Blinded By The Cop - Domestic Terrorism Link #2010-07-20-Car-Totaled

Blinded By The Cop 

Attempted Murder or Accident?

Obstruction of Justice or Incompetence 

July 20th 2011
1997  Infinity Purchased for 5000 from PG&E Sub Contractor
Ravenell Enterprises Totaled 64 days after purchase
Left Homeless and Lost PG&E Contract
PG&E Has been Fully Informed

Hit and Run Accident
Intersection: Deer Hill Road and First Street
City: Lafayette CA

While proceeding making a left turn from Deer Hill To First Street, the SUV to my rear blinded me with high powered spotlight therby blinding this driver, then that vehicle pushed my car into oncoming traffic exiting WB24 - to avoiding a head on collision with three vehicles I drove my car onto a Curb Island. 

The resulting police investigation was conducted so well that the Contra Costa Grand Jury should write a letter of recommendation for the excellent police work. 

The investigation that never started ended with "It's unfortunate" and get an attorney.  My answer was they beat up my attorney good enough that he left Northern California.  Another attorney - well they torched his office at 1700 Ygnacio Valley Road sometime around 2002. 

The Lafayette Town Council has shown tremendous compassion and has risen above the fray to support the victim who without a police report cannot get far in court. 

The other day I called Lafayette City Manager Steven Falk to discuss events but he more or less  hung up on me.  The play field has changed with a recent pipebomb (device) at a school in Poets Corner.

In July 2011 this accident was attempted murder but Lafayette PD refuses to investigate.  The person I've openly named are near enough to Pleasant Hill Elementary School that my written allegations should be taken seriously, in fact there are at least five suspects in my incidents.  I'm developing KML files that I will sent to ATF and FBI so the asgencies will be on the spot - call about a lead or ignore.   

One is a suspect that Walnut Creek Officer Rabonowitz refused to investigate lives on a street just off Oak Park Blvd that person that has come after me since, he knows someone near the Piedmont Lumber Fire who has pictures of that fire.  The Piedmont Lumber Fire . 

On Friday December 7th 2012 when they wouldn't return my calls I went to Consolidated Fire offices to speak the Arson Investigators.  My goal was to vet the names near my truck fire and firmly believe strongly enough a connection exists. 

F-250 Fireball seen on 680 North  - Arson or Accident? Cover up or Supidity

Asiana Flight  


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