Friday, March 8, 2013

August 3rd 2012 Contra Costa Council of Mayors

On August 3rd I attended the Contra Costa Council of Mayors

In attendance was State Senator Mark DeSaulenier, Supervisor Andersen, San Pablo City Councilmember Paul Morris who was attacked weeks earlier.  

During that meeting I took the podium but others waited to take my turn to speak.  The presiding authority was the man with the gavel.  I barely had seconds to speak when the gavel came down but you  could sense right away my free speech was being suppressed.  I even spoke at the Walnut Creek Council Meeting on November 1st 2011 where a near identical event occurred.

The gavel slammer was Danville Mayor Newell Arnerich who was the current chair.  His words were that's not appropriate for this forum but my retort was I have incidents in half these cities so where else can I express my free speech?  There were more course words but I held my ground.  My key theme was someone has been trying to take me out and that my friends were being killed, dying or murdered.

Well Mr. Arnerich it happened again as the following week I returned to Wednesday Karaoke at the Round Up where I learned the very person I know and was talking with was killed.

I know it's coincidence just like the others but please check "The Dead Friends List"


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