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Brrzzzt! U.S. Army checks out laser-based lightning tech

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/13/2013

Protect My Sons

In 2011 my car was totaled in a similar fashion.  The Lafayette Police have refused to investigate the accident just like they refused to investigate the near fatal 2004 assault and truck fire.  

Note: New Tagging System in the works.    

Brrzzzt! U.S. Army checks out laser-based lightning tech

Earlier this spring, the U.S. Army revealed the existence of a project underway to build a device that could shoot lightning bolts down laser beams to take out a target. Now the military's boffins report success in their first tests.

The technology -- known as laser-induced plasma channel -- is designed to seek out targets that conduct electricity better than the air or ground that surrounds them.

Although scientists and engineers working on the weapon's development expressed confidence in the physics behind their work, George Fischer, who is the lead scientist on the project, nonetheless cautioned about the technical challenges still ahead.

"If the light focuses in air, there is certainly the danger that it will focus in a glass lens, or in other parts of the laser amplifier system, destroying it," according to Fischer. "We needed to lower the intensity in the optical amplifier and keep it low until we wanted the light to self-focus in air.
Laser weaponry is moving apace. In early May, for example, Northrop Grumman demonstrated a prototype system that burned through the skin of a drone playing the part of a cruise missile for the test. However, Fischer pointed to the challenges involved in synchronizing the laser with the high voltage, as well as how to build a device that's sufficiently rugged so as to stand up under extreme environmental conditions. The system would also need to be able to perform in the field over extended periods of time, he said, adding that a number of high-tech components would need to run continuously.

It remains unclear how soon the military can weaponize this sort of technology. A representative from the Picatinny Arsenal, headquarters for the project, was not available for comment.

However, there's clear interest in getting this done as the battlefield bottom line in having a weapon which can harness lightning bolts is huge in terms of the amount of energy generated.

"If a laser puts out a pulse with modest energy, but the time is incredibly tiny, the power can be huge," according to Fischer. "During the duration of the laser pulse, it can be putting out more power than a large city needs, but the pulse only lasts for two-trillionths of a second."

Widow Spotters - A different kind of Train Spotting

Widow Spotters-Waiting to Harvest Your Assets

Widow Spotters - trolling for the next widow based on the value of their portfolios.  They're seeking your life force and have a network of takers ready to slip away with your valuable assets such as your house, land and cash value assets.  It's incredibly easy to do via probate  especially when the "mark" has limited resources to post bonds, cash or fund litigation.  

Currently I'm fighting for my estate but the original Trust Documents are one-sided, biased pieces of work that basically gave the executor full control with no dissent that appeared later.  The attorney that crafted it said if my brother doesn't release funds I'll need an attorney - I'm like what do you mean - trusts documents are supposed to provide an orderly distribution of wealth without the need of forced litigation.  I realized that this sounded just like Chris Butler's army then upon further investigation discover the divorce lawyers create Wills Trusts and Estates - that is why the legal associate of a former Walnut Creek Police Officer turned attorney created a huge problematic scene with my sons. 

Fox News Unfair and Totally Biased is the real name for the Contra Costa County Superior Court. 

If you have a loved one reaching that time or you are considering the implications of how your trust instruments will be interpreted then read on.

  • Your assets are the target
  • There is a enough money to hire teams of persons
  • God's friends seek capital
  • Widow Watchers - waiting in the wings - projecting the revenue horizon date as they've been handled by the divorce machine, then they are re-processed to be consumed up later by the Family Trust Machine.  When your mom gave everything to the church did she forget about you like she did with me. 
  • Widow Makers - Getting the widow prepared
  • Widow Takers - When it's time they will arrive 
  • Widow History Controllers - no funeral, limited Obituaries, lack of public documents reflecting real estate transfer but more important no one is watching. 
  • Widow Walkers - keeping them company while they fade from view 

Sounds almost surreal but the more I look the more I see.  The apparatus slowly nips away at advocates, some die, some have heart attacks, sudden deaths and some just crash into mountains so they can change the outcome of elections - it's how they do things in Contra Costa - their way.  

