The Arson Victims Speaks: Las Lomas Deaths Alarm Community

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 01/13/2013

North of Benicia Bridge CA: 

A few weeks back I reconnected with a friend whose son drowned in Walnut Creek and we've been comparing our mutual investigations.  It appears the same officers near my near fatal 2011 Police Shooting - I have no problem saying that Captain Tim Schultz was poised to use his weapon on me back in August 2011.  Three weeks later unknown to Captain Schultz was the State Attorney General Investigators began their investigation. 

Since September 2011 there have been over 10 deaths near me and the best the Walnut Creek Police can say is perhaps I should do a geographic relocation.  When recruiters call seeking to hire me they ask why have you had to so geographic relocation's, five offices, six residence but why does your mail point to a homeless shelter?  I need a job but few will take me with this nightmare near me in fact I wouldn't take me.  

This author got it right as there is a problem affecting Los Lomas Students and Alumni but more important does this extend to recent grads of students.  

Las Lomas Deaths Alarm Community

Las Lomas Deaths Alarm Community
H. Tennant
On Wednesday, Feb. 23, the Las Lomas community gathered at the Shell Ridge Open Space for a candlelight vigil where they walked one of the boys’ favorite trails.
Hannah Tennant, Editor-in-Chief
March 11, 2011
Filed under NewsTop Stories
Juniors Gavin Powell and Matthew Miller drown after rafting during a storm in Walnut Creek
On the night of Wednesday, Feb. 23, hundreds of Las Lomas students, family members, and Walnut Creek community members showed up at the Shell Ridge Open Space and walked a mile-long loop, candles in hand. They gathered to honor the passing of Matthew Miller and Gavin Powell, two juniors at Las Lomas High School who were pronounced dead on Sunday, Feb. 20 after attempting to raft down the rain-swollen waters of Walnut Creek.
- See more at: Juniors Gavin Powell and Matthew Miller drown

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