Murder: John Newman March 30th 2012

Whatever happened that night we may never know but about 18 hours prior to his murder former Danville Deputies recognized while being held at the Martinez Detention Facility.  The key connection is this very strange coincidence where Kitty Maffie bailed me out of jail was John's SSI designee but he was also a regular at the Monday Homeless Lunches held at Walnut Creek Civic Park sponsored by Hillside Convenant Church. 

In July 2011 one of Hillside's members participated in my hit and run and then later another Youth Director tried to run me over in Safeway Parking Lot.  No big deal just poison me, beat me or better just blow my truck up but after all these events not one investigation.  This points to a rather large conspiracy with solid links to CNET and related agencies. 

Jail is where humanity is left at the doorstep where school bully's find the perfect job.  One jailer to his credit "you won't get hurt on my watch" but once I was in the module things changed. 

These former Danville Deputies recognized me saying I was the one who wrote those letters and my reply was you're fucked as I took my findings to the FBI.  They promptly placed Armondo Ybarra in my cell who was psychotic, they withheld his meds and waited for him to explode.  You can't believe the nightmare of watching this person pace all night wanting to kill this or that person.  His main problem is he can't read very well. 

I later told Lt. Simmons of Internal Affairs that the only thing your deputies haven't done is stick a gun up my ass and pull the trigger.  He was truly apologetic just like the other internal affairs documents generated on my behalf told me nothing happened - just try enduring a murder suspect in your cell when you are there for child support while knowing your business has been cratered numerous times by CNET operatives. 

One of the reasons the child support problem hit me was this roller coaster ride on projects.  I would land software customers then suddenly lose them often without explanation.  I'm rewriting pages for clarity as the issues are blurred since there are so many. 

A perfect example is in this article.  The same Police Officer connected several of my key stories. 

Come get me Tonto and fuck you too.

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