bennett's Attorney Moats wife murdered in Walnut Creek 1989
  9. Bennett's Attorney Dax Craven brother in-law Nate Greenan murdered on April 18th 2012 in Orinda

Other cases known to Bennett 
  1. Portue v. Dan Terry Contra Costa County Sheriff - Attorney Stu Stafine forced into adverse settlement loses case - Stafine dead within days. 
  2. Attorney Daniel Horowitz wife murdered in 2005 
  3. Attorney suing Seeno killed in car crash 
  4. Department of Elections two suicides connected to this department- with widows permission Bennett asks questions - you bet they didn't like those questions - The Head of the DOE suddenly announces retirement (very suddenly)
Check out "The Superior Court Murders" 


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