You took my sons and the results are in

Son: W Bennett
Age: 17
Grades Near Perfect

Son: C Bennett
Age: 14
Grades: From A's to F'

On July 7th 2011 I was arrested for child support PC270 out of Butte County.  Now I handled this wrong always thinking I could get caught up.  I've gone too DCSS in Martinez only to be endlessly jacked around by staff.  I lost my van over their failures which a an $8,000 loss when the internal resources just decided not to process my job offer letter.  Lost the van and lost the job.

So in 2007 the San Ramon Unified School District got involved and concealed that my sons were leaving the area but had a going away party.  Judge Golub's brother even helped with the party knowing that I'd lose custody but that's also interference with court orders and if anyone should know it would be an attorney as they are not supposed to do that.

The lawsuit against Gary Vinson Collins would have the CNET operation, that certain members of the Danville have known for years about Collins.  If they were lied to then they need to contact the correct agency.

That court order on child support is now an impossible losing battle as I've lost everything, getting hired impossible, I've sought help from Martinez DCSS as they won't help. The misery marches on and you can read see one son has cratered.  I suppose the San Ramon Unified District who interfered at many levels doesn't have much to say but they were quick to file restraining orders even though they conceal my children it was kidnapping, interference with court order but who cares but that also occurred during the Andrew Mantas event.  My personal opinion is he was given psychedelic which is my same suspicion with Chris Lacey as all programmers just freak out.


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