The Homeless Programmer Profile hired by PG&E (me)

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/29/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

Walnut Creek CA: In March of 2011 the Vice President of Ravenelle Enterprizes hired me to work for PG&E's highly sensitive Gas Transmission Group Hydrotesting project.  There is something wrong with how I was hired, what occured while working for PG&E, the critical pipeline data, the memorial day high speed swoop, the the 4th of July Parade Danville, the loss of my son, the Walnut Creek Police handling of events with my former roommate, the arrest on July 7th 2011, the unknown warrants, the lack of a license, the back support, the fact that I was recently homeless and how Ravenelle arrives with a job, a car and money then my car gets totaled by a police officer connected to an arson fire who is friends with cops now in Federal Prison? 

You be the judge and perhaps think this through when you watch the video I found with a man walking away from the San Bruno fire with what looks like two gas cans. 

I've been analyzing the video while cross correlating other videos taken after the neighborhood was on fire as it appears a news crew got close enough to the same interection and what is missing is just as important as what's there. 

As for PG&E I've personally been battered many times since this fire occurred, my car has been totaled, accidents, punches, muggings and High Performance Engineers in my office about a week after this fire with a San Francisco Police Lieutenant who knows Mayor Newsome who knows that damn well that his former employee was a problem for me as I went up to Newsome in November 2010 with information about the SFPD.  

Somewhere someone is fibbing and the rest are running for the hills while my sons rot in a trailer, living on Welfare, while I battle Walnut Creek Police officers in a verbal campaign of words.   

The Endless Battles with Attorneys - you've won! 

In summer 2011 I spoke to PG&E Attorney Kate Dyer in length about my missing laptop, the accidents, hit and run plus my 2004 arson fire where I'm now positive a CHP officer intercepted the investigation by being first on the scene thereby preventing an attempted murder investigation.  Just a hunch but I called around outside of Contra Costa County asking other fire agencies about this event - they all said "you mean with flames shooting back over 100 feet no investigation?"  Yep that's what happened. 

The next problem facing Contra Costa County investigators is how would the Kinder Morgan Fire be perceived if my Mid-August Fire been determined to be Jet Fuel? 

My destination that day was Walnut Creek with possibly exiting onto to the Broadway extension which would have brought me past the same location.  I call CHP in Martinez, their answer is what do you want us to do?  Perhaps you could investigate, I've dealt with the FBI since 1988 on numerous cases, in 2001 the Arson Fire at 1776 Ygnacio Valley Road is linked to my former attorneys offices.  

If my 2004 fire was investigated then if the Kinder Morgan Fire occurred as it did then would this change how the NTSB would have investigated the PG&E Pipeline fire given the truly odd coincidences? 

I think we're going to see dual murder investigations arise from what I'm saying.   

PG&E owes me over $10,000, the Contra Costa Bar Association won't help, it's clear that my legal events have been tainted and I'm the only person in the United States that can, my attorney was beaten, that a Danville Building Inspector beat me, that my truck blew up on the Freeway, that there are no police reports about the incident, that ConFire couldn't find records for the 1776 fire, that my attorney's brother in-law was murdered, that I know three persons killed in three separate plane crashes, that five houses in my old neighborhood could have been arson fires, that two murders occurred next to my house in 1979 and the Chemical shed was hit by an arsonist but when I ask questions 30 years later? 

The pile of Bulls--- so thick it's pretty clear we've got a conspiracy but on 10/28/2013 I connected the attorneys connected me were once PG&E attorneys.  

I've had incidents at Safeway Walnut Creek, Oak Park Center, four offices in Walnut Creek, I've been beaten up, nearly run over and killed in Walnut Creek, I've posted videos of homeless men that say the same thing, I know murder victims spanning 30 years plus personally know politicians who've died from Spinal Meningitis, Contracted bacterial meningitis but I know they all know each other.  

It's time extract who doesn't have an illness, car accident or murder as this is a story of the last man standing.  


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