Kinder Morgan 2004 Pipeline Failure Investigation Report

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 11/26/2014

Reposted to Protect My Sons

On the Hillgrade Ave but to understand my concerns first visit this article.  Then you'll see what I've found - the KM valve used to close down the deadly 2004 Fire was possibly targeted

Pipe Bomb Found on Hillgrade Ave 

The Hillgrade Event
County Report on Pipeline Concerns - Take a little time to think what could of happened on April 4th 2012 and this event very critical from my perch, on March 30th John Newman was murdered in Concord and Nate Greenan was murdered in Orinda on April 18th but these just a few of many but the one everyone should question is what happened to Ellen Sabaquira who a key witness in the 2004 fire. 
Pipeline Concerns - I'd be very concerned

Then read this report that details the efforts of Kinder Morgan crew who closed the Hillgrade Ave valve to stop the flow of fuel to Broadway Extension Fire.  

Pipeline Failure Investigation Report

I lived in Danville for 10 years, shopped at Safeway in Alamo, Roller Bladed down the trail over 100 times.  Every fireman will tell you - the west side Alamo/Danville is a tinder-box of fuels from overgrowth, housing and cars that hasn't experienced a fire in 50 years.  

My truck fire was 680 3/4 miles north of El Cerro Blvd.   

I am  pointing out what has become obvious - bigger that Oakland Hills Fire but .... the Arsonist Clock is ready strike again.

Worries over jet fuel pipeline along Iron Horse Trail get county action   Contra Costa Watch

You want to be worried - I've been complaining for nearly ten years about my truck fire.  I've been targeted many times and it doesn't matter how many police reports I fire it's always a dead end.

Perhaps now they will be worried but burning down these houses has an economic upside as they could then shop in Walnut Creek - the trinket sellers would have new customers.  Let's hope the only thing that happens is nothing but there is a big problem .


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