December Domestic Terrorism News

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/13/2013

Walnut Creek CA:

In 2004 my truck was rigged by an arsonist to clearly was trying was trying to burn me alive.  The only witness worked for Gregs Muffler in Lafayette CA who is member of Alamo 1st Alamo CA.  A church I would never go back to.  The Mormon Alamo Ward families have been connected for 40 years - it's a stable Ward with little change.  

A disabled students bus crashed in Walnut Creek in 2002 and severely were severely hurt.  That's my next door neighbor Chad, his father a plaintiff attorney for TWA Flight 800 and those attorneys represented defendants in many cases such as the Magnate Fund #2 LLC where one victim expressed his ten year court battle that's gone nowhere.  He doesn't know Chetcuti's connection to Chris Butler   

Everyone thinks you need the best lawyer but you should my position on that here >>> 

Domestic Terrorism 

Arson is a tactic and we all know about the deadly PG&E fire which in my book is a mix of arson combined with this Benny Chetcuti Jr.  and so when you review the deadly Kinder Morgan Fire you'll see it's about a 1000' from the Banta Jr. 2012 shooting and around the corner from the 2004 disabled school Bus accident.  

Just about everyone knows about my 2004, have known Nate Greenan killed on April 18th 2012 but don't forget the Mormons meet for General Conference as the Danville Stake Center on Orchard Road Danville CA.  

Nate also is close in age to Ernie Scherer III who is in prison for murdering his parents in 2009 but my problem with this is that Nate's father is James Greenan Attorney, who also represents the Seeno's whose legacy is well known to subs like me (former 1978 to 1989) who won't do business with them.  My other challenge is my clients are their clients which includes this very bizarre PG&E contract where I'm run off the road.  My suspect list includes David Christiansen of Alamo as he's one of several persons I spoke with just before my car was totaled.  If Dave turns out to be the father of Nate with my ex-wife then call the Bishop as we need some head oil where tap your head and you've been anointed.  

On this blog is a fraud case where I'm suspecting is 100 million has vanished via dubious transactions where Benny Chetcuti Jr., in part connected to Broadway Pointe, in connected to Plaza Escaula, and the Alma Apartments.  

Benny Chetcuti Jr  Check this out

In this case it was simple - sell it via a very short arm - what?  read it and send me an email?whatBS
5012 Rodeo Circle, Antioch, CA 94509

There is another fraud case in South San Francisco at a Nearon Property on Hickey where I realized it was my former Danville friends.  

In this posting is the public list of donors against Prop 8 and that leads to a Hedge Fund Owner.  I traced the Hedge Fund Counsel to persons one degree of separation from my 2004 Arson case which is by all means attempted murder besides suffering a horrific death like the San Mateo Bridge Limo Fire in 2013.   

Burning them alive is moniker of the arsonist as PG&E, Caldecott (1985), Oakland Fire and the Kinder Morgan 2004 Fire in Walnut Creek that with better conditions incinerated two schools.  It's doesn't help when San Ramon Fire Protection District can't find a report of my fire

Man Severely Burned in Tent Fire

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