The Oakland Temple ► Danville Stake ► Wards {Alamo, Danville & San Ramon}

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL

Events in or near the Danville Stake under the Oakland Mormon Temple


  • Valle Vista Danville CA
Alamo Ward 1st and 2nd 

  • Patricia Noel - Alamo 2nd member husband was expert in SCADA Control Systems which was the root of the PG&E Explosion 
    • Death Location: San Ramon 
    • Jurisdiction: CCSO or San Ramon Police Department 
      • Connected the CNET Scandal or Dirty DUI
    • Year: 2006 COD: Suicide by medication
  • Nathaniel Greenan ~ Alamo 1st father James Greenan is a member of Contra Costa Bar Association who in the past has prevented, thwarted and obstructed Bennett's litigation efforts.  One thing about Mormon's like Ernie Scherer who was quintessential whistleblower when you're in a stake you're in the stake for life.  Greenan's son was Murdered who would know Ernie Scherer III in prison for murdering his parents with sword which doesn't look good when Greenan's deceased son is holding a ceremonial sword as described and missing in the evidence used to convict Ernie Scherer.  
  • Pete Bennett invited to join Alamo 1st via Chris Ivory but after Pete's long term friend Brian died hours after he was sweating up a storm after service. The poison I was given in 2005 manifested partly with heavy sweats and labored breathing.  I almost died in Nov 2005 but CCCMRC failed to heed my complaints that I was poisoned.  They should be decertified.  

San Ramon 
  • Ernie Scherer Jr and Wife: Former members of San Ramon
    Death Location: Pleasanton  Year: 2010  COD: Murder 


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