Pipe Bomb: Hillgrade Avenue in Alamo

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 11/24/2013

Protect My Sons 
Protect Our Officials 
An Attack on State Department is 
An attack on the Executive Branch 
which is an Attack on the Country
I was almost burned alive 

where is my police report? 

Under Secretary for Arms 

Control and International 

Security Ellen Tauscher

She lives in the area No one was paying attention The 2004 Kinder Morgan Pipeline and the PG&E Gas Explosion Domestic Terrorism 

1985 Caldecott Tunnel - Tanker Truck Explodes - Fireball
1995 TWA Flight 800 | Fireball >>>
2004 Bennett F-250 Arson Fire with accelerant in the engine | Fireball >>>
2004 Energy firm convicted in Walnut Creek pipeline blast that killed | Fireball >>>  

2005 Kinder Morgan 2004 Pipeline Failure Investigation Report | Fireball >>>  
2010 PG&E San Bruno Fire Pipeline Fire | Fireball  >>>
2012 Pipe Bomb on Iron Horse Trail?  Give me a f____g break 
2013 Asiana Flight 212
2013 The Gas Can Man - still a mystery ? >>>

Update: Authorities Detonate Pipe Bomb

Along Iron Horse Trail, at Hillgrade Avenue in Alamo, an apparent pipe bomb was detonated Monday afternoon by responding authorities, including Walnut Creek police.
Update 10 a.m. Wednesday, comments from Walnut Creek PD
Responding authorities closed the Iron Horse Trail for a half-hour Monday afternoon and detonated a pipe bomb in the area of Hillgrade Avenue in Alamo.
There were no injuries, reported Lt. Steve Gorski, bomb team commander for the Walnut Creek Police Department. "It appeared to be a pipe bomb," said Gorski in an email.
The incident, about a mile and a half south of Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek, began when an East Bay Regional Parks District ranger saw the apparent explosive and reported it, said San Ramon Valley Fire District spokesperson Kim French.
The regional parks police called in the Walnut Creek bomb squad, which provides service to other Contra Costa agencies as part of a mutual aid agreement.
EBRPP closed the trail and maintained a perimeter while the bomb squad examined the device. It was rendered safe after about 30 minutes, Gorski reported. EBRPP is investigating the case.
A witness told Patch via email the EBRPD cruisers, as well as Walnut Creek police and EMT trucks were on scene.
"Police waved away walkers and bikers who approached," the witness wrote in the email. "At one point one guy dressed in a green padded suit and helmet ... appeared to be a member of a bomb squad. I also heard fire in the hole and then a short blast."
The apparent pipe bomb was detonated at 4:32 p.m. Monday, French said.

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