Amtrak ► Stalker one of a series of pictures

This person constantly appears at places where I'm located.  Seeing him on the Amtrak Train leaving on the 2:38 train to Martinez in Car Number One at the top of the stairs was bothersome. 


Update: 07/18/2013 - he's back in Walnut Creek.  Some days I wonder is this guy is my shadow.  Seen him about five times this month after resurfacing after July 4th 2013.

He says he once worked for BART as train mechanic in the Concord Yard.  He's chatted with me several times at clubs where I'm playing but always arrives and leaves alone.  

Apparently my trips to Butte County are being used to watch me as my court appearances are public record.

The system has destroyed me, officers in Walnut Creek are probably behind the loss of my offices at Maria Lane, Oakland Blvd (2), Broadway and then Oak Park Blvd. 

Take a look at my arson map and you will see push pins.  One of them leads to a person that lost property to Peter Branagh. 

Since encountering this tail I've been down with a fever now reaching the fifth day. 

Much to Walnut Creek disappointment I've been taking pictures of my stalkers for years but even when I tell them I;m stalked they just reject the report.

This past Sunday one of the Barbers from DiMaggios was following me and he's freinds with Officer Rabonowitz.

The fatal error they made is that Amtrak Police are part of Homeland Security where the same TSA rules apply. 

At every station I generally stop to talk with local PD about what I've been through and I did that in Sacramento.  I was followed up which I knew would happen and that may have finally allowed an agency that has a lot more power than Walnut Creek PD. 

I told the Officer that my goal was to stay alive and he got the message and they are reading this blog and I'll be calling back as they can that passenger with these pictures.

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