In the early 2000's my life situation was different where I was funding a $850,000 Life Policy with Prudential but nearly parallel to that was I supposed to inherit a minimum $400,000 via a living trust that is ambiguous and was not the intention of my mother.  I seriously doubt she was there as she suffered from numerous TIA's and being mom she was a bit eccentric, forgetful and would follow the bouncing ball - just sign here ______ that's all we need.   

I've attempted numerous times to get counsel, I tried filing a police but was rebuked by Officer Rabonowitz but I started with Walnut Creek as my mother died in my arms in Rossmoor.   Rabonowitz told me more or less to get lost, then years later I'm attacked in the Walnut Creek Farmers Market and again Rabonowitz tells me tough luck. 

A business destruction model - kick the mark hard as he tries to feed his family 
Along the way when software operation was destroyed for the third time I realized something was up but this same officer told me I needed mental health counseling - you would too when you're being threatened in Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and online but no agency will help you.  That night I went to Contra Costa Mental Health as a test, stressed out, yes, perhaps sounding irrational, well OK tag your it.  So I walked into mental health seeking assistance as things were nearly impossible to sort out.  I met with three people - they were very helpful as in less than 15 minutes they a diagnosis, a treatment and pulled out the "Citizen Internment Form" where I'd find myself battling for release.  I knew better as I've read the DSV treatment manual and knew enough that the rapid diagnosis was conjecture, subjective and fabricated.  

This campaign is run on many residents as they labeled M.E. with oppositional disorder after her husband committed her to the Psych Ward.  They file with the court a motion for "involuntary commitment" but in the M.E. when she still tried to see her children they set her up again for arrest but in the end she lost her house, kids, the cars, long term support plus nearly losing her sanity after I debunked her divorce case - she is now moving forward but its time for the court to restore her losses.  

Mommy is in Coma 

One tactic I've endured was the posting fake jobs and rental deals on Craigslist which others have discovered.  This mom was in Oakland looking for a "good deal" housing apartment but was mugged on cue but the address was false - this was before online maps.  She's taken to Kaiser Hospital where she's in a coma for about five days.  The sad part is the number victims that are also Kaiser Patients but remember she's arrested for jay walking, jailed and pegged with an assault charge on a deputy.  Did I say I was beaten?  Yes I did it helps with the automatic default.  

Apparatus Segment: Contra Costa Mental Health
The mental health unit is a segment of the apparatus as one of their former employees suffered the same Gang Stalking I endured but his comments were the same as mine.  I suspect he's deceased as he's vanished but we met outside of his job up on Mt. Diablo during a fantastic heavy snow back around 2004/05.  The last time we spoke he was out of his mind with fear.  I had few days like that and my friends thought I'd lost it.  

It's clear my posture is highly negative on Contra Costa Attorneys for many reasons as when you call the Contra Costa Bar seeking counsel only to be told no one is interested.  When nearly getting beat to death in 2004 I tried the local bar which turned out to be waste of time.  Most would never consider suing Danville saying it was Practice Suicide.   I call it coercion, get in step with Bar Leadership, red-lining, blackballing but perhaps a more fitting descriptions are due.  

The San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association delivered a willing attorney who agreed to sue Gary Vinson Collins but Mr. Collins just happened to fall down an elevator shaft in Palo Alto on Dec 9th 2011 but weeks after meeting with Walnut Creek City Manager Ken Nordoff on November 2nd 2011 where I handed off documents and he knows as and the city attorney better learn whose name was on those documents.  My goal that day was why I'm attacked in the market with over 100 witnesses and why I've been forced out of offices, lost over $100,000 in assets, lost my inheritance, housing and much more.  

