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Richard Lambert v. The United States Department of Justice


Richard Lambert v. The United States Department of Justice

The untold AT&T Virus Story and 9/11
This incident was largely ignored and/or overshadowed by 9/11 itself but this Trojan Horse type virus is considered by researchers that had it arrived on 9/11 with it's unique payload would have caused tremendous international disruption.
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NIMDA, ANTHRAX and Doc's Pharmacy
This building was where my grand parents lived for decades, my grandfathers death was right after the Kennedy assassination. Much of the family history was stolen via a large police scandal invloving the Contra Costa County Narcotics Taskforce, and Contra Costa Distory Attorney investigators which resulted in removal from office.
The Suicide of the Diablo Cleaners
In early 2004 was the starting point of the end of my marriage. There were all kinds of the people never seen before creating trouble, calling my clients and some went on to destroy my cabinet shop, software business and take my life then claim the Life Insurance, cash and inheritance.
My Client Sully -
Sully once attanded Community Presbytarian Church in Danville where we met where he heard I was building web databases. This was approximately late 2003 or early 2004. We met after service at the Waffle House.


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