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Posted: 06/21/2013

Protect My Sons 

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Danville CA: September 2004 - Butler's arrival was a few days after Gary Vinson Collins nearly killed me days earlier.  At the time Collins was a Danville Building Inspector working for LP2a which provides contract inspectors to cities and municipalities.  Collins was prevented from working in Danville but please see his Obit and my comments.  

When the 48 hours special ran in 2011 there were pictures of three women posed for that infamous Charlies Angels shot but one of them served me my first set of divorce papers at my former cabinet shop in 2004.  I've been served before so I know a few of the process servers.  

It appears that Butler was involved long before the September incident but the Katz Litigation provided a link to Tanabe leading back over 20 years to Antioch and Walnut Creek but this also suggests to me but perhaps not others that I was once targeted for my 850,000 life insurance policy as my medical problems began in 2000 and continued until 2006 when an astute county advice nurse suggested I was being poisoned.   

That medical is part of my story but given I'm here talking about a criminal conspiracy suggests that Wielsch, Butler, Tanabe and Lombardi have been operating a Murder for Insurance network where they control the investigations as when you see the 25 page Benny Chetcuti Jr. creditor list you'll quickly notice the financial crimes victims are elderly and I bet many expired with bacterial infections or simply died with unexplained deaths.   

When targeting elders for their money you need several components to form the perfect circle of crime - the investigators, police officers, attorneys, trust and probate documents plus knowing if anyone would be watching out for them.  


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