In the middle of this my car was totaled in Lafayette but the undercarriage was shot but days later I spotted a detective following me from Walnut Creek McDonald's shortly after the Lafayette Accident.  

Widows are not spiders they are targets
Chances are now I've got RICO cases but I am not alone but it's time for the Contra Costa County Legal Fleecing Machine to be shut down.  

The apparatus is comprised of Divorce Spotters but you're in a divorce the attorneys learn about your finances, and your life is splattered into a public forum where the stalkers can de-compile your net worth and glean information to formulate targets.  


The Southbound 680 Speed Killer Missed His Mark

Date: 2004/2005 winter
Location: Southbound 680 just south of Alcosta Blvd
Date and Time - Weekend - Mid Morning
In this accident the other driver hit the median on a Sunday Morning and was either killed or seriously injured.  His vehicle came up from behind at better than 90 mph. 
Vehicle: Silver or pewter late model 4 door sedan (Honda Accord) light colored interior
Driver: White Male, blondish hair about 40 years of age
When came back around we saw fire engines about 60 minutes later still cleaning up the scene as we went on to the dump. 
During the accident we pulled over and called CHP who said they would call back if they needed us.  The skid marks were easily 200' long with a long swerve where they attempted to navigate around us, then I thought is was a really stupid driver now I suspect it was deliberate. 
Again my friends at Alamo 1st knew all about this accident but currently have Pete Amnesia. 
That day my two sons were accidental targets as they couldn't be seen due to truck and trailer filled with construction debris heading to the dump. 

The Southbound 680 Speed Killer Missed His Mark


Blinded By The Cop - Domestic Terrorism Link #2010-07-20-Car-Totaled

Blinded By The Cop 

Attempted Murder or Accident?

Obstruction of Justice or Incompetence 

July 20th 2011
1997  Infinity Purchased for 5000 from PG&E Sub Contractor
Ravenell Enterprises Totaled 64 days after purchase
Left Homeless and Lost PG&E Contract
PG&E Has been Fully Informed

Hit and Run Accident
Intersection: Deer Hill Road and First Street
City: Lafayette CA

While proceeding making a left turn from Deer Hill To First Street, the SUV to my rear blinded me with high powered spotlight therby blinding this driver, then that vehicle pushed my car into oncoming traffic exiting WB24 - to avoiding a head on collision with three vehicles I drove my car onto a Curb Island. 

The resulting police investigation was conducted so well that the Contra Costa Grand Jury should write a letter of recommendation for the excellent police work. 

The investigation that never started ended with "It's unfortunate" and get an attorney.  My answer was they beat up my attorney good enough that he left Northern California.  Another attorney - well they torched his office at 1700 Ygnacio Valley Road sometime around 2002. 

The Lafayette Town Council has shown tremendous compassion and has risen above the fray to support the victim who without a police report cannot get far in court. 

The other day I called Lafayette City Manager Steven Falk to discuss events but he more or less  hung up on me.  The play field has changed with a recent pipebomb (device) at a school in Poets Corner.

In July 2011 this accident was attempted murder but Lafayette PD refuses to investigate.  The person I've openly named are near enough to Pleasant Hill Elementary School that my written allegations should be taken seriously, in fact there are at least five suspects in my incidents.  I'm developing KML files that I will sent to ATF and FBI so the asgencies will be on the spot - call about a lead or ignore.   

One is a suspect that Walnut Creek Officer Rabonowitz refused to investigate lives on a street just off Oak Park Blvd that person that has come after me since, he knows someone near the Piedmont Lumber Fire who has pictures of that fire.  The Piedmont Lumber Fire . 

On Friday December 7th 2012 when they wouldn't return my calls I went to Consolidated Fire offices to speak the Arson Investigators.  My goal was to vet the names near my truck fire and firmly believe strongly enough a connection exists. 

F-250 Fireball seen on 680 North  - Arson or Accident? Cover up or Supidity

Asiana Flight  


Contra Costa Flaws

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