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Pay close attention to the Ex-parte hearing, the certified mail and allegations that the respondent couldn't be found.  

Perhaps the Contra Costa Bar would provide a Pro Bono attorney who could file a motion to overturn the entire hearing as the respondent was in the Family Law Holding cell - yep according to her statements was right there the whole time.  

She's released after 61 days for Jay Walking then rearrested for violating a restraining order issued in the courtroom where she was supposed to appear.    

Several months later she awakens from a Coma after being beaten while trying a room to rent, the address was fake, the room was fake 

 .... do you think she might be deserving of a Pro Bono  attorney?  

Call the Contra Costa Bar to see if they'll deliver an advocate for a homeless mom who lost the house, the car, every asset acquired during the marriage and was clearly denied due process.  

Man awarded 22 Million for being jailed for two years?

Look folks there is money for the money hungry bar members.  

I doubt it as the Bar is not that impartial entity.  

In 2004 they stated that no attorney would be willing take on any city and told me to just call.  

Any claim against Contra Costa County, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Pleasant Hill and Danville (plus more) would be difficult, that jury awards in Contra Costa were very low.

The CNET umbrella spans nearly every agency in the county and trust me I know Butler, Tanabe (my former neighbor), Lombardi (coin thief), and Wielsch who are probably friends with a guy named Albert who's in a heap of trouble.  It doesn't stop there either and there are many more characters spanning decades.  

In 2006 the attorney retained to go after Danville was beaten up in Walnut Creek, he quickly dropped representation just a few months before my statue of limitations was to be filed.  

You won't find the attorney as he moved away. 

The Contra Costa Bar should be VERY concerned about my allegations - their answer was go to the State Bar.  

Does anyone really get what went on?  


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