The Unknown Safeway Murder Stories and DEA Scheduled Morphine Patches

Safeway / Nestle / Dreyers

this is one of my for raising to Safeway my detractors and adversaries who linked to Steve burd and the Bennett versus Southern Pacific for a 1989 my witness inwas murdered.

the witness murder and and now 30-year cover up by the former leadership at the country Costa District Attorney's Office of which the leader who self was convicted of perjury.

Safeway Pharmacy murder

when Jamie sheets was hired by Safeway in Walnut Creek California he was under investigation by district attorney for possible murder case involving three of his patients due to a compounding error.

That was Doc's Pharmacy on May 30th 2001 where several months later the anthrax cases emerge killing witnesses around the country.

Steve burd is idolized as the CEO of the century he walked away with Millions but he happened to have hired a pharmacist in a quasar murder case who decided to commit suicide using barbituate patches stolen from the Safeway store, I came along after analyzing the fate of mr. Sheets the pharmacist and realized that it didn't add up.

part of this was the realization that the pipeline explosion down the street involved the brother of my friend who she was killed in a murder-suicide.

Compounding that was the fact that I learned that they fired the current pharmacist that new the pharmacist that committed suicide.

by then I was already cognitive of the fact that my witness it been killed in 1989 and then discovered Steve Birds connection to Southern Pacifi and then one day I realized oh my God they killed my Witness.


the distribution models of today using European MRP programs manage stock levels to balance out inventory cost spread between thousands of stores. 

Using Alka-Seltzer on the Shelf and comparing it to morphine patches in the back in a very small Pharmacy it was easy to show that just two boxes of Alka-Seltzer would have been the more likely quantity of morphine patches as I learn to a personal friend that new Jamie Sheets first one who said it was 28 barbituate patches not 6 as they said on the news.

Running with that I began to study the DEA and the issues around the around the fentanyl problem as I was very dubious when somebody said 1 million doses ended up in West Virginia. I guess nobody noticed the trucks and the reality is the trucks never went there that was just a bill of lading.

Culpability of Safeway executives

The temptation to make millions off of stealing drugs from your own company is easy when you consider that you control the vertical and the horizontal and the keyboard.

At this store at 600 South Broadway Walnut Creek I interacted in a negative way with far too many people and then begin to realize that the stalking was coming from within Safeway, I also concluded from the resistance from within Safeway after my calls were being rebuked realized after Steve burd personally had me thrown out of the store.

One of the key binding elements of the story is Southern Pacific and Safeway executives correlate strongly to Kinder Morgan and the pipeline's which correlates wrongly to corre which Coral Lakes from 2 billion dollar fraud which correlates to 911.

A few months before the retirement of CEO Miller I made a challenge on video man up show up or pay up or both.

He resigned, I have a 1988 murder of a Safeway employee that was a good friend of mine killed by police officers that are connected to the district attorney that was indicted for perjury.

the hardened steel shell of the conspiracy was convicted and it's just going to keep on going from there.

right now those of you that know something can help the country Costa district attorney and the grand jury undo roast in justices.


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