Walnut Creek ► McDonalds Stalkers - 2011

Walnut Creek McDonald's 
Location: Men's Toilet 
Date: Spring 2012 
Location: Carved letters in seat cover 

The message carved in this toilet seat is GONER! it appeared just after I was at the Movie Making Event where they got fantastic pictures so good that even this young kid recognized me "said Daddy, It's Him get your Gun!" 

Thanks to the Walnut Creek Police rejection of the stalking reports - these people may have followed me all the way to Oroville and back (February 2013).  They don't get it how serious its become but Amtrak Police places tails on my trains and buses.  All the better - a witness!

 Several of the stalkers have appeared at Walnut Creek McDonalds but reporting bears no fruit as most incidents it falls on deaf ears. There is a very narrow group of officers I'd trust at the this.

Their regional manager told me he's saved the video for later retrieval but many issues are clearly coming from Walnut Creek Police.  Please check the Walnut Creek Index >>> that will evolve from code generated from my Blogger Programming

The challenge for me now is rebuilding my finances as CNET operatives, their friends insides and outside will continue their games.  

The McDonald's drama has been ongoing until recently but the current staff and long timers are the kindest McD's workers you'll ever find.

The October 31st 2011 meeting in the City Managers Office is critical the risks to myself and other divorcees who fell into that Family Law Trap where you're their economic captive until you're divorce is never over.

The Partial List

11/01/2011 - Appearance at City Hall
11/11/2011 -Loretta Hale - suicide on Mt Diablo
11/12/2011 - Roma Bhatia  found very deceased on 680 just like a slew of others
12/05/2011 - Collins falls down on public works project and dies on the 19th from injuries - Can anyone find a lawsuit? 

07/20/2011 my car was pushed into oncoming traffic in Lafayette - the car survived but was totaled due to repair cost.  that's not the first one and since no will investigate probably not the last.  .

Don't forget we have the homeless men that were crippled near Kasier or Trader Joes.  They are doing slightly better since I told them reject any un-sealed food or drink and yes they are doing better.  Todd's body was crushed and Marcus sits in long term care - a valuable medi-cal asset now worth over 3 million.  For those seeking a better revenue model this is the place to go.  Keep the patient alive for 25 years and you get 15 Million in MRC - wham, blam, thankyou mam, throw in occasional medical problem to optimized fees.

Legal Case Derailed
Each of these accidents are legal cases derailed but again no case as from what I've been told blame is placed on the victims. 

Sure it happens every day when you use a restroom at McDonalds where you see the word GONER hacked on the toilet about the same time you encounter stalkers.

If you're a Walnut Creek resident then it's your town being sued for $15 million.  A year after I publicly appeared and complained at the Town Council Meeting on November 1st 2011 - little has changed other than learning that the building inspector died about six weeks later.

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