Removal Instructions: and Response to Restraining Orders - what to expect

Removal Instructions:  

If you want your information removed please put in writing what is incorrect. The goal of the blog is to prevent more deaths, arson cases, deaths by suspicious accidents and murder suicides.  I've reached the conclusion that some pipelines require regular patrols until a comprehensive safety plan is developed.  The pipelines are too close to the schools planned over 40 years ago long before Domestic Terrorism was a household word.  

Please send request or call

Pete Bennett Office: 510-460-5641 Walnut Creek CA 94596

Restraining Orders: 

In response I intend to raise many complex issues as follows:

  1. Prior representation and events  
    1. Civil Attorney: Donald Gene Moats - Offices burned down during case in 2001 - Arson.  
    2. Attorney Intimidation:  Attorneys Wife: Tamara Moats - murdered in Walnut Creek 1989 
    3. Dax Craven who is the son in-law of James Greenan former leadership role at Contra Costa Bar Association who has blocked access to over 1,600 attorneys.  The attorneys not connected to the Bar get targeted.  
    4. Murder or Accident:  The relationship between Nate Greenan who was killed on April 18th 2012 a week after the Pipe Bomb found on the trail and Seeno who obviously knows Greenan
    5. Attorney Intimidation: Sage Sehapi - beaten in Walnut Creek 2005 - case that would exposed CNET defeated
    6. Safeway Petitioner beaten to defeat public referendum 
    7. 1987 Litigation: Dr. Fang - murdered in 2000
    8. 2004 TRO Gary Collins Murder or Accident 
    9. 2006 Bennett v. Collins Murder or Accident 
    10. Bennett v. Collins attorney retained to sue Contra Costa County, Danville and LP2a (firm)
    11. Contra Costa Bar Association:  What effect have they played on Contra Costa Litigation and Cases
  2. Adjacent Cases 
    1. Michael McNulty - Nephew of Sherriff/Senator/Former FBI Agent - Suicide or cover-up
    2. Catherine Perata - does business with Seeno  - open case 
    3. Dino Ghilotto - does business with Seeno  - open case 
    4. Roma Bhatia - 12/12/11 Murder by Accident - Real Estate Agent
    5. Loretta Hale - 12/11/11 Murder by Accident labeled a suicide - Real Estate Agent
    6. Gary Vinson Collins - CNET Witness falls and then dies.  12/19/11
  3. Domestic Terrorism 
    1. PG&E Fire - the Benny Chetcuti Jr. connection 
      1. What happened to my PG&E laptop loaded with critical pipeline data end up in the hands of the Walnut Creek Bombs Squad
      2. How come WCPD Captain Schultz, Sgt. Mike Chan, and a detective end up cornering me in front of the Walnut Creek Library with hands placed on guns?  Fuck you Tim as you wanted to shoot me dead - I know that clearly.  
      3. Does anyone in this department know Wielsch, Butler, Tanabe, or Marina Evans the divorcee mugging victim that was beaten just as bad as the 49r fan was.  She lost her house, opposing counsel shared offices with my attorney Don Moats. 
    2. Kinder Morgan Pipeline Fire 2004 
      1. How did the first person witness Ellen Sabaduquia, 54, of Walnut Creek die?
        1. Fire: Nov 09/2004 - DOD: 12/25/2005
        2. Did she even testify or was she deposed?
        3. Witness: How did a person connected to a Federal Investigator who a fire witness who was never interviewed nearly get T-boned in a deliberate hit and run? 
        4. How did another witness end up in jail? 
    3. Doc's Pharmacy 2001 
      1. Are the facts accurate? 
      2. Witness: How and why did the witness in the Doc's Pharmacy Jamies Sheet's commit suicide the following year.  
    4. My 2004 Arson fire known to Attorney's Craven, Golub (former judge), Greenan, Contra Costa Times Editor Steve Proctor, Loretta Hale (deceased), Patricia Noel (deceased), Kristie Ferraro (deceased), 
    5. The Hillgrade Ave Pipe Bomb Event that could have killed hundreds but with Terrorist Event extrapolations could have been students at more than 10 schools.  The event timing was during school on a windy day.  The same agencies that can't find my 2004 Fire investigated that. 
      1. That places nearly ten years of investigation in tainted bucket.  
    6. Raise whether the Plaintiff's attorneys are deliberately creating accidents to generate revenue on public and private entities for fee generation. 
      1. Specifically: 
        1. San Bruno Gas Explosion 2010
        2. TWA Flight 800 1996
        3. Kinder Morgan 2004 fire 2004
        4. Caldecott Tunnel Fire 1985
        5. BART Tunnel Fire 
        6. Asiana Crash 2013
        7. Chevron Refinery Fire 
        8. School Bus Incident on Lilac Drive Dec 2004 - connected to the plaintiffs attorneys
        9. The 1979 Arson/ Arson/Murder and Murder next to my property - another cold but conveniently forgotten case.  But the property was sold just like the Geary Road Property that I used to live in from 78-79.  
    7. Then last but not least I'd love to ask about Michael McNulty, Chuck Silverman, David Schafer, Jamie Sheets, Catherine Perata, Dino Ghilloti, Michael Taugher, or perhaps if you any of you know SVP Special Investigator that knows CNET or perhaps three people over ten years with 

  4. DOD Believe it or not there are several persons connected to my story that have DOD clearances.  I once had Low Level DOD and DOE (GE Nuclear). 
    1. TOP SECRET CLEARANCE that are operatives working for CNET, or we can chat about the Spinal Meningitis Deaths of three public officials.  
Someone once called the restraining order the All Mighty Motion anything goes motion.   I've used this in my responses several times recently. That's how I got my charges dismissed and change the course of one criminal case to dismissed.  

For those of considering legal action an additional element anyone faces in Qui Tam - government fraud, welfare fraud, crimes against the state and federal government.  By defrauding me and my family the net result is you put them and me on welfare.  
Contra Costa Attorney Go Round - 
The rest of us call attorneys tell them our story, we file claims, we go to the courtrooms, but attorneys with connections they just get paid - really, really easily - no fuss, no muss.  It's clear they slice and dice the deals but tell others that we're sorry you don't have a case - 

Example Todd Cambra run over by Trader Joes Walnut Creek and nearly killed (February 2012), he was baited with an attorney, he was expertly handled by persons connected to my hit and run, for 10 months he was told 

  that's why this number leading to the Contra Costa Sherriff's department is not a murder tip line.

Dead letter box for murder investigations.  I should know I developed the application that is connected to this story but was fired over nothing even though I completed it in three weeks. 


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