Hallucinogen's for Dinner - The Tacticians Toolbox

Hallucinogen's for Dinner?
The Tacticians Toolbox

I've followed news for decades starting with my father explaining how reporters will write stories for the New York Times.  Over the years I narrowed down on crime, techonology, polictics and local news but skippping sports.  

Contra Costa Countys very apparent anomoly where political persons, residents or targets(me) seem to suffer a spate of untimely deaths, infections or life setbacks.  From drownings, shootings, accidents and infections to tactical business targeting we seem to have our very own Star Chambers.  .  My control set is my friends or persons I've met over the decades.  What stands out is my control set doesn't suffer the same misfortunes as the "power peer group" e.g. the ones in power.  


The Tacticians Toolbox - Targetrons, Targeteers, and Tactictonians

My obsevations are derived from the news coupled with my skills as a programmmer.  Life has trends like hair styles, colors and fabric.  Every so often we'll see an old fashion trend resurface but death is much different. 

The personal experience that leads me suspect persons in power are up to something and my historical experience as a database programmer where I'd manipulate millions of rows of data.  To help understand the abstract concept I've developed terminology similar to perhaps a movie script where reality and fiction blur to together where rational and irrational could mean the same thing. 

My story intercepts my theory sometime around 2004 or earlier when I started developing a string of maladies of internal nature.  By 2005 I was in the ER fighting for my life but it took years of conversations with other victims to conclude something occurred. 

Extrapolating my incidents and stories of others my conclusions suggest that Contra Costa County has an angel of death and mayhem among us operated by persons with extensive tactical experience e.g. ex-military, perhaps having access to an intelligence apparatus, satellite resources and communications linked a command control structure driven via my personal term of "the Golden Hand of Contra Costa County"

Allowing myself to consider that certain groups with certain agendas might be working under a common agenda playing a game of Risk where instead of players it' a Dallas Landscape of land, oil, humans, commandments and commanders coupled with some "thou shouters" on overdrive..  Within this group we have agnedas, perhaps coveting ones land or business, or perhaps requiring to take ones life or collateral target to disrupt ones business or life. 

The recipe requires Targetrons, Targeteers, Disrupters, scare mongers, Drugamites, and Compounders brought together unwittingly in a terrorist cell distributed through the land.  In my case one key apparatus is the Iphone and Ipad as with a simple app called "gang stalking meetup" and like a flash mob they arrive dutifully following the target.  I experienced this first hand which at first is unerving.  Much of it driven by in my opinion are the Godotrons who upon the counsel of the Justamites and enforcetrons are to get hordes of followers to execute

With the recent spate of truly uncharateristic deaths where drivers race down Pleasant Hill at speeds exceeding 100 mph with crazed looks of terror where the person was just driving to see friends but ends up sheering a telephone pole and bursting into flames. 

Here we have a bartender



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