The Homeless Programmer - The PG&E Programmer who is a walking target in Walnut Creek CA

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/20/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

Walnut Creek CA: This american programmer is officially homeless in Walnut Creek even though PG&E's SubContractor stiffed him for well over $10,000 leaving my sons are on welfare even though was supposed to be a two year project.  The project ended when my laptop was breached first by persons associated with Hillside Covenant Church then by persons associated with the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad who are connected to the persons listed on one of my main blog page here Contra Costa Arson Suspects as identified by yours truly.  

In September 2013 my former neighbor gets convicted in Federal Court, in 2004 my truck fire was rigged for arson thus catching on fire with me in it, then one attorney is beaten up in Walnut Creek in one of those Walnut Creek Police go nowhere investigation or perhaps Don Moats who was burned out (2001) in a totally separate arson case connected to CNET.  

Yes it's true I'm homeless, I've been beaten up many times, hospitalised with strange medical maladies between 2000 and 2007, been rigged for arson and dealt with the State Police when Senator Mark DeSaulnier called the threat assessment team on me.  

Here we are ten years later it happens again so please read my article called the Walnut Creek Crosswalk Killers as nothing has changed even though I'm walking around with sensitive PG&E data that organization continues to ignore me.  

I first brought these issues up in 2010 where I clearly told Senator DeSaulnier that there was a problem with local law enforcement and ten months they arrested persons associated with CNET.

It should be noted that by the time the meeting was over that Piedmont Lumber had burned the ground that same morning.  I've openly declared suspects connected my story to that fire and I've developed connections between that group and Butlers operations. 

So this homeless programmer is trying the reach PG&E so he can get paid but since my calls to PG&E have gone for the most unanswered by Kate Dyer, PG&E supplier 

Please read about PG&Es supplier diversity.

“We are fully committed to implementing the 

plan and whatever else it takes to ensure that 
we operate the safest and most reliable gas 
system in the country.” Tony Earley, Chairman 
PG&E Corporation 

Me too in fact I may have a solid link threading the San Bruno Fire to my undected 2004 arson fire that would have weighed in heavily with investigation of the Kinder Morgan Fire as the common theme is my truck probably had jet fuel in the engine and that went undetected for 10 years.  I actually have witnesses who stood back to watch me as I was nearly burned alive.  By the way you can call the Alamo 1st Ward and ask the Bishop for the correct addresses of that Mormon that saw me nearly burn alive that mid-day accident which might lead to other arson cases like the Kinder Morgan Fire and San Bruno Fire.  Think it through - the best accelerant is Jet Fuel or Fuel from an Airport.

From who I know and who I've met over thirty years this should hit home.  I know Matt Moody via Tiki Toms, I know Peter Branagh via Danville and Banking Software (FiServe), I know Eric Nunn who was going to help me back in 2008 and this lawsuit would have stopped CNET in 2004.

Call me Tony we gotta chat - if you bring some hooch I'd be able to stay warm tonight.  There is plenty of room on the concrete slab that I'm growing really tired of sleeping on and the rain is coming.

One of my last hot meals was Top Ramen - what did you eat today?  I'm running on Melba toast that I found across from Neiman-Marcus.


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