451 Hickey Blvd - On the Trail and Tail of Benny Chetcuti Jr.

By PETE BENNETT  Contra Costa Watch  
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 04/01/2014

Dateline: Summer 2009 - The Daly City Huskers

Daly City CA:  In my other posts I've mentioned Benny Chetcuti Jr. who operated from 1204 Alpine Road Walnut Creek CA.  Mr. Chetcuti also lived a few doors from my ex-wife over in Walnut Creek CA.  

The building owners of 451 Hickey Blvd  leads to Mormons I know in Danville CA, they in turn know Nate Greenan who was murdered on WB-24 in 2012.  It appears Chetcuti fraudulent transactions lead everywhere.  

In my personal and crazy story I've been cops getting arrested, arson cases, fires, probable extortion cases and I've read about PG&E spotter planes missing my sons High School Paradise High School by 3.5 miles.  

A constant theme is these things are coincidences but last week they indicted Senator Leland Yee and over at Tiki Toms Matt Moody was a Tiki regular and coincidentally he was killed on that plane.  Just like the coincidence that my car was totaled a weeks after I bumped into David Christiansen who was dating my ex in the 70s. 

I need Mormon Colonic really bad because Dave bought Kristie Ferraro's house in 2008 she died in her sleep just like the Grandson of the Mayor of Concord who is friends with Albert Seeno who is facing federal indictment along with Butler, Wielsch, Tanabe and Lombardi it's one big sorted story.  

It was Chetcuti who I was chasing down the street in September, it was Butler who is in my house and my ex who knows all these people and my truck exploding on the Freeway.  My ex knew or should have known about these events as well. 

Now I've tried reaching my sons ever since my car was totaled in 2011 and the Paradise Unified School District has blocked access to my sons, tried to arrest me for exercising my rights and access to my sons.  

Today PG&E was indicted for the San Bruno Fire and the testing projects that were derived from that fire was connected to that project and the endless connections to Mormons, bankers, arsonists and murders goes on and on. 

This is a first in a series of new articles as with the PG&E indictment on the table my story is heading the stratosphere.  The Indictment should be amended to include Conspiracy to Commit Murder and Obstruction of Justice.  


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