Monday, April 21, 2014

The Programmer, Brandon Marshall, died in circumstances that remain murky

Are U.S. programmers paying the highest price for National Security?  

This lawsuit pits US Workers and against Silicon Valley.  No question the big firms are playing hard ball with workers.  I know first hand as my position against the H-1b visa which nearly cost my life more than once.  While the FBI has sat back US Programmers are being slaughtered but the few know the five Filipino Nurses were here on the same visa and that Chris Lacey was being faked out for a job interview at HP and others.   

Lacey killed Officer Kenyon Youngstrom who along with his peers would get coffee at the N. Main Starbucks.  We had a chance to chat several months before he killed.  He was funny and affable but I've met people that knew Lacey when I was Butte County (Stuck) 

The programmer, Brandon Marshall, died in circumstances that remain murky. He was agitated and combative, escalating a confrontation with sheriff’s deputies by assaulting one, who shot him in the chest.

Mr. Marshall’s death is just one of many ways in which the case has shaped up to be a Silicon Valley drama unlike any other.

Murder Thriller ? Simple Kill Litigants who are US Programmers who want their jobs back

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