Californians Against Hate. The Prop. 8 dishonor role

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Posted: 06/13/2013

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Prop. 8: The Donors aka The Dishonor Roll

Robert Gammon —  Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 5:38 PM

The Prop. 8 dishonor role, courtesy ofCalifornians Against Hate. It's a list of all donors to the Yes on 8 campaign who contributed more than $5,000. They are the funders of discrimination. Some pro-gay marriage folks are using the list to boycott the donors and their businesses. Below is a list of East Bay donors who contributed at least $5,000, according to Californians Against Hate and the Secretary of State's Office:
Wilma Thomas, Dublin, CA $32,500 on 9/10/08
David Christensen, Alamo, CA Nearon Enterprises, Executive—500 La Gonda Way, Suite 210, Danville, CA 94526 * $30,000 Gave: $5,000 on 8/11/08 and $25,000 on 9/2/08
Richard & Doreen S. Kopf, Alamo, CA Fremont Group Management, LP, Attorney $25,000 Richard Kopf, Managing Director-Operations, General Counsel and Secretary with Fremont Group Management, LP gave: $12,500 on 8/29/08; Doreen Kopf gave: $12,500 on 8/29/08
Robert N. Packer, Lafayette, CA $25,000 on 8/15/08
Sarah P. Harris, Danville, CA $25,000 on 8/8/08
Alan L. Olsen, Fremont, CA Groco, CPA $25,000 on 9/11/08
William C. Wilcox, Danville, CA $25,000 on 9/5/08
Jana L. Mullen, Alamo, CA $25,000 on 9/18/08
Joanne McColm, Pleasanton, CA $25,000 on 9/10/08
Lorenzo N. Hoopes, Oakland, CA $25,000 on 9/24/08
Robert E. Culbertson, Pleasanton, CA BAE Systems, Electrical Engineer $25,000 on 9/17/08
Marc Barkdull, Pleasanton, CA PJMB Commercial, Inc., Real Estate $22,500 on 9/15/08
Gail A. Sonne, Dublin, CA $20,000 on 9/18/08
James Pergrossi, Pleasanton, CA $10,180 on 8/18/08
R. Jean Taylor, Alamo, CA Retired $10,000 on 9/9/08
Barbara Lee, Walnut Creek, CA $10,000 on 8/11/08
Brian B. Blatter, DDS, Concord, CA $10,000 on 8/8/08
Gwenn H. Webb, Pleasanton, CA $10,000 on 8/29/08
Susan Lathrop, Fremont, CA $9,900 on 8/11/08
Heather B. Callister, Martinez, CA $9,000 on 9/2/08
V. Lance Littlejohn, Alamo, CA West Coast Novelty Corporation, Manager $8,000 on 9/8/08
Christine Cooper, Dublin, CA $6,000 on 9/8/08
D. Walton, Walnut Creek, CA Doneu Hall APLC, Attorney $5,000 on 8/8/08
David C. Van Blerkom, Danville, CA Inflective Asset Mgmt, Investment Manager $5,000 on 9/2/08
David Christensen, Danville, CA Gartner, Inc, Analyst $5,000 on 8/25/08
Dayna D. Bain, Walnut Creek, CA $5,000 on 9/2/08
Debra A. Hawkes, Pittsburg, CA Contra Costa County, Registered Nurse $5,000 on 9/2/08
Delone Bailey, Alamo, CA $5,000 on 9/5/08
Douglas Barton, Walnut Creek, CA Deloitte & Touche, Accountant $5,000 on 8/8/08
Jani Stone, Danville, CA $5,000 on 8/21/08
Jo Anne Gardner, Clayton, CA $5,000 on 8/8/08
John Blatter, Danville, CA $5,000 on 8/8/08
Julie Schull, Pleasanton, CA $5,000 on 8/8/08
Kay Bohne, Walnut Creek, CA $5,000 on 8/8/08
Keith Bradburn, Concord, CA Dr. Randall Gardner, DDS, Dentist $5,000 on 8/25/08
Krystalyn Judd, Walnut Creek, CA $5,000 on 8/8/08
Larry Wilson, Alamo, CA $5,000 on 8/20/08
Linda S. Doll, Walnut Creek, CA $5,000 on 8/14/08
Sherman L. Doll, Walnut Creek, CA Capital Performance Advisors, Consultant $5,000 on 8/14/08
Luann Warren, Livermore, CA Warren Associates, CFO $5,000 on 8/25/08
Michael Peterson, Danville, CA Pascal Mgmt, Financial Services $5,000 on 8/18/08
Nancy F. Lockhart, Piedmont, CA $5,000 on 9/2/08
Paul Larson, Pleasanton, CA P D Larson Co., Construction $5,000 on 8/21/08
Ralph Severson, Orinda, CA $5,000 on 8/25/08
Richard Chapman, Walnut Creek, CA JES Engineering, Owner $5,000 on 8/8/08
Richard D. Cardall, Walnut Creek, CA Transamerica Capital Management, Sales Management $5,000 on 8/8/08
Robert Blazer, Pleasanton, CA Validity Sensors, Manager $5,000 on 8/18/08
Terry Lloyd, Walnut Creek, CA Terry Lloyd, CPA, Analyst $5,000 on 8/27/08
Thalia M. Cutt, Concord, CA $5,000 on 8/21/08
Janelle A. Palmer, Walnut Creek, CA $5,000 on 9/15/08
Judith Wagner, Alamo, CA Retired $5,000 on 9/9/08

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