Plane Crash ► Peter Branagh Alternate Theory

Event: Single Engine Plane Crash
Location: Sevier County UT
Incident; Small plane crash, 30 miles southeast of Salina
Date: July 16, 2012
Aircraft Type: Cirrus SR22
Engine: Single 
Victims: Peter Branagh and Mona Branagh
Special Capabilities: Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS)

Reports indicate a debris field found in Sevier County about 30 miles Southeast of Salina UT.  According to published reports two occupants were killed.

Personal information: When Mr. Branagh first launched California Bank of Commerce I called in to pitch my services related Fi-Serve and other nitch projects I've done for banks.  Our conversations were brief and polite.

There was another plane crash on occurred on June 30th 2008 where Eric Nunn crashed into Mt. Charleston NV after taking off from North Las Vegas Airport which occurred three days after we spoke setting our first face to face meeting.  Sadly all parties were killed but I have a theory on how it happened with links to persons with potential agendas. 

I've been endured ongoing and near endless harassment completely defeated financially and it's clear the legal community knows something is up as they won't represent me.

When you read through my blog you're going wonder what's happened, car accidents, hit and runs, auto vandalism, arson, assaults, attorney beaten, attorney office torched, friends murdered and a slew of deaths near me. 

One group of stalkers emanates from Poets Corners where now I've got enough research based many incidents near this area that I'm going to push it out.  It took almost a year to connect the dots on several real estate transactions but this persons friends are behind my hit and run accident but after 18 months the State Police and Lafayette Police have produced nothing.  If I were the Branagh family I'd call Steve Falk and ask him about how his former Chiefs and officers have failed to investigate.  My prime suspect is a former SFPD Lt who once ran the SF Crime Lab, has extensive expertise in evidence and I believe he knows this property owner.

Mr. Falk you're not going to be happy camper when I connect persons near accident to Peter Branagh. 

Peter and Mona Branagh Killed In Small Plane Crash

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