Fraud Warning: The CSAC Excess Insurance Authority (EIA)

In 2004, I attempted to sue cities represented under Joint Powers Authority - but I couldn't find an attorney anywhere to represent me which included be deflected by the Contra Costa Bar Association who pretty much refused to provide access to their extensive legal network.  

One warm summer afternoon during August 2004 my F-250 Ford Truck nearly explodes with me driving at over 90 mph and yes I was speeding and yes you blame me for that but it probably saved my life.  You didn't even read about as there is no public record because a Danville Motorcycle Unit told me it wasn't arson but three months later the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Explodes, then in September 2010 an entire neighborhood is leveled in San Bruno where officer Dave Chetcuti was killed whose nephew Benny Chetcuti Jr. is linked to CNET Scandal , then a FED/EX TRUCK ran into a school bus killing ten humans burning them alive just like five nurses on San Mateo Bridge, just like five immigrant field workers Immokalee FL, and when you look at the blacks being lynched in Lafayette and Concord CA you might arrive begin to formulate the sequence of events leading the how the Contra Costa County Sheriff has failed when they posted 925-313-2632 as a murder tip line but never answered it just like the east county murders going back decades.  We don't investigate so won't find the suspects.


Several months later a Gas Pipeline Exploded in Walnut Creek killing five but few know that the deaths of Alicia Driscoll, her daughter Jineva Driscoll, and key witness Ellen Sabudaquiria  

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