Monday, October 28, 2013

BART Engineer Fatal Accident: NTSB Accident reconstruction Scene Analysis

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
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Posted: 10/28/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons 

NTSB Accident reconstruction Scene Analysis

Walnut Creek CA: On October 23rd, the NTSB conducted their accident reconstruction as part of the investigation on how the BART Engineers were hit by a train on October 19th which was on the heels of the Asiana Flight 2014 Crash last summer.  The NTSB has flown out for the PG&E Fire, the Asiana and now a BART Engineer incident?  They're already working on the Branagh Crash, now the PG&E Plane Butte County I'm connected to three plane crashes on their plate as I know victims in crash, I knew BART officer killed, and I know that my attorney's brother in-law was killed on WB 24 in what I'm suspecting is a murder case as it's open like many others. 

Connections to accidents, BART and Racially driven cases. 

I've also known Supervisor Glover since 1983 when the Bynum (Tiny) Shooting tragic event connected us together and we were both young men.  His cousin was employed by cabinet shop and Tiny was his brother.  It was a bad day at the shop but we all knew it was a racially driven shooting.  


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