Two Mormons Different Results

Thank You  Danville
San Ramon Valley Unified School District

 Goodbye Son

Dear Will, 

A few years ago you were aware that I nearly killed by a Danville Building Inspector but also you were knew about the truck fire.  The sad part is the day when we're heading to dump in Pleasanton back in 04/05 when that car rode up at about 90 mph.  We watched the Honda careen into the median and nearly killed us if we'd clipped any part of the car.  Then we thought wow, now I suspect but can't prove because CHP, your state senators, your attorney general and CHP legislative security team won't refer cases over to anyone. 

I am concerned that one day these people will come after you and your brother.  I've been followed by bikers, hassled by cops, arrested, jailed and beaten many times.  When Roma Bhatia was found dead just north of our accident, then another person I knew found via an alleged suicide, then worse were two plane crashes, then a few murders near me but just after we last visited my car was totaled by a San Francisco Police Officer but just like all the other investigations they never started one.  

That last hit and run was enough, when Officer Tanabe was arrested then it all made sense.  If you remember Brother Coons from the Alamo 1st Ward well he fixed my truck that fateful day of the fire, then there is Bishop Clark who was constantly in our house, then I'm concerned about your Grand Fathers Death.  It seems very odd but there are a number of out of character deaths near this ward.  When my friend Brian Schelwing died hours after service I simply left the Alamo 1st Ward but the July 20th 2011 was the defining moment that perhaps I've been targeted. 

Whatever you do don't ever let a Mormon near you.  
  • Throw out the missionaries and elders, the sisters, the brothers and all the rest
  • Tell the Bishop to leave 
  • Throw their food in the trash
  • Tell them they are full of themselves 
Maybe we'll see each other again but I can't win against so many.  I am near positive Danville officers stole my coin collection, I am near positive that the entire town council knows more but sadly the one voice now gone was Councilman Mike Shimansky who died weeks after I filed a police report.  


It's hard when your truck explodes, you're run off the road, beaten up, have cops pull guns on you, when you're in the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center with a bacterial infection that descends to near fatal, when you suddenly has chronic asthma so bad you're in the ER again and again with bizarre medical that's gone without any treatment you know the county ER missed something.  

When your attorney is beaten up, when your business gets targeted, when your customers run because they are threatened, when your former customers and clients get murdered, then this father gets arrested , then tried then Deputies tried to kill me in jail, then my brakes were sabotaged, then, the I learn the same building inspector who nearly killed me in 2004, falls and dies, right after two others from Danville both Divorcees were killed you gotta wonder as after all that I learned the Officer Tanabe was the same Danville Dad you were afraid of.  

One just happened to know former Officer Tanabe the one you don't like.

Take care wish me luck as everyone else does - just luck. 


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