To Contra Costa Times Readers - Tanabe's Political Connections

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/13/2013


Dear Contra Costa Times Readers: 

In 2004 I sued Danville Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins who nearly killed me in my house.  I was being beaten, I was outsized, and outmatched but managed to push Collins off of me.  The assault was covered up and years later Butler surfaces in the Divorce Scandal.  

Over the last 30 years I've paid close attention to divorces in the County.  In the 80s I built kitchens who'd on occasion be caught in a family battle.  Long ago I noticed that spouse were killing spouses but I also noticed it was concentrated in East County.  

When my divorce broke out in 2004 it had been well planned.  The net result is my sons now live in a trash trailer, my inheritance forged away, my lawsuit against Contra Costa County thwarted when cops in Walnut Creek connected to CNET (A known Domestic Terrorism Cell) that were out to fleece everyone in sight. 

On my blog I've found local retirees (Elderly Targets) that collectively lost about 25 millions.  Someone please call APS as these persons were ripped off of over 25 million via an investment scheme that should have been detected by Walnut Creek Police over ten years ago (proper jurisdiction) but just like my inheritance investigations thwarted.  

On July 20th 2011 my car was totaled by a cop who once showed me pictures of the Piedmont Lumber Fire in Walnut Creek that were clearly within the first alarm fire.  I also tried to get copies of the Arson Fire on 1776 Ygancia Valley Road (WC) from 2001 which happened to a different attorney's offices, the one day I discovered that his wife was the likely murder victim in Walnut Creek.  

Last month in front of the Duncan Street Starbucks at N. Main (B of A) an officer Burns appeared and was quite pissed at me asking me questions with accusations I'd attacked someone on the street, that was just identical to when Captain Shultz, Sergeant 

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