Bacterial or Murder by Bacteria

Murder by Bacteria The Perfect Circle Crime - Good Luck or Goodbye

Edited: January 27th 2013

Martinez CA: On November 26th 2005 at around 11:00 PM I drove myself to Contra Costa Regional Medical Center Martinez CA. I was suffering from severe intestinal cramps, vomiting and severe diarrhea. My fever was coming on strong while intestinal pain was intense but I was holding up we'll enough thinking this can't last much longer.

The pain was intense but another medical bill was something worth leaving over but at the time my medical g, returning and almost not leaving 48 hours later but the doctor said I almost didn't make it as he said we weren't sure if you had sepsis or septicemia but said it takes an autopsy - consider yourself lucky.

I've found similar cases or victims who are fall into divorcees, widows, widowers and business targeting.

GHB Bacterial Delivery Services

Local Woman - now likely deceased

The story as it was told to me: Her allegation is she was knocked out with a strong sedative (suspects GHB) after meeting someone. Awoke with a puncture wound (needle) suspects she her spine. About three days later arrives at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center CCU with Spinal Meningitis where they also find parasites. She is unable to can't the medical help she needs but this mirrors my own experiences with the CCCRMC. For years I went my own medical endurance test but here I am a decade uncovering others.

This person encountered the same CNET officers that many of us have met. The above story sounds pretty diabolical but this was posted on December 12th 2012. The timeline is highly important as Tax Collector Bill Pollecek died from Spinal Meningitis in May 2013, and I posted this after learning that Gary Bell contracted a bacterial infection then died but Councilman Shimansky died from Spinal Meningitis in August 2009 about a month I filed a police report. Too bad for that Danville Officer the call was likely recorded by FBI but if they missed it I called the agent I've updated - too bad for this boys but way back in 2001 or 1988.

Man arrested in 2006 by Wielsch and Lombardi alleges they bought him a drink just after they arrested him but while in custody. His statements are that he was in the jail infirmary vomiting his guts out at Martinez detention facility for about three days.
Lombardi used a non-police vehicle to pull me over in Danville waiving his six shooter at me calling me a drug dealer. That pretty ended my career working at LLNL, GE, or Wells Fargo.
A transient woman dies of natural causes in Pittsburg in 2011
A homeless man floating in Newhall Park - just another homeless drunk drowned in three feet of water - just like behind Barnes and Noble Pleasant Hill

Man found dead near Concord street corner

POSTED: 03/28/2008 10:50:35 PM PDT | UPDATED: 6 YEARS AGO

KH worked in Contract Furnishings now is on disability lives in severe pain.

  • Her visible health changes are:
  • Degenerative spine disease
  • Scoliosis
  • Host of apparent conditions
  • She was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer
  • Other conditions that are lifelong, treatable and manageable but are post puncture

There are other similar cases many fatal outcomes or lucky survivals but my personal experience was a close call - CCCMRC is fully aware of my allegations.

Over 48-hours of Intense Pain

My 48-hours was most intense vomiting ever with a fever with excruciating pain that later the Doctor stated I was lucky to survive. I asked what was it he said we can only tell after the autopsy.

That was the intestinal lite! - I'm planning on a deeper analysis with a little expert help as medicine is somewhat far afield from programming plus I don't have the time to develop comprehensive skills in bio-terrorism, bio-warfare, forensics, and fire technology.

They may not like my stance but my phone records which have likely been monitored by the FBI since my conversations with several Special Agents - the reason I started calling was Eric Nunn crashed three days after we last spoke. The only copy of that email is with Contra Costa Times unless someone can tell me who bought my storage locker at the former Walnut Creek Storage.

Apparatus Employment Openings

Stalker: someone employed by a larger apparatus responding to a network of operatives with DOD back grounds, with connection to research universities where the Brothers hang out (not those brothers that sing well) the Brothers that sing those boring old songs in that non-profit where the Puppet's listen to profits.

Stalkatrons: disciples or followers being led down trails with a locksmith kit, alarm codes and look-the-other-ways

Widows Watchers: They build the Will and Trust in paper mache approved by the bar

Judgilatrons : Bonded by Canyons of Echos where wink, wink, nod and nod again, wink some more

Diablo Bar Association - Ruled by the Magistrates of Alamo, controlled by someone, perhaps many, Heir Apparent of Seized Forfeitures by asset class -

Single Celled Apparatus - Knows something, knows enough but needs to know only enough

Dual Celled

Council Of Chiefs - Top rated ebay sellers, highest quality jewellry, watches, missing Rolex's, a few police cars from the Mac Farlands near fields of bakers where they tow cars.


My postings express the sum frustration of years of medical that comes from nowhere and vanishes. We are not talking cancer or biopsies but I'm sick then better.

I know it happens when the stalkers are trolling but will cover bars, clubs and restaurants.



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