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Open Letter to Paradise Unified School District - what the parents and teachers need to know about the risks

Open Letter To Paradise Unified School District

On May 24th I attempted to take my sons to get medical care that was court ordered on Dec 6th 2007, orders that were put in place to protect my sons in regards to haphazard medical care.  In June 2011 my sons arrived after 24 month gap in visitation and one son requested medical care for Acid Reflux.  Those are the same court orders in the altered CUME Files which I'm sure other parents don't have to endure.  

Even more upsetting was learning my son was in the Hospital then recovering from major surgery that your staff deliberately concealed.  

The long overdue Independent Medical Exam (IME) was scheduled on July 6th 2011, on July 5th the mother raced down to Walnut Creek and intercepted that exam.  One son left and the other stayed then on July 7th 2011 I was arrested.  My laptop was breached while I was in custody and I've filed claims with Hillside Covenant Church about activities related to my sons.  I have two separate incidents and that resulted in a total wreck.  It was an attempted murder and my sons know parts of what happened.  

The net effect of that accident cost me a software contract worth $200,000 with PG&E.  

On June 13th 2013 a Arson Murder occurred on Skyway but near me and my story which you can find on this blog are other Arson Murders.  No one quite gets the risk and I'm here to tell you it's real.  When my letter reaches another agency you will find out the facts, the risks and the issues.  The PG&E Gas Transmission System was compromised - why is so important - think of the terrorist value of this date in the wrong hands and most US programmers fear the impact of the Tech Visas have on National Security.  

In 2002 I began researching a Visa known as the H1b or Tech Visa which was derived from litigation (Charter v Authentic Technologies) I appeared on PBS and on CNN/Lou Dobbs Tonight many times beginning in 2002.  In 2009 Lou Dobbs was forced off the air when bullets hit his home. 

Lou Dobbs: Gunshots Fired At Me, My Wife, My House

Last month there was a Limo Fire on the San Mateo Bridge - horrific event but few know of my research on Visas - I built a database of companies using the Visas - all of these nurses were here on the H1b Visa.  There was another Limo Fire in Walnut Creek on June 2nd, but there are several more in the area.  Arson is one of the tactics used. 

While your teachers interfere with my parental rights and clearly have taken control of my sons they are in danger from events near me.  I won't mince words - they almost killed my sons in 2004 with a hit and run accident where we watched the other plow into the wall at 70 or better. We don't think he survived.  

If you're willing to ignore events then so be it but my sons are at risk while this larger story unfolds and that risk means other students are at risk.  Personally I think you're being extremely errant as this blog contains enough information with cross references to real cases.  

Think it over - I am just trying to spend time with my sons and take them to a doctor which my legal right.  Instead you call the Paradise Police who told me on Thursday June 11th that three bodies of a clear arson murder doesn't warrant a welfare check.  

Step out of the way as you're blindness is drawing you into a story far bigger than your little tow and while you're so busy screwing up my life you've wrecked my sons future e.g. college, medical care and emotional wel


Pete Bennett 




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