PG&E Fire and the Gas Can Man

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The original video can be found on Youtube but posterity purposes I grabbed a copy.  This video in my book matches persons I know live in the SF East Bay.  Depicted on this page are several "other" explosions.  The 2004 Walnut Creek fire was several months after my truck fire on 680.  The fire that San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, CHP, Danville Police and  Walnut Creek Police refused to investigate.

This was in Walnut Creek in 2004.  
This woman was a probable witness 
She is dead 


The Gas Can Man

The Mysterious Gas Can when I discovered the clip on Youtube had received around 10,000 clicks. After careful study several conclusions emerged, the rocks behind the Truck were likely from the blast. Those rocks could be used to calculate the strength of the explosion.
Frame by Frame Reconstruction: Using composite overlays one could construct enough of image to possibly identify what he's carrying e.g. Gas Can or Red Tool Box. The cameraman is yelling about the heat but the suspect doesn't appear to be in a hurry.

Park Regency Apartments in Walnut Creek.

MAGE 1 OF 2 The effects of an explosion at the Park Regency Apartments in Walnut Creek. Photo by Gina Gayle/The SF Chronicle. Image 2 of 2 James MacMillan, a general contractor with Paul Davis Restoration, goes over the damage from an explosion at the Park Regency Apartments in Walnut Creek. Photo by Gina Gayle/The SF Chronicle. A natural gas explosion ripped through a section of a Walnut Creek apartment complex yesterday afternoon, but nobody was seriously hurt or killed. The second-floor unit where the blast occurred was vacant and most neighbors -- perhaps because of the nice weather -- were out of the Park Regency Apartments when the explosion happened at 12:15 p.m. "It sounded like an airplane hit it," said Beverly Batton, who was in a first-floor garage at the time of the blast, having just returned from the grocery store. A Contra Costa Fire Department dispatcher said a man and woman, both 29, were taken from the scene to John Muir Medical Center. They were treated for abrasions to their face and extremities and released.

Walnut Creek Explosion Nov 2014

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- Contra Costa County Fire Captain Kent Kirby says Friday morning's explosion in Walnut Creek has turned into a criminal investigation after police say this was not a gas explosion, but from a drug lab making hash oil - a concentrated form of pot. Around 10 a.m., fire crews responded to a two-alarm explosion at a six-unit structure at 1564 Sunnyvale Avenue in Walnut Creek, close to the Pleasant Hill BART station.

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