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Anthony Banta Jr. - Hallucinogens or Food Poisoning

Hallucinogens or Food Poisoning?
You be the judge

December 30th 2012

Walnut Creek CA - Back in 2005 while living in Danville with Danvillians on Mission Place I was also dealing with another round of intestinal issues.  What was clear was something was making me sick all the time so at the Triage Window they'd say "you again" but now with all these incidents perhaps when Dr. Walker might read my medical charts he might finally begin to wonder if my complaints were spot on or better I can tell him which cases might be referred the coroners offices. 

A Day of Hallucinations - Spiked Medications or Food
One day after taking a stronger dose of parasitic medication I began hallucinating but speaking with other CNET victims AKA Contra Costa County divorcee scandal I may not be alone as via Facebook, Divorce Court or Forums e.g. Contra Costa Times or Patch or were connecting.

My personal conclusion was the medication was laced but someone attempted to offer me something at the Safeway at 500 S. Broadway Walnut Creek mid-summer 2012 but that could have been a fatal mistake.

My theory was solidified after reading numerous comments about the real Anthony Banta Jr. to by all accounts appeared to to be nicest person ever killed by a Police Officer.  I don't know what happened but I walk through out downtown Walnut Creek all the time.  The local homeless have taken my advice and I'll be frank - they are not taking food unless its factory sealed and they are looking better.  More later on that.

Perhaps the Walnut Creek Police may have killed a nicest victim ever who consumed something that wasn't supposed to consume it's worse other victims like myself reported strange medical problems but for me ten years I was worth about One Million dead but to bury even further it will cost the county even more. 

By the way of the many incidents I've been keeping track of many are suspiciously near our treasured trail system.  When the Google Earth Files you will see the weird overlays of trails to incidents.

Trail Suspect Profile: good shape, biker, hike, walk or run fast enough to get down the trail, a van or large SUV to stash the bike, fake plates while having extensive expertise in Forensics, biological agents, and toxins but if you worked for former Commander Wielsch you got access to all kinds of drugs or if you worked at the Coroners Office you could easily attain parasite samples from cadavers.  Sounds brutal and sound scarier than anything you've read occurring in the county.

My personal experience resulted in serious illness but my event overlapped a visit by a group of real estate agents who were scheduled to be in the house.  I'll never know whether it was coincidence or actaul but the county ER send me home and sleep it off. 

On the heals of my November 2005 near fatal poisoning it could have been yet another intestinal bout.  There are others reporting similar maladies with fingers pointing in the same direction.  Although some may say this is improbable but my concerns that Councilman Mike Shimansky now deceased who died within weeks of my June 2009 police was another target and my timing perhaps clarevoyant.

What changed my perception of everything going on near me was the July 2011 accident that was a very deliberate attempt to kill or harm me.  That accident like others failed (again) but manage to destroy my car and but my accident on July 20th 2011 was close to Charles Silverman's accident geographically and timeline as he was killed on July 10th 2011 Pleasant Hill Road at Springbrook. 

Just your normal Walnut Creek bartender who happened to work at the Havana Grill ended crashing his car at your everyday speed of over 100 mph.  A comment stated she saw him at Withers Ave / Taylor - in her words "he had the look of terror in his eyes" and two minutes later she came upon the Silverman wreck. 

My visit to the county jail in April I soon discovered my brakes were sabotaged but like all Walnut Creek Police reports - they're never gonna file that report because they won't file a report because they don't file reports when it comes to attempted murder they only target bar owners .  As you read my blog you might get the impression someone has been trying to kill me - don't ask me just ask yourself - what is this guy saying?

There are numerous out of context events such as Alison Bayliss (Danville Divorce), Brian Erb (Back Forty BBQ) Michael McNulty (Humbolt), Michael Spence (Janitor) who jumped to his death about 1,000 feet from where Micheal Banta worked.  My customer was Christopher Spence (gun cleaning accident), and Loretta Hale (Suicide Mt. Diablo) Green Valley School parent (Tanabe, Joel Gollub, plus there is Roma Bhatia.  All three were real estate agents in the area and suffered what's best described as untimely deaths - but all these deaths shared a common thread - there were no witnesses. 

There is no question something is going on as if you spent the time you'll quickly conclude that there are far too many victims out there.  A homeless man named Dave who lives (or tries to) to live in downtown Martinez for no clear reason jumps in front of the Amtrack Train or Glenn Davis tragic collision with a car on Clayton Road in Concord near Treat Blvd appears to be another zombie death walk.  His sad video ran on depicting him as one of the demonic Claycord Eleven and how many churches do we have in Contra Costa? 

My point is why do perfectly normal persons suddenly flip?  Well in my younger days (1970s) experimenting was common so I was able to keep control over events but more than once I felt like I was being drugged. 

In my bacterial article called "Bacterial Infection or Murder by Bactieria" points to someone with great expertise, access to bacterial agents or toxins.  My June 2009 police report was filed weeks after dinner with Supervisor Glover who like me suffered a non-specific (near fatal) bacterial infection but that was also weeks before Danville Councilman Shimansky died.  I've learned that I'm either clairvoyant or good at recognizing patterns that don't fit the norm.  Mike was the nicest person ever but these infections could easily carve a path to winning elections or affecting a persons livelyhood such as it did mine. 

In terms of these "medical events" I'll simply never know but if you're reading this you're informed and that's enough.

If this is deliberate then the delivery method would be food, drinks, or medication or perhaps atomized, skin contact, or injection.  Lacing the medication is challenging but targeting near impossible unless you're in the house or near enough to that person. 

I've noticed near the fire bombings, arson and all these pipe bombs is the close correlation to the trails so someone seeking to be truly random would take advantage of easy to enter locations. 

Was this what befelled Anthony Banta stated we'll never know unless they do an extensive tox-screen but even then I believe hallecinogens are hard to detect.  I suspect this is mechanism of choice that just happens to parallel outsourcing of Kaiser's IT department. 

It's all about opportunity and motive but I know more than one victim that was also a Kaiser Patient - I know it's just a coincidence. 

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